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In situ component SPACE COMPONENT

International Collaborations & Observing Systems. Virtual Constellations. Hans Bonekamp European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). Physical Biogeochemical, ecological. In situ component SPACE COMPONENT. WHO questions.

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In situ component SPACE COMPONENT

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  1. International Collaborations & Observing Systems Virtual Constellations Hans Bonekamp European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) Physical Biogeochemical, ecological In situ component SPACE COMPONENT

  2. WHO questions European ORGANISATION for the EXPLOITATION of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). Or Who is organised? The users. (MET services) Who is exploiting the satellites? The users. EUMETSAT is doing (with partners) user-driven satellite programmes EUMETSAT is doing more and more oceanography

  3. Observational network design • The fundamental and most difficult issues in discussion of observations of any kind are all related to the two questions: • 1. What is one trying to observe? • 2. How well does it have to be done? • A consequent, but less fundamental, third question is: • 3. What is the current capability and in what ways does it remain inadequate? • Carl Wunsch • Observational Network Design For Climate • OceanObs 2009.

  4. Virtual Constellation Virtual: Existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name Constellation: a group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way. Striking realism in it. Is International Collaboration Is Captured programmatically (CEOS)

  5. Virtual Constellations: Outline • 0. Prelude • 1. CEOS for Oceans (and related with CGMS) • 2. Some highlights of the individual Virtual Constellation • Individual VC Schedules • 3. EU/ESA/EUMETSAT satellite mission highlights • - Sentinel-3 • - Sentinel 6 (Jason Continuity of Service) Prelude S3VT/MPC

  6. CEOS: Committee on Earth Observation Satelliteshttp://www.ceos.org/

  7. WMO / CGMS : Ocean Considerations Several coordination areas are well catered for outside CGMS, in particular by CEOS Virtual Constellations Encourage the CEOS Virtual Constellations to submit papers to CGMS on relevant operational matters with appropriate recommendations to CGMS Strengthen the link to JCOMM, in particular the Cross Cutting Task team on Satellite Data Requirements. Ocean is considered explicitly in climate activities and handled by the CEOS-CGMS Joint Working Group, and the increased capabilities of the next generation GEO satellites for ocean applications will also be addressed in this context. CGMS-42 meeting, 19-23 May 2014, Guangzhou

  8. CEOS Ocean Virtual Constellations Sea Surface Temperature: • CEOS SST Virtual Constellation (SST-VC) • Group for High Resolution SST (GHRSST) Sea Surface Height: • Ocean Surface Topography Virtual Constellation (OST-VC) • Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) Ocean Surface Vector Winds: • Ocean Surface Vector Winds Virtual Constellation (OSVW-VC) • International Ocean Vector Winds Science Team (IOVWST) • Ocean Colour: • CEOS Ocean Colour Radiometry Virtual Constellation (OCR-VC) • International Ocean Colour Coordination Group (IOCCG), IOCS meetings

  9. Virtual Constellation as Table • GOV? PG ST

  10. 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 15 HY-2A CN Missions Past-Now OST-VC: Launch Date 01 02 14 Jason-2FR/EU/USA 08/92 ENVISAT EU 04/95 ERS-2 EU Saral/AltiKa FR/Ind 02/98 GEOSAT FO USA CRYOSAT-2 EU Past Jason-1FR/EU/USA TOPEX/POSEIDONFR/USA Operating Sept 2014

  11. OST-VC 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 HY-2D CN HY-2A CN HY-2C CN Missions Now-Future Launch Date 13 14 26 Reference Nadir Missions (Non Sun-Synchronous) 20/08 Jason-2FR/EU/USA Jason-CS-A/Sentine-6-A EU/USA Jason-3 FR/EU/USA JCS-B EU/USA Complementary Nadir Missions Saral/AltiKa FR/Ind 02/13 Sentinel-3A EU Sentinel-3B EU Sentinel-3C EU Sentinel-3D EU CRYOSAT-2 EU 04/10 08/11 HY-2B CN Broad-Coverage Mission SWOT USA/FR Compira JP Development Proposed Operating Sept 2014

  12. OST-VC Foci OST-VC management: Membership /Mailing list / review ToR enhanced cooperation/alignment with other CEOS VCs/WGs Altimetry SAR mode: (Cryosat-2/sentinel-3/Jason-CS) Development of level 1 products Development of training Climate Sea Level Data Record: Continuity of reference altimetry Reprocessing (e.g. Topex) Update Constellation User Requirements Document SAR-Mode altimetry Swath Altimetry

  13. SST-VC Background • GHRSST formed in 2000 and operating successfully, so no desire to duplicate • Instead, SST VC created to serve as a bridge between CEOS and the existing Group for High Resolution SST (GHRSST) • Over 60 GHRSST products, flowing through international data management framework • SST-VC brings CEOS requirements to GHRSST • For example, WGISS requirements for CWIC/IDN • GHRSST feeds requirements to space agencies via SST-VC • Scientific developments • Product generation requirements • Constellation requirements (draft paper)

