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Downloa Alexa app for Echo Plus Setup PowerPoint Presentation
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Downloa Alexa app for Echo Plus Setup

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Downloa Alexa app for Echo Plus Setup
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Downloa Alexa app for Echo Plus Setup

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  2.  The Amazon Echo is meant to make life easier by just being able to speak to a device that can carry out various functions for you. Before you start using your Echo, you will need to go through the Echo plus setup. This is an easy process, but we have some tips and tricks that can help you get the device set up and running quickly.   First, you will need to download the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android phone. You can directly download this app from  Next, you can setup the Amazon Echo, control the settings and add its skills.


  4. SETUP SETUP Once you have installed the app onto your device, plug your Echo into a power source and follow these steps.  Open up the Amazon Alexa app and tap the menu icon.  Select settings and choose ‘Set up a new device.’  Select your model: Echo Plus  Choose your language from the drop down and hit ‘Continue.’  Connect to the Wi-Fi now and wait for Echo to show an orange light. Hit ‘Continue’ again.  Now, go to the Wifi settings screen on your smartphone and you will find a network that is called Amazon-XXX (name may vary on different devices). Connect to this network.  Once it is connected, return to the app and hit ‘Continue.’  Select the Wi-Fi network to connect to Echo by tapping on it. Enter your password and hit ‘Connect.’  You Echo will now announce that it is ready.  Hit ‘Continue’ and you’re all done!

  5.  You can make your Echo smarter by adding skills. This extra functionality can perform various tasks for you. For example, you can control thermostats or smart light bulbs. Some skills may be useful and some may just be funny. To add skills to your Echo, open the Amazon Alexa app and go to the menu. Choose ‘Skills.’ Different skills will appear and you can browse through the categories using the Category Category button. Select a skill you’re interested in. A page with details will explain phrases that can be used for the skill, along with reviews and other overview information.

  6.  If you wish to install a skill, select ‘Enable.’ You will have to grant permission for certain data. Once the ‘Enable’ button changes to ‘Disable Skill,’ you can be sure that the skill has been added to your account. To start using the skill, just say one of the suggested phrases provided on the detail screen.  Your new Echo Plus is ready to use, and with skills!  Visit for further queries