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Presenting Intel Engage site. What’s in it for me? . Why this site? . Set up by Intel as an online community. Place for trainers to engage with one another. Review resources. Share best practices. Collaborate on projects. . Goals. Collegiality Collaboration Reflection  

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Presenting intel engage site

Presenting Intel Engage site

What’s in it for me?

Why this site
Why this site?

  • Set up by Intel as an online community.

  • Place for trainers to engage with one another.

  • Review resources.

  • Share best practices.

  • Collaborate on projects.


  • Collegiality

  • Collaboration

  • Reflection  

  • Professional Development

Registering in engage
Registering in Engage

  • Open site at

  • Click on Register. Follow the process.

  • Access to the South African space requires filling in a form at

  • Set up your profile. Can upload a photo.

Some fun stuff
Some fun stuff

  • Create an avatar.

  • Use Search facility to find the post re avatars.

  • Choose one e.g.

  • Avatars can be used instead of photos on social network sites.

  • Within Engage the profile photo doesn’t show up in conversations.

Your profile
Your Profile

  • Click on Your Stuff then Profile

  • Profile can be edited

  • Having trouble editing your profile? It may be a security issue.

  • Profile photo will not be displayed in discussions.

An interesting survey
An interesting survey

  • Are you a digital native?

  • Take the survey at

    You might be surprised.

Tips and demos
Tips and Demos

  • Go to the search facility (top right) and type in tips and demos.

  • This page is a table with FAQ’s.

  • Easier to read as a pdf. See view as a pdf in Actions box on the right.

Create a group for a purpose
Create a group for a purpose

  • Possible to start a group.

  • Particular purpose.

  • Follow up to a course.

  • Collaboration group.

  • It could be for a specific part of a course.

    Here is a link to the groups

How do i find
How do I find…

  • Right of log in name are four options – New, Your stuff, History and Browse.

  • Important tools.

  • New – set up a new blog, poll, discussion etc.

  • Your stuff will take you to blogs, polls and discussions you have already set up.

  • History – where did I see???

  • Browse – Takes you to all blogs etc.

Who is the site for
Who is the site for?

  • Facilitators – can be a lonely job. This is where you can tap into the collective wisdom and experience of facilitators worldwide.

  • Intel Essentials teachers who want to keep in touch and keep learning and growing.

  • Teachers who are passionate about PBL. (we may get some non Intel people coming to see?)

Browse people
Browse people

  • People list can be filtered – see list on the right.

  • Check the South African people who are registered.

  • Add to your own friends list.

  • Meet and greet people in the global community too.

  • Send messages

So what is on the site
So what is on the site?

  • Overview button on left.

  • Can choose Discussions, Documents and Blogs.

  • Click on one of them.

  • Can set the number of items on a page.

  • Can filter different types of files.

  • Can turn to a next page.

Use of tags
Use of tags

  • When adding a new discussion or post it’s a good idea to add tags in the space provided.

  • Helps you find the post again.

  • Helps others using the Search tool.

  • Helps filter files into categories.

  • Using the Edit tool more tags could be added at a later date.

  • So, please tag it!

Add feeds
Add Feeds

  • No time to keep checking back on the site?

  • Add an RSS feed to your post.

  • You can select where to receive the feeds – Outlook, Google. See the options.

  • The feed will update you when anyone adds to the post.

To keep you connected
To keep you connected…

  • Did you see something interesting or attend a great session at the Conference?

  • Go to the South African space and post a comment in the discussion titled: Share your Intel Conference experience. (to be set up closer to time)

  • Perhaps you could start your own discussion topic based on your conference experience. This is your space…..

In what ways can the intel engage site be used by sa trainers
In what ways can the Intel Engage site be used by SA trainers?

  • This question is for discussion at the end of the session.