  14. OSVW-VC ( surface winds) Launch 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 10/06 METOP-AEurope METOP-CEurope C-band 06/99 METOP-BEurope Post EPS Europe 03/04 QSCAT USA Oceansat-3 India Oceansat-2India SCATSAT India HY-2AChina HY-2BChina HY-2CChina CFOSAT China/France Ku-band RapidSCAT USA Meteor-M N3 Russia Meteor-MP 3 Russia GCOM-W2 Japan/India/USA GCOM-W3Japan/India/USA Combined C- and Ku-band Scatt operational series India FY-3E China FY-3G China Operating Approved Proposed Design Life Extended Life Design Life Extended Life

  15. Ocean Surface Vector Winds Virtual Constellation (OSVW-VC) e.g., • White Paper describing and justifying the oceanography and climate requirements for an OSVW constellation. • Local time coverage assessment

  16. Let’s look at the Copernicus Sentinels Sentinel-3 The Matrix film Sentinel

  17. Copernicus: Delegation Agreements - work nearly finished Delegation Agreement Delegation Agreement Nb European Parliament agreed with the EU Copernicus Regulation (Nr. 377/2014 ). Hence Copernicus as a EU program has been established. Management Arrangement

  18. EUMETSAT and the Sentinels EUMETSAT Direct EUMETSAT User Community Programmatic Engagement : interest/link: Sentinel-1-Marine Meteorology, Sea Ice Sentinel-2 -E.g. marine environment , Sentinel-3 Sentinel-3 Marine Mission Oceanography, Marine (Marine Centre) Meteorology, Sea Ice, Seasonal Forecasting, Climate, Marine Environment Sentinel-4 Part of EUMETSAT MTG System Atmospheric Composition (GEO) Sentinel-5 Part of EUMETSAT EPS-SG System Atmospheric Composition (LEO) Sentinel-6 Jason Continuity of Service Oceanography, Climate EUMETSAT Optional Program with Partners (follow-on of Jason-2/3)

  19. Sentinel–3 Payload Complement • Optical Mission Payload: • Ocean and Land Color Instrument • (OLCI) • Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer • (SLSTR) • Topography Mission Payload: • SAR Altimeter (SRAL) • MicroWave Radiometer • Precise Orbit Determination (GNSS Receiver,DORIS • Laser Retro-Reflector)

  20. EUMETSAT Sentinel-3 data dissemination: baseline • On-line Data Access (ODA) • Rolling archive: last 1 month of data • Near Real Time: EUMETCast(Multi Mission Element) • Digital Video Broadcast using • commercial telecommunication • satellite services • low cost, standard VSAT • (Very Small Aperture Terminals) • 3 hour NRT for Sentinel-3 at the pick-up point • access to integrated marine data stream: weather, ocean • Long-term archive (Multi Mission Element) • U-MARF (Unified Meteorological Archive and Retrieval Facility) • two last baselines of all products

  21. Joint ESA/EUMETSAT Sentinel-3 Validation Team • ESA-EUMETSAT joint call for Sentinel-3 Validation Team (S3VT) • rolling call, continuously open • no funds • 80 teams from Europe and around the globe • over 40 ocean colour teams • S3VT-1 meeting, 26-29 November 2013, ESA/ESRIN Rome • to consolidate and document S3VT activities prior to launch • to facilitate Phase E1 and Phase E2 Cal/Val planning • S3VT-2 meeting, 26-29 November 2013, EUMETSAT, Darmstadt • to discuss specific data access needs • to discuss overall Mission Performance Set-up (relation QWG, MPC, satellite commissioning, etc) • “s3vt” on www.eumetsat.int • http://earth.esa.int/aos/s3vt

  22. Sentinel-6 : Jason Continuity of Service Sentinel-6 will be implemented by the multi-partner Jason-CS programme to continue the altimetry services of Jason-1, Jason-2 and Jason-3. Programme endorsement expected for mid 2015. Jason-CS (Sentinel-6) 2020 2015

  23. Long Term Archive (Trends)

  24. Final Remarks/Thoughts • Virtual constellations as a program they virtual but as missions addressing user needs they are real. • GOV is Virtual Constellation for the science of Global Operational Ocean Model Suites. • Let’s remember that GHRSST started as a GODAE project. • User-driven ocean satellite missions => You are in the driver seat. Hence towards space agencies • Less: “Great that you guys do this for us” • More: “You should do this and this!” Carl Wunsch, OceanObs 2009 • Less: user advice • more: user requirements • Support further globalisation

  25. International Collaborations & Observing Systems Virtual Constellations! Thanks

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