Sensation and perception
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Sensation and Perception. Focusing attention on one aspect of our experience E.g. Focusing on good looks and ignoring personality. Selective attention. Figure = Foreground - what we focus on Ground = Background. Figure & ground. What do you see?. What do you see?. Proximity Similarity

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Selective attention

Focusing attention on one aspect of our experience

E.g. Focusing on good looks and ignoring personality

Selective attention

Figure ground

Figure = Foreground - what we focus on

Ground = Background

Figure & ground







Seeing complete letters on a sign even though some bulbs are burned out.


Depth perception

Visual cliff

Infants will stop at the “cliff”

The ability to perceive depth is at least partially innate.

Depth perception

Perceptual organization

Gestalt psychologists

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Perceptual organization

Linear perspective
Linear perspective

Parallel lines converge

E.g. Railroad tracks

Motion perception

Phi phenomenon

Apparent movement of stationary lights

Las Vegas marquees

Stroboscopic movement

Cartoon book flip pages

Motion perception

Perceptual consistency

Ponzo Illusion

A bar further away appears larger even if the same size on our retinas.

Perceptual consistency

Retinal disparity
Retinal Disparity

Floating finger illusion

Muller lyer illusion

Muller-Lyer Illusion

Misperception of length of lines

Muller-Lyer Illusion

Perceptual set

How do our beliefs affect our perception?

Definition of the situation

We often perceive what we expect to see

Our mental predisposition influences what we perceive

Perceptual Set

Human factor psychologists

Organizing machines to fit our natural perceptions How could this natural map be made even better?

Human factor psychologists

Extrasensory perception

Telepathy displays for pilots

Mind-to-mind communication


Perceiving remote events


Perceiving future events


Mind over matter

E.g. bending a spoon or raising a table

Extrasensory perception