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Unsinkable Molly

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Unsinkable Molly. By Juan Nungaray. What special thing did Molly do?. First of all she was on the Titanic when it sunk. She was one of the survivors, that’s how she got the nickname ‘’Unsinkable Molly’’. What part of Colorado did Molly live in?.

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unsinkable molly

Unsinkable Molly


Juan Nungaray

what special thing did molly do
What special thing did Molly do?
  • First of all she was on the Titanic when it sunk. She was one of the survivors, that’s how she got the nickname ‘’Unsinkable Molly’’
what part of colorado did molly live in
What part of Colorado did Molly live in?
  • She was born in Denver on 1867 and she died on 1932.
  • The Titanic incident was in 1876 when it hit an iceberg. That’s when the Titanic
what did molly for a living
What did Molly for a living?
  • She was an entertainer on the Titanic, when the Titanic hit the iceberg she started to help other people get off the Titanic right when the Titanic started to tip she fell on to cold water she swam a mile and a half when a rescue boat rescued her. She survived the Titanic, can you believe that!
how old was molly
How old was Molly?
  • Margaret ‘’Molly’’ Brown died at the age of 65.Molly died on October 26 on 1932 because of cerebral hemorrhage if she was still alive she would be at the age of 72 that’s young!
was molly ever married
Was Molly ever married?
  • She was single because she didn’t get married to anyone at all!
something special about molly
Something special about Molly?
  • Something cool about Molly was that she was a singer at the Titanic she entertained the people every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Single- A person that is not married or dating.
  • Survivor- a person that is still alive when a hazard or disaster has occurred
  • Unsinkable - a person or thing that does not sink at all.
  • Incident- a thing that happened or occurred.
  • Iceberg- a chunk of ice floating in water.
reference page
Reference Page.