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  1. BEING ESSENTIAL proposing technology solutionsto a business audience louis richardson – storyteller & enthusiast, social smarter work - @inter_vivos

  2. most disclaimers are lamebut you should know… the views and opinions expressed in this session are mine and do not necessarily represent those of IBM. any references to IBM presentations, either living or dead is purely coincidental.

  3. are you TECH or LOB?

  4. are you TECH or LOB? if you were going to attend a dinner party and had the opportunity to sit next to a Director of HR or a Director of IT, which would you choose?

  5. THEY just don’t get it!

  6. CONCEPTUALAGE relates to function listens to argument tendency to focus swayed by logic change is serious relates to design listens to stories tendency to blend swayed by empathy change is fun INFORMATIONAGE from Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind”

  7. how many of youare inSALES?

  8. how many of youareMANGERS?

  9. how many of youarePARENTS?

  10. how many of youare in aRELATIONSHIP?

  11. SURPRISE! You’re inSALES!

  12. to sell is to move others you’re in the moving business

  13. GUIDELINE #1 people don’t like to be sold to…but they love to buy! Jeffrey Gitomer

  14. top adjectives & interjections peopleoffered when thinking of “sales” or “selling”

  15. when you think of “sales” or “selling”, what’sthe first picture that comes to mind?

  16. GUIDELINE #2 start with “why”

  17. we make decisions with ourHEART and we justify them with our MIND

  18. tug on the heart and the wallet will pop out

  19. tug on the heart and the wallet will pop out PROOF: what is the “close ratio” of kids?

  20. one way we try to “sell” technology solutions is with proposals, presentations and demos

  21. why do you doproposals, demos or presentations?

  22. why do you doproposals, demos or presentations? to get the audience to believe something you believe

  23. what do you want them to believe?

  24. GUIDELINE #3 know what they currently believe and what you want them to believe

  25. what do they currently believe about the technology solutionyou’re proposing?

  26. how would their beliefs need to change to align with what you are proposing?

  27. how would their beliefs need to change to align with what you are proposing?THAT is your TARGET

  28. and know what theybelieve about YOU

  29. GUIDELINE #4 care about them

  30. are you interested in them or just in the technology?

  31. be provocative people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. be the doctor in the room.

  32. differential diagnosis ask “what if” questions about their current state make them think

  33. guideline #5 use your time(and their time)wisely

  34. you’ve been given the privilegeto give a 20 minute presentation/demo to<LOB sponsor title>on the topic of<technology solution>

  35. think about the demo or presentation you would likely use

  36. what are the top 3 things you want them to believe?

  37. given your goals, how much time would you spend on: you . history? . facts & statistics? . features? . ----- what else to add? .

  38. how does your current presentation or demo stack against your goals?

  39. how much timeI would spend on: you 0 . history? 0 . facts & statistics? 0 . features? 0 . ----- what else to add?

  40. my “what to lose” this is my opinion and is based solely on my experience “moving people”

  41. lose: fact-filled text laden slides turn them into stories. make them emotive and credible

  42. thanks to Lisa Wright for preparing these for us