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Business card. History of business cards.

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history of business cards
History of business cards.

17th century - Business cards began in the 17th century. They were used to inform people of the arrival of an important person. The business cards used were all a generic size (pocket sized.) They were engraved with gold and only owned by anyone who was of middle class or higher.

history of business cards1
History of business cards.

18th and 19th century - A product called a 'social card' was introduced in the 18th century. They were taken from women when they went to visit people, in which a dish of social cards would then be handed to the head of the household to see exactly who was at their house. The head of the household would then judge people based on their cards.

idea one
Idea one.

Create a string of people with information about myself and what I do on each person.

idea two
Idea two

Create a business card to express my interest in journalism and also where I live.

idea three
Idea three.

Create a business card that has a newspaper layout. Reflecting my interest in traditional journalism.

idea three expanded
Idea three expanded.

I researched my favourite newspaper’s layout and typeface so that I could incorporate them ideas to create my own business card.

the times newspaper
The Times newspaper.

The Times newspaper was a broadsheet until it started to target a younger audience in 2004, when they re-designed the paper.

the times newspaper1
The Times newspaper.

The Times newspaper created the ‘Times Roman’ type face essentially. The font was developed by Stanley Morison.

the times newspaper2
The Times newspaper.

THE TIMES - Times new roman font in bold.