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Unit One Changes in the Way We Live

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Unit One Changes in the Way We Live - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit One Changes in the Way We Live. Useful expressions and vocabulary explanation. Useful Expressions. get by. 1. 过得去. 2. 寻觅心灵的满足. find contentment. 3. 自力更生的生活. a self-reliant life. 4. 艰苦的生活. a tough life. 5. 日常的家务 . household routine. Useful Expressions. as the old saying goes.

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Unit One Changes in the Way We Live

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unit one changes in the way we live

Unit One Changes in the Way We Live

Useful expressions and vocabulary explanation


Useful Expressions

get by

1. 过得去

2. 寻觅心灵的满足

find contentment


a self-reliant life

4. 艰苦的生活

a tough life


household routine


Useful Expressions

as the old saying goes

6. 正如老话说的那样

7. 温馨快乐每一分钟

Love / enjoy every minute of sth.

8. 过冬

get through the winter

9. 常青藤联合会学校

Ivy League schools


with sb.’s blessings


Useful Expressions

on balance

11. 总的来说

be employed full time

12. 担任全职工作

mortgage payments

13. 贷款按揭

When it comes to …

14. 至于 ……

apart from …



Useful Expressions

dine out

16. 外出吃饭

17. 生活水准/水平

standard of living / living standard

18. 弥补收入差额

make up the difference in income

19. 听歌剧看芭蕾演出

attend the opera and ballet


a tolerance for solitude


Useful Expressions


21. 自给自足

22. 抵制诱惑

resist the temptation to do sth.

23. 怆然离去

leave with a feeling of sorrow

a sense of pride

24. 自豪感

25. 一旦形势好转

once economic conditions improve

26. 赚钱

earn money

1. get by: manage; survive.

How can he get by on such low wages?

It is a little bit difficult for the old to get by on such a small pension.

2. make it:

1) to be successful in one’s career.

He’s never really made it as an actor.

2) to succeed in reaching a place after difficulty, effort, etc

It was a terrible journey but we finally made it.

3) to attend sth.

I am afraid I won’t be able to make it to your party next week.


3. haul:

1) transport, as with a truck, cart, etc.

  • The farmers haul vegetables to the market on a truck every day.
  • The rescue team hauled medical supplies and food to the flooded village.

2) pull or drag sth. with effort or force

  • I got stuck in the mud and the others had to haul me out.
  • Rescue workers hauled passengers out the bombed commuter train.
4. improvement:

the act or an instance of improving or being improved.

  • Internet service providers should develop security improvement services for their customers.
  • The government’s priorities will go to local transport improvement projects
5. supplement: to add to or complete with sth else.
  • My doctor suggested a diet supplemented with vitamin tablets.
  • He works in the evenings to supplement his student grant.

6. indoor: situated or used inside a building.

  • Indoor pollution has been found to be as much as five to ten times higher inside some skyscrapers than outside.
  • The Mall of America, the biggest mall in USA includes the world’s largest indoor amusement park.

7. spray: force out liquid in small drops upon

  • The seed was sprayed over the ground in huge quantities by airoplanes.
8. pursue: to strive to gain or accomplish
  • pursue lofty political goals / pleasure / one's studies
  • Public evening classes allow people to earn a living during the day and pursue vocational and intellectual interests in their spare time.
  • After graduation Martin chose to pursue the same career as his father as a minister.

n. pursuit: the pursuit of higher education


9. stack: make into a pile

  • After she did the dishes, Mon started stacking them on the draining-board.
  • Before being processed into lumber, the wood must be carefully stacked to prevent warping.
10.wicked: evil or bad
  • I would rather starve in a ditch than accept the fortune upon such wicked terms.
  • We are born good, but can be taught to be wicked.

11. get through: come successfully to the end.

  • The local government has taken some measures to ensure that all the people will get through the winter.
  • She got through the entrance examination, and was accepted by the college.
ivy league
Ivy League
  • Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Columbia University, New York
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
12.on balance: with all things considered.
  • Their suggestion has, on balance, proved practicable.
  • On balance, it’s probably not advisable to change the company’s name.

13.illustrate: provide with visual feature; clarify by use of examples, etc.

  • The editor has illustrated the book with black-and-white photographs.
  • His story illustrates her true generosity very clearly.
  • Sports Illustrated: a popular US sports magazine published each week by Time Inc, part of Time Warner. It first appeared in 1954, and is read mainly by men.
14.generate: bring into being; give rise to
  • generate heat / power / employment / enthusiasm
  • The widespread use of English in France has generated a public as well as an academic debate over language in the country.

15. pick up: be ready to pay

  • If he loses the case, Michael will have to pick up the bill for legal costs.
  • Taxpayers will be picking up the tab for the improved public transport net work.

16. minor: smaller, less serious or less important than others

  • minor repairs / operations / injuries / role in a play
17. cut back: reduce in size or amount
  • If we don’t sell more goods, we’ll have to cut back (on) production.
  • After NPC, the government decided to cut back military spending to ensure more on infrastructure.

