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Thomas Humber Keri Jamison Anne Lyle Shugart Jessica West PowerPoint Presentation
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Thomas Humber Keri Jamison Anne Lyle Shugart Jessica West

Thomas Humber Keri Jamison Anne Lyle Shugart Jessica West

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Thomas Humber Keri Jamison Anne Lyle Shugart Jessica West

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  1. Thomas Humber Keri Jamison Anne Lyle Shugart Jessica West University of Alabama Health Promotion and Wellness 321 Russell Hall, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0363 (205) 348-0077 Email: UAPD Team

  2. Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Mission: • To advance the health and well-being of The University of Alabama employees and their families • Goal: • We will work collaboratively with our key stakeholders in order to: create and sustain a culture of health and well-being that empowers employees and their families to maintain and improve health.  [strategy/ infrastructure]

  3. Strengths • UAPD centrally located on the university campus • Officers must meet physical fitness standards to work • Officers have easy access to computers in their patrol cars • Participants will receive free health results and be advised on ways to improve their health

  4. Weaknesses • It is difficult to have all police officers in one place at a time because of their shift schedules • Most UAPD officers are men, and men are less likely to stay up to date with checkups • Most people do not feel that the benefits of the screening will outweigh the inconvenience of having to fast for 10 hours

  5. Opportunities • By attending WellBama screenings, officers can show that they support other UA programs and help nursing students with their education and and helping us with our campaign • Officers can show they care about their health and providing a health conscious and physically fit police force • Screenings can be used in conjunction with fitness test to help officers

  6. Threats • Their familiarity with their own doctors can deter officers from attending screenings administered by people they do not know • The program also is threatened by the fact they do receive funding from the state and the health promotion and wellness programs can be shut down if unsuccessful

  7. Objectives, Strategies, Tactics • Objective 1: • To double UAPD participation in the April wellness screening • Strategy: • Use incentives, rewards and publicity to increase UAPD participation

  8. Objectives, Strategies, Tactics • Tactics: 1. Use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as e-mail reminders sent to individual participants

  9. Objectives, Strategies, Tactics • Tactics Cont: 4. Create eye-catching fliers to hang throughout the police department, making them aware of the incentives to participate in the screening 5. Provide members of UAPD with a newsletter, including a feature success story on an individual who has participated and benefited in the WellBama screenings, which will offer UAPD an unbiased opinion of the program

  10. Objectives, Strategies, Tactics • Objective 2: • Create a competitive attitude in UAPD that will increase participation in the April screening • Strategy: • Create a competition between UAPD officers of morning and night shifts

  11. Objectives, Strategies, Tactics • Tactics: 1. To ensure confidentiality, Chief of Police will e-mail police officers to inform them of any new updates

  12. Evaluation • The day of the screening we will directly count the number of police officers that attend. • If we discover a 100% increase from last year to this year we will consider the campaign a success

  13. Budget • FedEx Kinko’s Standard Single-Sided Color Fliers: $0.49/each x 25 =$12.25 • Grand Total = $12.25

  14. March March 10: Meet with UAPD Chief of Police to talk over the program March 10: Put fliers up around UAPD office telling about the screenings March 21: Send email reminder to UAPD to be on the lookout for the newsletter

  15. April April 4: Email newsletter that was created for UAPD April 12: Screening day, all hands on deck to help April 15: Winning team gets their catered lunch April 18: Send out thank you emails to UAPD for their participation