top trends in the mobile industry n.
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Top Trends In The Mobile Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Trends In The Mobile Industry

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Top Trends In The Mobile Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let Consagous become your torch-bearer, here are the top tech trends in the mobile industry in 2018, don't miss out!n

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Top Trends In The Mobile Industry

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wearables by google for clinical trial purposes
Wearables By Google For Clinical Trial Purposes
  • Trackers are used to measure critical vitals in hospitals.
  • The wearable device monitors the condition of the patient during all circumstances and record it.
  • The data collected will be provided to all doctors and research analyst to understand and diagnose the patient condition.
expect 5g by 2020
Expect 5G By 2020
  • The official name assigned is IMT-2020.
  • It’s release is governed by the International Telecommunications Union.
  • It would support speeds of over 20Gpbs.
perfect your shots with qlipp tennis sensors
Perfect Your Shots With Qlipp Tennis Sensors
  • Sensors can read,
    • Accuracy of the shot,
    • Ball speed,
    • Spin.
  • The sensor can sync with your Smartphone.
  • Range is 50 meters.
  • Sensor can sync your shot with the video and save it in slow motion to analyze your stance and shot.
smart pen syncs your virtual writing space to any app
Smart Pen Syncs Your Virtual Writing Space To Any App
  • Smart Pen let you write on any surface and transmits the stroke to your smart device.
  • It uses a 3D laser interferometer to trace each and every pen stroke over any surface.
  • It captures strokes in high definition with the use of an optical sensor.
reduce your carbon footprint with curb the smart home monitoring system
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Curb –The Smart Home Monitoring System
  • Smart Home technology has evolved greatly by providing various tools to monitor our everyday household usage.
  • Curb is a product used to monitor all your household usage and provides recommendation on how to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • It makes use of up to 18 sensors. 
texting lane maybe more schools should implement it
Texting Lane – Maybe More Schools Should Implement It
  • As the number of people obsessing over smart phones increase, enforcing such lanes is not a bad idea as we come across snail-paced people, all the time, busy with their phones.
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