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how do i set up alexa amazon echo 3rd generation n.
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How to Connect Echo Dot to Wifi PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Connect Echo Dot to Wifi

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How to Connect Echo Dot to Wifi
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How to Connect Echo Dot to Wifi

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  1. How do I set up Alexa Amazon Echo 3rd Generation on My Computer

  2. Amazon’s smart digital assistant Alexa is gaining much popularity, thanks to the regular updates and the growing range of Alexa compatible devices. The latest in these devices is the Amazon Echo 3rd generation that has the same size as its previous generation versions but with reformed looks and bettr speakers. Once you have bought your Amazon Echo device, the next step is to set up the device and you are ready to interact with Alexa.

  3. First and foremost, you need to Download Alexa App On phone, tablet or personal computer which will help in the setup and can be used later to manage the devices. This app can be downloaded on the mobile devices through the app store on the operating platform. To Download Alexa App for Mac, visit the Apple app store and search for Alexa app. This app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or higher. Similarity, Android users can Download Alexa App, which is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher, from Google Play store. Desktop users can browse which will guide you to the setup process.

  4. After downloading the app follow these steps for Amazon Echo Setup: Log into your Amazon account on the app or the browser page and being setup. The setup option can be found in the menu tab on the app.

  5. Step 2. Select Echo from the list of Alexa compatible devices.

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  7. Step 3. Plug in your device in a power source and wait till the ring light turns orange. This indicates that the device is now in setup mode. If the light is not appearing, you can hold the ‘Action’ button on the device for six seconds.

  8. Step 4. Now select a custom Amazon wireless network from the wifi setting on your mobile device or desktop. For this you may need to exit the app.

  9. Once prompted that the setup is complete, you can start interacting with Alexa by using the default wake word ‘Alexa’. Alexa works on the cloud, so it continuously learns from user interaction, enhancing the experience overtime. The process of setup for most Amazon Echo devices is almost the same, so the above steps can be followed for Amazon Echo dot setup too.

  10. Thank you Visit: Toll-Free: +1-888-745-1666