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How to Choose Mobile App Development Frameworks? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Choose Mobile App Development Frameworks?

How to Choose Mobile App Development Frameworks?

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How to Choose Mobile App Development Frameworks?

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  2. What are Native Mobile Applications? • Native mobile applications are application programs that has been developed keeping in mind to be used on a single platform or device. • The Native Android apps are written in Javaand Kotlin whereas iPhone apps are written in Objective-C or Swift programming language. • Being developed for a specific platform, these can make the most out of the operating system and utilize their features and other resources to their fullest.

  3. What are Hybrid Mobile Applications? • Hybrid applications are the mobile apps that make use of the web apps and are available for different mobile platforms. • Developed in the native browsers, i.e. UIWebView  for iOS and WebView for Android. • Hybrid apps are developed using the web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. • These are then wrapped in a Native app using platforms like Apache Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium, Xamarin, Unity, and many more such Mobile App Development Frameworks.

  4. Some of the Advantages of Native Mobile Applications over Hybrid Mobile Applications: • Speed • Utilize resources optimally • New functionalities and features immediately available • Advanced IDE • Professional look and feel • Access different hardware easily • Greater reach amongst the users

  5. Advantages of Hybrid App Development over the Native App Development: • Easy multiplatform app development • Easy to develop • Easy to update • Cheaper to develop • Ease of development with the help of plugins

  6. Which Mobile App Development Platform to choose? • It is necessary to have a proper idea of your budget constraints and requirements. • Proper idea of the mobile platforms for which you wish to develop the apps. • If you wish to develop apps for more than one platform or wish to extend the app for different platforms in future, and are low on budget, choosing the hybrid platform is a good option as it will help you to easily develop and manage the app within the budget.

  7. If you wish to create a better app and make use of the best features and create a business, then choose development of native apps. This will ensure better returns on your investment. • In case you are targeting a single platform, it is a good idea to develop a native app as it will help you get good response from the users.

  8. How to choose Mobile App Development Platforms? • Usability: It is necessary to choose such platforms which are easier to use and provide better returns on the time spent. • Updates available regularly: This ensures that you are able to use the latest features provided in the native apps. • Properlydocumented: The documentation is quite necessary in deciding whether a platform is suitable to be used on not. • Userbase: This too plays a main role in deciding if you should use a mobile app development framework or not.

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