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Meet the Teachers Evening September 2012

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Meet the Teachers Evening September 2012. Welcome Jonathan Oliver. Lead Learner for Year 7 Mr Tom Fishwick. Be Respectful Be Responsible Be a Worker Be Kind. Lead Learner role is rooted in leading Year 7 students to:. If students progress at the expected rate:-

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Jonathan Oliver

monitoring academic progress
If students progress at the expected rate:-

Level 3 students at Key Stage 2 achieve a grade D at GCSE.

Level 4 students at Key Stage 2 achieve a grade C at GCSE.

Level 5 students at Key Stage 2 achieve a grade B at GCSE.

Targets challenge students to make more than the expected rate of progress.

Monitoring Academic Progress
achievement points since easter
7Hi 1688 pts (down 2)

7St 1734 pts (up 1)

7Mu 1754 pts (up 1)

7Ar 2025 pts (down 1)

7Gi 2224 pts (down 1)

7Sc 2288 pts (down 1)

7Ml 2333 pts (down 1)

7Bn 2550 pts (down 1)

7Ne 2595 pts! (down 1)

7Bl 3027 pts (up 6!)

DALEY House = 3422 pts (=)

HOY House = 4304 pts (=)

ADLINGTON House = 4512 pts (down 2)

BOLT House = 4620 pts (=)

ENNIS House = 5360 pts! (up 2)

Well done to Ennis House and 7Bl for winning this term’s achievement points competition!

Achievement points! (Since Easter)
achievement points since september
7St 7,491 pts

7Ml 8,407 pts

7Mu 8,664 pts

7Hi 8,754 pts

7Sc 9,036 pts

7Ne 9,905 pts!

7Bn 9,968 pts

7Gi 10,308 pts

7Bl 10,358 pts

7Ar 10,479 pts!

DALEY House = 16,245 pts

HOY House = 18,632 pts

ENNIS House = 18,765 pts

ADLINGTON House = 19,344 pts

BOLT House = 20,384 pts!

Well done to 7Ar and Bolt house for the most points of the year!

Achievement points! (Since September)
monitoring attendance
Students with 95% attendance or above:

82% achieved 5 A*-C (inc Eng & Maths)

Students with less than 95% attendance:

28% achieved % 5 A*-C (inc Eng and Maths)

Monitoring Attendance
the form and house with the best attendance this year is
7 Hoy Bn 95.7% ↑

7 Adlington Gi 95.7% ↓

7 Daley St 95.8% ↓

7 Bolt Ne 95.9% ↓

7 Ennis Ml 96.1% ↓

7 Adlington Sc 96.1% ↑

7 Daley Hi 96.2% ↑

7 Bolt Ar 96.6% =

7 Ennis Bl 97.2%! ↓

7 Hoy Mu 97.4% ↑

ADLINGTON House = 95.9% =

DALEY House = 96.0% =

BOLT House = 96.3% ↓

HOY House = 96.6% ↑

ENNIS House = 96.7%! ↓

Year 7 Overall = 96.3%! =

The same as last time  and a great achievement overall!

Well done in particular to 7Mu and to Ennis House!

The Form and House with the best attendance this year is:
monitoring behaviour
Positive behaviour is so critical in helping students’ academic progress

Rudeness to staff and peers won’t be tolerated

Low level chat won’t be tolerated

Passive learners will be encouraged to be as interactive as possible

Monitoring Behaviour
Students can be given detentions if they don’t follow the 4 main classroom expectations.

These may take place at lunchtime or after school, lasting for 30 minutes or an hour.

monitoring punctuality
Being at school on time ensures that students are in the right frame of mind to get the most out of their lessons.

Students should aim to arrive to school at 8.35am as tutor time begins at 8.40am.

If your child is late more than once in a week, they will sit an after-school detention with Mrs Diston, (although allowances are made if there’s an accident or a late bus that affects many students).