18. dine out: eat a meal away from home ( usu. in a restaurant)

  • More people have accepted the growing trend of dining out on weekend.
  • As more working mother appear, many families have to dine out.
19. patronize: go to as a customer.
  • The restaurant featuring French dishes is patronized by a lot of politicians and journalists.
  • When he was a student, Mark often patronized the little shop near the college due to its inexpensive goods.
20. suspect:believe to be true, likely or probable; feel doubt about ( used in the patterns: suspect sb./ sth. of sth.; suspect that )
  • USA banned domestic poultry imported from China, suspecting that they might have been infected with bird flu.
  • It was perfectly all right, Henry said, because the police had not suspected him of anything.
21.budget: A systematic plan for the expenditure of a usually fixed resource, such as money or time, during a given period
  • A new car will not be part of our budget this year.
  • The low-budgeted film “ Lost in Translation” was an instant success in the Academy Award.
22.requirement: sth. needed or asked for
  • academic / admission / design / fund requirement

23. scale: a relative level or degree ( usu. used in the phrase: on a … scale)

  • judging divers' performances on a scale of 1 to 10;
  • a family that ranks high on the social scale

24. resist: keep from giving in to or enjoying

  • I was unable to resist laughing at the sight of the funny clown.
  • Keep away from KFC. You know I can’t resist delicious fast food which has made me so plump.
25.temptation: the feeling of being tempted to do sth. that you know might be wrong or harmful; the thing you want to have.
  • To her, the temptation to steal is greater than ever before----especially in large shopping malls.
  • The temptation of big cities is so huge that many migrant workers would rather stay there despite all the difficulties.

26. device: a piece of equipment designed to serve a special purpose.

  • Due to the widespread use of mobile digital devices, the semiconductor industry is gathering attention these days.
27.profit: an advantageous gain or return.
  • This new invention will bring you great profits like a goldmine.
  • The students do hope to profit by / from the teacher's comments on their compositions.

28.primarily: mainly

  • Teachers in our department are primarily concerned with improving the students’ studying environment.
  • She gained such a great success primarily due to her diligence
english terms for fruits vegetables








English terms for fruits & vegetables


haul, drag & pull 这几个词都是动词,都有“拖”、“拉”、“拽”之意。

1. haul指缓慢而费力地拖一极重之物,有时可表示很困难地拽。

Lorries haul heavy goods from factories to the ports.




You might drag a heavy box across the ground if you couldn’t lift it.



They pulled hard but the rock remained immovable.


Supplement: vt. add to sth. in order to improve it (followed by with)
  • eg: The doctor suggested supplementing my diet with vitamins E and A.
  • spray: vt.force out liquid in small drops upon (followed by with)
  • balance的反义词是imbalance。此外,与balance有关的其他搭配有:
  • keep one’s balance保持平衡lose one’s balance失去平衡
  • strike a balance力求折中in the balance不确定成败或安危未定
illustrate, exemplify & demonstrate这三个词都是动词,都有“举例说明”之意。
  • illustrate表示不仅使用具体事例而且有时使用图画,目的是使说明生动、逼真或有效,从而真实地说明某一观点。例如:

The way that a pump works is used to illustrate how the

heart sends blood around the body.


Knights exemplified courage and courtesy.


Galileo demonstrated that objects of different weights fall at the same speed.

suspect: 1. believe to be true, likely or probable

suspect that…2. believe to be guilty suspect sb./sth. of

suspect, assume & presume这几个词都可用作动词,都有“主观 想像”之意 。

Assume意思是“假定”、“设想”,指把一件尚未证实的事作为事实或真理。 He assumed that the train would be on time.



The court presumed the death of the man that disappeared during the war.


pick up:

1) be ready to pay

2) take hold of and lift up

3) gain; get

4) improve

5) gather together; collect

6) collect someone or something from a place

1.Where did you pick up your excellent English?


2.Mary has been ill, but she’s picking up now.



3.She picked up a stone and threw it at the window.

4.Please pick up all your toys when you’ve finished playing.


5.If he loses the case, Michael will have to pick up the bill for legal costs.


6.I’ll pick you up at your hotel.


scale: n. a relative level or degree (usu. used in the phrase on a … scale)
  • device, instrument & implement这几个词都可用作名词,都有“用具”、“器具”之意。
  • device表示“(为某种用途而制作或改装的)装置、器具”。
  • I have fitted a device to my car which opens the garage
  • doors automatically 我车上装了一个能自动开启车库门的装置。
  • instrument 表示“器械”、“仪器”、“发动机(或航海、航空等)的测量仪器”、“仪表”,是为技术工作设计的工具,着 重于工具的精密与复杂。例如: All surgical instruments must be sterilized before use.所有外科手术器械使用前都必须消毒。
  • .
implement指“工具”、“器具”,是通常用于户外的工具,尤指园艺的或农用的。例如 Man’s earliest implements were carved from stone and bone.人类最早的工具是用石头和骨头制成的
  • profit, interest & advantage这几个词都可用作名词,均有“利益”、“好处”之意。
  • profit 指在物质与精神方面的好处,但以金钱方面为主。
  • As is known to the world, capitalists are tireless in hunting for super profit.
  • interest当“利益”讲时常用复数形式。
  • A public servant is to work in the interests of the public.
  • advantage 常指有利条件或优势地位。例如: Don’t you think it a double advantage for us?