Baptist general convention of virginia youth and young adult ministry
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Baptist General Convention of Virginia Youth and young adult ministry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baptist General Convention of Virginia Youth and young adult ministry. “ United for a greater ministry”. WHO WE ARE.

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Baptist general convention of virginia youth and young adult ministry

Baptist General Convention of Virginia Youth and young adult ministry

“United for a greater ministry”

Who we are
WHO WE ARE ministry

  • In 1899, the Baptist General Convention of Virginia was born to support education through Virginia Union University and its School of Theology.BGCVA financially supports various ministries and missions, such as the Children's Home of Virginia Baptists, Inc., the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention, the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.With a membership of over 900 African American churches and 29 Associations, BGCVA is operated out of its state headquarters located on the campus of Virginia Union University.

MISSION ministry

  • To unite and equip churches, ministries, associations, and constituents to do holistic ministry that propagate the Gospel, advances the Kingdom of God, and supports education and missions in Virginia and beyond.Our mission is to encourage ministry support and participation through partnerships state and national bodies and other likeminded agencies that are ever expanding.

What we provide
What we provide ministry

  • Support for local churches in the area of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

  • Faith Formation Resources

  • Focused Training Initiatives that undergird the specific needs of the local church

  • Conferences and Retreats that address the relevant concerns of our stakeholders.

Baptist general convention of virginia youth and young adult ministry

What does your ideal youth ministry look like? ministryWhat are the challenges that keep you from experiencing this?What do you like most about your youth Ministry?What are the biggest challenges facing your youth ministry?

Consider the following
Consider the following: ministry

  • In order for any church of the Lord Jesus to obtain relevance in 2014 and beyond, it must be willing to intentionally and holistically embrace youth ministry.

  • The church must be passionate about the things that Jesus was passionate about.

  • A church without youth is a church without a future. A church that is not YOUTH-MINDED is not KINGDOM-MINDED. (Mat. 18:1-14)

  • The church must knowledgeably assess the needs of today, and not zealously exhaust today’s time and resources combating the challenges of yesterday. (Rom. 10:1)

Also consider
Also consider: ministry

  • Every second we spend not focusing on the “MAIN THING” is a lost opportunity to operate in Kingdom effectiveness. (Luke 10:38-41)

  • The Church must MOVEwhen God MOVES. (Exodus 17:6; Numbers 20:8)

  • Any body of believers that is not open to fresh thought, ideas, strategies, or initiatives, is spiritually desensitized and numb to the things of God. (Isaiah 43:19)

We must rethink the way we do ministry
We Must ministryRethink the way we do ministry!!!

  • Relevant

  • Energized

  • Thorough

  • Holistic

  • Intentional

  • Necessary

  • Kinetic

Cary schmidt s 8 keys to effective youth ministry
Cary ministrySChMidt’s 8 Keys to effective youth ministry

Cary schmidt
Cary ministryschmidt

Cary Schmidt serves as the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newington, Connecticut. He and his wife, Dana, have been blessed with three children and have enjoyed twenty-three years of marriage and ministry together. Cary's passion is to love God, love his family, and point people to Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, and writing. He has written eleven books, including Hook, Line and Sinker: How the Enemy is Destroying the Christian Family; Off Script: What to Do When God Rewrites Your Life; andDiscover Your Destiny: Making Right Choices in A World Full of Wrong.

1 a strong local church
1. A strong local church ministry

  • Jesus died for the church. It is His divine authorized institution for His work on earth.

  • A youth group should not be a stand alone entity, but an integral part of a larger body—a local church.

  • The youth group should support and mirror the church program, and the youth should have a good relationship with their pastor.

2 solid biblical teaching
2. Solid biblical teaching ministry

  • We are to teach the Bible and persuade young people to live biblically for the rest of their lives.

  • Thisis essential—social events are not.

  • Give quality time to preparing and teaching practical, Bible lessons—the kind that help them understand truth and embrace it.

3 one on one time and personal ministry
3. One-on-one ministrytime and personal ministry

  • Relationships are vital, and authentic ministry happens up close.

  • You cannot persuade or influence someone that you don’t have favor or are not in “good standing” with.

  • Youth ministry happens as much one-on-one as with a group.

4 ministry and outreach
4. Ministry and outreach ministry

  • It’s vital to allow and compel youth to serve the Lord and others.

  • Involving them in a soul-winning program, service opportunities, music opportunities, etc. is huge.

  • “The strongest, most mature, and joyful Christian teens I know are those that sing, serve, soul-win, and give. They are living their faith, and their commitment to Christ is real! The more you can encourage young people to live and express their faith through service, the stronger their faith will become.” -Schmidt

5 longevity and patience
5. Longevity and patience ministry

  • “A lot of people just don’t stay at youth ministry very long—especially not in one place. It takes a few years to figure things out and another few for people to begin trusting you. That’s not to say you don’t accomplish anything in those years, just that the longer you stay with it, the more effective you will be and the greater the fruit. The best fruit in youth ministry happens as you literally watch families grow up—serving them year after year”


6 family parental focus
6. Family/ parental focus ministry

  • Effective youth ministry doesn’t merely focus on youth.

  • Regular youth-parent meetings are essential.

  • Focus on reaching and ministering to the whole family. Help develop the parents as well as the youth.

  • Anything we can do to help youth have a better relationship with parents, and to help the parents to live authentic Christian lives is going to bear greater fruit.

7 god s wisdom and power
7. God’s wisdom and power ministry

  • Ultimately, anything good that comes from our efforts is due to the Lord using us in spite of ourselves.

  • He blesses the principles of His Word and He delights in those who submit to His authority and His truth.

  • We don’t need to reinvent anything—we just need to teach, preach, and practice God’s Word, anticipating that His power will do the real work.

  • The mystery of changed lives is not in trendy new methods—it’s in the moving of God’s Holy Spirit.

8 lots and lots of patience and hope
8. Lots and lots of patience and hope ministry

  • “A big part of youth ministry is just refusing to lose hope! There are far more blessings than disappointments, more victories than defeats, more winning than losing, and more ups than downs—but the devil is relentless in trying to make you feel like you’re a failure. Never stop hoping and praying for those you love to become who Christ desires them to be!” -Schmidt