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Information Trust Institute (ITI) Interface PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Trust Institute (ITI) Interface

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Information Trust Institute (ITI) Interface - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Trust Institute (ITI) Interface. Matt Davis Zeb Tate. Outline. TCIP SCADA Testbed Client Development Server Development SCADA Protocols Protocol Conversion. TCIP. TCIP means Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid Purpose:

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Information Trust Institute (ITI) Interface

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Presentation Transcript
  • TCIP
  • SCADA Testbed
  • Client Development
  • Server Development
  • SCADA Protocols
  • Protocol Conversion
  • TCIP means Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid
  • Purpose:
    • “TCIP is working to provide the fundamental science and technology needed to create an intelligent, adaptive power grid that can survive malicious adversaries, provide continuous delivery of power, and support dynamically varying trust requirements.”
tcip testbed development
TCIP Testbed Development
  • A testbed is needed to simulate interactions between power system elements, operators, and cyber-infrastructure (network communications)
  • The testbed must also be easy to customize with a wide variety of network protocols and cross-platform
client overview
Client Overview
  • The client program is used to retrieve data, display data, and perform control actions in response to power system events
  • “Dumb” client
    • Simulation of the power system and underlying communications networks is done outside of the client software
  • Mimics control center display
client features
Client Features
  • Ability to retrieve data either asynchronously or at periodic intervals
  • Written in Java, so cross-platform
  • Can import one-line diagrams from PowerWorld
  • Simple control actions (e.g., opening or closing a line) are implemented with simple point-and-click interface
server overview
Server Overview
  • A special version of PowerWorld Simulator was developed that allows power system data to be retrieved in real time over a network
  • Allows multiple connections from multiple clients simultaneously, with both incoming and outgoing data streams
  • Updates automatically after receiving commands
server data provided
Server Data Provided
  • Bus voltages and phase angles
  • Line flows
  • Line status
  • Generator output
  • Generator status
server control actions
Server Control Actions
  • Open/close lines
  • Connect/disconnect generators
  • Plan is to add ability to perform more complex control actions
    • Changing load
    • Changing switched shunt settings
    • Generator dispatch
  • Basic idea is to eventually allow full breadth of control currently available to power system operators
scada protocols
SCADA Protocols
  • Present Day
    • Register based
    • Commonly uses dedicated serial communication lines
    • e.g. Modbus 2.0
  • Next Generation
    • Based on Common information model
    • Uses switched packet networks
    • e.g. IEC 61850
present day problems
Present Day Problems
  • Register based configuration prone to error (accessing the wrong register gets you the wrong data)
  • Multitude of proprietary SCADA protocols increases complexity
  • Configuration is closely tied to the hardware
protocol converter
Protocol Converter
  • Converts between custom server protocol and actual SCADA protocols
  • Allows for testbed interaction with real SCADA devices (e.g. relays)
  • Enables simulation of network attacks in combination with RINSE network emulator developed by David Nichol’s research group