Monitoring Punctuality
Year 7 Tutors

Adlington: Miss Otoo & Miss Storey

Bolt: Mrs McLeod & Mrs Sykes

Daley: Mr Caldow & Miss Smaje

Ennis: Mr Doody & Mrs Nelson

Hoy: Miss Gibbs & Ms Muñoz

parallel banding year 7 sets
There are 3 levels and 6 classes:

7X1 and 7Y1

7X2 and 7Y2

7X3 and 7Y3

Within each class, there’ll be quite a big range of ability. Whatever class students are in, they’ll be challenged to allow them to reach their potential

Parallel banding – Year 7 sets

Monitoring your child’s progress

The Bucks Learning Portal –

Mrs Charlotte Mattingley

Assistant Headteacher


Developing Literacy

Mr Chris Doody

Head of English

how important is literacy
How important is Literacy
  • Speak to the person next to you about your plans for the weekend without using words containing the letter ‘e’
literacy in english
Literacy in English
  • Starts of lessons
  • Reading Homeworks
  • Built into every lesson
  • Marking and Assessment
  • GCSEs

Developing Numeracy


Mr Charles Otoo

Second in Maths

mymaths homework guidelines
MyMaths Homework Guidelines

Open your internet/web browser eg: internet explorer.

Enter the web address into it.

Enter the school’s general login and password details as:

LOGIN: wyevalley

PASSWORD: homework

Enter the student’s personal 3 or 4 digits login and 3 letters password in ‘‘my portal’’ and click ‘‘view’’.

Login: eg: 1012

Password: eg: dol

Note: Topics showing in red are over-due (*detention**).

Topics showing in blue are yet to be due-in.

mymaths homework guidelines continued
MyMaths Homework Guidelines continued

Click on the topic you want to work on, under my tasks.

Click ‘‘launch homework’’.

Note: Can revise first by clicking ‘‘revise first?’’

Answer all questions by entering answers in the spaces provided.

Note: Be careful not to miss question number 2 out.

Click ‘‘mark it’’ at the bottom of the question pages.

Click ‘‘checkout’’ (or refresh) for your work to be saved.


Reading and Spelling tests

Mrs Sarah Hassell


Homework on the Wye Valley VLE

Mr John Ricketts

Assistant Headteacher

monitoring academic progress1
Monitoring Academic Progress

If students progress at the expected rate:-

Level 3 students at Key Stage 2 achieve a grade D at GCSE.

Level 4 students at Key Stage 2 achieve a grade C at GCSE.

Level 5 students at Key Stage 2 achieve a grade B at GCSE.

Targets challenge students to make more than the expected rate of progress.

getting started on the wye valley virtual learning environment

If www is put before this, it will NOT work.

Every student will need to know their specific user name and password. These will be the same as your Bucks gfl username and password from your last school.

You can change your password, but if you do you must REMEMBER IT!!!

Getting started on the Wye Valley Virtual Learning Environment.
using the vle
The Wye Valley VLE is an on going project. It is continuously being developed with additional resources.

National Curriculum levelled questions and answers, revision activities, homework and direct links to revision websites are all available.

Sometimes you need to ‘left click’ on the yellow bar at the top of the screen to download files.

When using the VLE, only ever use a single ‘click.’ Don’t double click!

Using the VLE
Website and Extra-Curricular clubs

Miss Sophie Cheston

Deputy Headteacher

important dates for this term
FOWV meeting: This evening

Longridge: 20th & 21st September

Open Day: 1st October

Zambia quiz night: 5th October

Whole School photos: 8th October

FOWV bingo: 12th October

Parent Panels: 22nd October

Year 7 Disco: 25th November

Academic Review Day (ARD): 6th December

APC sheets distributed: 6th December

Pantomime: 18th December

Important dates for this term
Key pieces of information:

Students should remember to:

Bring a change of clothes

Bring lots of food and water

Ensure they arrive to school punctually

Bring epi-pens, medicines etc for known illnesses / allergies

friends of wye valley fowv
A friendly, informal group of parents and staff who plan events to raise additional funds which are used in a variety of ways at school. 

Following this meeting we will have a short 20 minute meeting to plan our next event on 12th October

We hope that new parents will join us in the canteen for that meeting and/or support us at the Bingo evening

Friends of Wye Valley (FOWV)