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How to Become a Film and Television Actor PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Become a Film and Television Actor

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How to Become a Film and Television Actor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn How to Act\nSeems like a given, doesn\'t it? But I can\'t tell you the number of people that come out to Hollywood thinking that all they need to do is get a job as a waiter at some popular restaurant, meet an agent, get \"discovered\" and then it\'s nothing but champagne and caviar from there.\n\nActing is first and foremost a craft. The best of the Hollywood actors understand this and no matter how far they have come in their careers, they are constantly looking to improve upon their craft. They take classes, work with acting and dialogue coaches, they study life experiences, etc. They know full well that even after a lifetime of work and study, they may never reach absolute perfection.\n\nSo, for you, it\'s imperative that you take a wide variety of acting classes. Work in a wide variety of styles with as many different groups of people that you can find. Try it all. From Shakespeare to comedy, from improv to cinema verite -- the more you know, the more well rounded you\'ll be and ultimately, the better prepared you\'ll be for whatever roles come your way.

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