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Birmingham’s Enrichment Battle of the Books

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Birmingham’s Enrichment Battle of the Books - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Birmingham’s Enrichment Battle of the Books. A Challenge for Students with a Passion for Reading. All 4 th and 5 th grade students are invited to participate and read for the Battle of the Books competition.

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a challenge for students with a passion for reading
A Challenge for Students with a Passion for Reading

All 4th and 5th grade students are

invited to participate and read for

the Battle of the Books competition.

Ten books, from a variety of

genres, have been selected

for your reading enjoyment.

key points
Key Points
  • There are 10 books from which you can choose.
  • There are 13 weeks altogether to read Battle books.
  • You must read 6 books and pass 6 AR tests by Wednesday, Jan 13 to qualify as a Battle team member.
  • You have 70 days to qualify for a Battle of the Books team (6 books, 6 AR tests passed). That gives you approximately 10 ½ weeks to read 6 books and pass the AR tests.
  • You have 2 ½ additional weeks to read for a gold medal or a higher ribbon.

Last day to take and turn in AR tests
















Tues.., Feb. 2

Battle Kick-Off Nov. 2

Wed., Jan. 13

6 books, 6 AR tests passed

Feb. 10 – Battle at Pierce


qualifying for a battle team
Qualifying for a Battle Team
  • Bring in your signed permission form to Mrs. Sinclair (if you haven’t already ), so she can enter your name on the Battle record board.
  • Read six books and pass six Accelerated Reader tests by day, January 13, 2010. (That is 10 weeks from tomorrow.)
  • Some titles are more difficult/challenging than others. You will need to pace yourself. Have an adult (teacher or parent) help you if needed.
battle social
Battle Social
  • After you have made the battle by reading six books, you will receive an invitation to come to the Battle Social. It will be held shortly after the January 13th ”Make the Battle” date. At the Social you will meet your teammates, make your poster, pick your team name and choose your expert books .
it s time to battle
It’s time to Battle!
  • BCS and Pierce teams will join up for the Battle at Pierce on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.
  • Teams meet and answer 30 questions on the ten Battle books.
  • Each team will consist of a combination of grades and schools.
  • We will have lunch together after the battle.
2nd battle between the books
2nd Battle – Between the Books

Which book will be Pierce’s

favorite this year?

You will have an opportunity to vote on each book that is read. Fill out a slip stating your preference that ( I LOVED it!), (It was OK.), or (It wasn’t my cup of tea.) Vote on the bulletin board outside the Media Center.

videos book clubs
Videos Book Clubs

Pierce staff members select a book to read, create a video presentation to introduce the book, then hold a Book Club close to the Battle.

Students come to Book Clubs with prepared trivia questions about the book. A mock Battle is held to review the book’s details.

certificate ribbon and medal qualifications
Certificate, Ribbon and Medal Qualifications

Ribbons for reading 6-9 books


Certificate for reading 1-10 books

6 books

7 books

8 books

9 books

Gold medal for

all 10 books



6 books

Gold Medalists

All 10 books


Tips to Help You Do Your Best

in Reading for the Battle of the Books

  • Plan out your reading times for each day. Use before and after school times; keep a book in your desk in case you have time during the school day.
  • Plan out which books you’ll read and when you’ll read them. Some are longer and more challenging than others.
  • Read shorter, less challenging books during busy weeks.
  • Can’t find the book you wanted available in our school media center? Books are also available at the Baldwin Public Library, Bloomfield Township Public Library, Southfield Public Library, Borders in Birmingham and Southfield, and Barnes and Noble book stores in West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills.
  • You can enjoy a book in a few different ways: alone, listening to it (while following along with the text), or shared reading with a parent or friend.
  • Please remember that we want as many students as possible to participate.
  • So, if you get a late start or get off track in your reading, please seek your teacher’s, Mrs. Sinclair’s, or your parent’s help to develop a plan to reach your goal. Do not give up!
  • We hope everyone will read at least one book.

Do your best and go for the gold!


Parent Involvement Ideas

  • Read and discuss books with students
  • Help set up a reading timeline
  • using the Reading Log to help. (Contact Mrs. Sinclair to get a copy of the log.)
  • Battle Coach (with a team at the Battle)
  • Battle Team Coordinator for the Battle Social (pre-Battle event)
  • Attend the Battle and cheer!
meet battle author michael reisman
Meet Battle Author Michael Reisman

Monday, November 16, 2009

at the

Baldwin Public Library


Reception and presentation at

Baldwin Library,

7:00-8:30 p.m.

meet battle author michael reisman18
Meet Battle Author Michael Reisman

Monday, November 16, 2009

at the

Baldwin Public Library


Reception and presentation at

Baldwin Library,

7:00-8:30 p.m.