Energy and machines
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Energy and Machines. How We Work and Play. Work is. the result of force moving an object. Force is. a push. Force is. a pull. Two Kinds of Energy. Potential Kinetic. Potential energy is. stored energy. Kinetic energy is. energy in motion. Energy can be…. electrical mechanical

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Energy and machines

Energy and Machines

How We Work and Play

Work is
Work is...

the result of force moving an object.

Force is
Force is...

a push.

Force is1
Force is...

a pull.

Two kinds of energy
Two Kinds of Energy

  • Potential

  • Kinetic

Potential energy is
Potential energy is...

stored energy.

Kinetic energy is
Kinetic energy is...

energy in motion.

Energy can be
Energy can be…

  • electrical

  • mechanical

  • chemical

Electrical energy is
Electrical energy is...

a result of electricity.

Mechanical energy is
Mechanical energy is...

the energy of moving objects.

Chemical energy is
Chemical energy is...

is stored in matter.

Friction will
Friction will...

  • slow down an object.

  • stop an object.

A simple machine
A simple machine ...

has few or no moving parts.

Types of simple machines


inclined plane



wheel and axle


Types of Simple Machines

A compound machine is
A compound machine is ...

a combination of two or more simple machines.