Important facts to know about epoxy flooring
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Important Facts to Know About Epoxy Flooring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read now to find the important facts about epoxy floors that one of the most favored flooring types in the building industry. Visit for more information.

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Important facts to know about epoxy flooring

Important Facts to Know About EPOXY FLOORING

IMPLEMENTED ON MANY FLOORING SURFACESUnlike other flooring materials epoxy floor coverings can be used on concrete, steel and nearly all kinds of surfaces. Regardless of the type of substrate, epoxy flooring is applicable for any type of flooring without the need for any special coating system.

EPOXY RESIN IS THE SECRET INGREDIENTThe power and resistance of high performing epoxy floor coatings comes from epoxy resins, the secret ingredient. This forms the high quality formulations such as top coats, epoxy sealants and epoxy based primers. They can perform well as protective layers, waterproofing layers, fire retardants and floor coatings.

EPOXIES CAN BE COMBINED WITH DIFFERENT MATERIALS In order to form high quality coatings epoxies can be mixed with different materials and works well with acrylics and alkyds.WITHSTANDS ABUSEEpoxy floors are the top most heavy duty floors in the market and hence are used in industrial plants and factories. They are also applied in airplane hangars, heavy machinery garages and warehouse floors.

EPOXIES ARE IMPERMEABLEThe molecules of epoxy resin, the secret ingredient of epoxy flooring are cross-linked. This makes them highly resistant to many things including chemicals, air intrusion and water as well as corrosive materials in some cases.

FIRE RETARDANTSCertain pigments in epoxy coating expand whenever they are exposed to heat. This will form a protective barrier and lasts till the fire puts out naturally. These epoxy floors are also estimated to have amazing adhesive characteristics.

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