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The sicilian Cuisine

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The sicilian Cuisine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The sicilian Cuisine. The sicilian cuisine is the best cuisine in Italy. The extravirgin olive oil is the most used by Sicilian people. There are also the aromatic herbs

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The siciliancuisineis the best

cuisine in Italy. The

extravirgin olive oil is the most

usedbySicilian people.

There are also the aromaticherbs

like : basil, parsley, mint, bay leaves, oregano, rosemary, sage, wild onions, fennel seeds and fennel, with jasmine, pine nuts, raisins

thatadorn the disheswiththeir


The almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios are very

usedforgarnishing the dishes .


The starters

Wehavedifferentchoisesofgoodstarters. The breadisveryusedfor the preparationof the starters: wecook the “bruschette”( withtomatoes, garlic and parsley) pane ca’ meusa ( breadwith spleen).

Wehaveotherstarterslike: panelle, crocchette, caponata

( withlotsofvegetables) , stigghiola and artichoke thistle pumpkin flowers that are fried with a “pastella ” made with water and flour, and the amazing “pomodorisecchi”.



In Sicilyweoften serve onlyonecourse : pasta. Wecookit in manydifferent

ways and ithasgotdifferentshapes. The “maccheroni” are the mostfamous

and weeatthemwithtomatosauce. Wehavealso “pasta cu li finocchi e li sardi”, “spaghetti cu l’agghia”, and

“pasta al forno”.

pasta with wild fennel and


Maccheroni withtomatosauce

Spaghetti withgarlic, oil and hot pepper

Pasta al forno.




Meatand fishare the mainingredients. Muttonand beefmeat are veyused.Theyare choppedforcooking the ”polpette”or “polpettone”. They are meatballswithgarlic, breadsoaked in milk, parsley. And the “falsomagro” preparedwithveal, mortadella, cheese and boiledeggs, it’s called“bruciuluni” too.


Among the fishwehave the friedcod , “sarde a beccafico”

( sardineswithbreadcrumb, pine nuts, raisins and bay leaf), musselsstuffedwithgarlic, breadcrumbsand sardines, finallyweeatbreadedswordfish.



Sicilyisalsofamousforitsdelicioussweets and cakes. “i cannoli ” and “la cassata ”. ”I cannoli” are rindsof

frieddoughfilledwith ricotta mixedwithchocolate.“Li sfinci di S. Giuseppe”: puffsfilledwith ricotta. “La cassata”:

spongecake,ricotta, vanille, candiedfruits and rum. “La frutta martorana”: marzipansweetswiththe shapeofdifferentfruits.