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Which out of-state concealed carry permit is the best?

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Which out of-state concealed carry permit is the best? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Concealed Online provides quality online safety training courses for the purpose of applying for your Concealed Carry permit. Our mission is to help citizens gain the education to safely handle firearms and successfully defend themselves and their families. All of our instructors are Nationally Certified.

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Ready To Travel? Here’s What Everyone Planning On Getting A Concealed Carry Permit Needs To Know…

Ready for a road trip?

Before you take your pistol, here’s the first thing to know: Not every state and local municipality views the second amendment the same way.

To make sure your trip doesn’t include a stop in jail, you need to know the laws.

And if you want to carry as many places as possible across the United States, you need to determine which concealed carry permit gives you the best travel options.

So let’s get started. What’s the best way to carry concealed legally in the largest number of states?

Here’s Where You Start: 30 States Offer Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permits

Thirty states have non-resident CCW licenses meaning you can live out of state and still obtain a permit.


Recently, Florida and Utah permits have become popular because they offer permits to out of state residents and those permits are recognized by many other states.

One of the first steps many people take after receiving a home state CCW is to take the in-person class to qualify for a Utah Permit.

The Utah concealed carry permit is recognized in 31 states. This means you can be a resident of New York, go through the exhaustive New York CCW process, then take a separate in-person concealed carry course over a weekend, and apply for a Utah permit that would allow you to carry nearly everywhere.

But Here’s the Problem: Who Has Time For An In-Person Class Anyway?

Utah does require a certification only obtainable though an in-person course to apply for a permit.

For many people, finding 12 hours or more on a weekend just isn’t possible.


Between juggling work, children, and time off nearly no one has the time to take 12 hours out of the week to sit with an NRA instructor and listen to instruction most firearms enthusiasts already know.

The principle of course completion and testing before certification is valid.

One of the primary duties of a diligent concealed carry permit holder is to train as much as possible. After all, your pistol is no good if you don’t know how to use it.

Fortunately, for time-strapped concealed carry enthusiasts who are looking to travel or qualify for a multi-state recognized permit without going through a full day of classroom instruction, there is a “legal loophole” you can use to legally carry in over half of the United States…

Check Out The “Best State” To Get A Concealed Carry Permit In…


Right now, our top pick for the “best” concealed carry permit is Virginia.

Virginia allows out of state residents to apply for a permit valid in over half of the United States (nearly as many states as the Utah Permit).Yes, Virginia still has a test and course requirement. But you can actually take the concealed carry course and test Virginia requires online.100% Online Concealed Carry Permitting Is Now Possible . To qualify for a Virginia concealed carry permit, you have to take a pass a test administered by an NRA instructor before applying.


Websites like Concealed Online offer this course and test at no cost.Youdon’t pay anything to take the quick 20-30 minute course and multiple-choice based test.Andfor most gun owners, the course and test are fairly easy to take.Onlywhen you pass do you have to pay for your certification and once you have it, you can apply for a permit in a state that legally requires a decision on your application in 45 days or less.

Virginia Concealed Carry Permits Have A Record Short Wait Time!

That means that you not only have to complete a shorter qualification and certification process to obtain a multi-state permit valid in over half of the United States (even if you live outside of Virginia), but you also don’t need to wait months for your paperwork to go through.

We suggest that you check out the process at Concealed Online and see it for yourself.


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