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RAD-OP. RAD-OP & The Last Mile. Ilan Haber, CEO. Michael Isakov, VP Sales & Marketing. Tel: +972-544-902-906 Email: URL: Tel: +972-544-986-335 Email: michael_i@rad-opcom URL: RAD-OP Mission.

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RAD-OP & The Last Mile

Ilan Haber, CEO

Michael Isakov, VP Sales & Marketing

Tel: +972-544-902-906



Tel: +972-544-986-335

Email: michael_i@rad-opcom


rad op mission
RAD-OP Mission

Ultra-Broadband, Point-to-Point Wireless Communications

key questions
Broadband Internet Access:

Why do businesses need faster access?

Why are they willing to work with someone besides the ILEC?

Key Questions
the answer
I. Users need more than T1 speeds (1.54 Mbps) access to the internet

Company Web-Site Access

Remote/Secure SAN & Remote Back-up

Media Creation-Send/Receive

II. Leased carrier Infrastructure costs are expensive

The Answer
1 web site access
Although many have turned to hosting services—majority of companies still host web inside

Need more bandwidth than E1/T1 to be sure potential customers are not turned away or turned-off

Smaller companies need bandwidth as much as larger, but cannot afford Telco rates

1. Web-Site Access
2 remote san backup
2. Remote SAN & Backup
  • Larger, national, ISPs such as YIPES and Verio offer secure, remote storage area networks & remote backup services in US major metropolitan areas
  • Finding that they cannot get to many potential clients, even in the big cities because many buildings not equipped with fiber
  • Working with small WISPs to provide access to these customers via wireless
every one of these needs high speed access
Advertising Agencies

Movie and animation creation / production companies

Music studios

Fashion houses

Design studios

And many more…

3. Media Creation

Every one of these needs high speed access
rad op point to point optical wireless links
Secure, high-speed access

Rooftop hub directly to customer window

Backbone extension from rooftop to rooftop

Cost-effective - easy to install & maintain

No need for rooftop rights at each customer premises

How do we achieve this?

RAD-OP Point to Point Optical-Wireless Links

Applications (cont)

I. Last Mile Connectivity

Rainbow Broadband ISP, NYC


Applications (cont)

II. Metro Backbone Extension

  • By inter-connecting several RAD-OP links, ISP’s & WISP’s can service entire downtown areas

1 Gbps

100 Mbps

rural backbone
Even in semi rural areas (like North Carolina WISPs) are turning to RAD-OP for backbone

Do not want to exhaust RF bands for backbone that they need for customers

Need higher bandwidth to distribute from line of sight

Rural Backbone

III. Rural Backbone Extension


Technology Overview

  • Narrow beam tracking  Secure
  • Active auto alignment  Reliable
  • Window penetrating laser  Easy install
  • Operation in bad weather  Dependable
  • Small footprint  Easy sell
  • Three patents pending
value proposition
Value Proposition

Immediate Indoor installation at customer site

Reliable Connectivity in Extreme Conditions

High-Speed up to 1 Gbps

Secure Wireless Links

Fast ROI and Low Total Cost of Ownership

rad op portfolio overview
RAD-OP Portfolio Overview

RAD-OP has several unique product families:

  • RAD-OP100/1000: Indoor-mounted, 100 Mbps/1 Gbps over 200-300m meters Available now
  • RAD-OP100/1000AH: Portable wireless kits for ad-hoc connectivity. 100 Mbps/1 Gbps over 300 meters Available now
  • RAD-OP100/1000ER: Indoor-mounted, 100 Mbps/1 Gbps over 500 meters SNMP & auto-tracking capabilities 10/01/05
  • RAD-OP100/1000XT: Indoor/outdoor mounted, 100 Mbps/1 Gbps over 400-500 meters. SNMP & auto tracking capabilities 11/01/05
  • RAD-OP100/1000XT2: Outdoor mounted, 100 Mbps/1 Gbps over 500 meters. SNMP & auto tracking capabilities 12/15/05
  • RAD-OP100/1000VS: Pole mounted, 100Mbps/1Gbps up to 500 meters, SNMP, auto tracking, gain control, single or double terminal with built-in add drop multiplexer Q1 2006

Thank you!

Tel: +972-544-986-335

Email: michael_i@rad-opcom