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2011-2012 FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide. 2011-2012 FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS. AARP FOUNDATION TAX-AIDE PROGRAM POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. Policy Training Requirement. To help ensure quality service and a confidential experience for the taxpayer,

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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide





2011 - 2012

policy training requirement
Policy Training Requirement
  • To help ensure quality service and a confidential experience for the taxpayer,
    • To ensure compliance with program policies and IRS grant requirements,
  • As noted in the Policy Manual:

All Volunteers, including Counselors, EROs, and Client Facilitators, are to be trained in AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program Policies and Procedures.

2011 - 2012

client service provider digest
Client Service Provider Digest

Critical Sections of the Client Service Provider Digest for your attention:

Site and Counselor Guidelines and Policies

Standards of Professionalism

Confidentiality and Security of Taxpayer Data

Activity Reporting

2011 - 2012

volunteer checklist
Volunteer Checklist
  • Secure Equipment and Tax Data
  • Have required Materials
  • Certify. Pass test, if a Counselor, IRS Standards of Conduct Test (all)
  • Follow key policies, e.g. IRS Standards of Conduct
  • Interview/Intake process for every Taxpayer
  • 100% Quality Review by 2nd Counselor
  • Close for the day; have and comply with a process for tracking all e-files through acceptance
  • Close for the season properly
  • Accurately Report Service Activity

2011 - 2012

Secure Equipment and Tax DataMore info in Confidentiality and Security section of the Client Service Provider Digest

Store equipment in secure environment

Keep laptops and forms in a secure environment at all times during site operations

Immediately notify your volunteer leader if a computer or forms with taxpayer data are stolen or lost; volunteer leader should immediately call police and number on back of volunteer badge

Have encryption, passwords and antivirus on computers with Taxpayer data

Computers that connect to the internet should also have firewall software installed

Flash drives with encrypted software must be used on site-sponsored-owned computers

Lock your computer if you step away

Never post passwords on or near computer

2011 - 2012

aarp foundation tax aide and irs required materials
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide and IRS Required Materials

IRS Intake and Quality Review Forms, IRS 13614- C for every return prepared

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Tax Record Envelopes

Cybertax messages identified as “IRS Volunteer Quality Alerts”

IRS Pub. 17

IRS Pub. 4012

IRS 1040 Instructions

IRS Pub. 3189 - Volunteer E-file Administrator Guide

All IRS documents above can be electronic and on the computer.

2011 - 2012

certified counselors
Certified Counselors
  • Pass the IRS Test through the Advanced level with 80% on each section - conduct, basic, intermediate and advanced
  • Assist with federal and state tax returns only within the scope of your training and certification
  • Not assist with tax returns where you are not comfortable and/or believe there is a reasonable likelihood you cannot prepare the return accurately (even if within your scope of training and certification)
  • Conduct an interview with the taxpayer to help ensure accuracy of the Intake form
  • Ensure the return is Quality Reviewed by another Counselor
  • Provide taxpayers with explanation of tax return as taxpayers retain responsibility of the accuracy of the return
  • Give the taxpayer one copy of their return plus the signed 8879 and all W2s, 1099s, etc.

2011 - 2012

nh certification tracking
NH Certification Tracking
  • Each site shall have one designated certifier who signs off on the certification
  • Certifier may be designated for multiple sites or even entire district.
  • !CHANGE! Signed copies of volunteer agreement with grades MUST be kept on site each day it is open

2011 - 2012

all volunteers must
All Volunteers Must:

Take this training and pass the IRS Standards of Conduct test

Sign IRS Standards of Conduct statement

Maintain confidentiality/security of data

Never solicit business for self or others; never refer business to a specific paid preparer for out of scope returns

Refuse any type of compensation or tips

Assist taxpayers at sites, not at volunteer homes

Serve customers with courtesy regardless of customer’s sex, race, age, religion, etc.

2011 - 2012

100 quality review all returns
100% Quality Review - All Returns

The only acknowledged Quality Review (QR) is conducted by a second certified Counselor

The second certified Counselor:

Reviews source documents for data and Intake Sheets to ensure nothing missed (pay close attention to verify EINs to source documents to cut down on these rejects)

Must have documented bank information when completing the return. Never take bank information over the phone.

Checks off Quality Review boxes on the IRS Intake/Interview and Quality Review Form

Initials TaxWise preparer use field 14 for QR. This must not be defaulted.

2011 - 2012

closing for the day
Closing for the Day

NEW: All forms must be returned to taxpayers at the end of their appointment (we no longer keep copies of the 8879, W2s, 1099s, etc.)

EROs need to have and follow process to ensure all e-file returns are transmitted timely, rejects corrected & accepted or mailed by taxpayers to the IRS

2011 - 2012

closing for the season
Closing for the Season

NEW: Retention and mailing of Forms 8879, together with the taxpayer’s supporting W-2s and 1099 documentation, are no longer required by the IRS. These documents must be returned to the taxpayer.

All taxpayer data must be deleted off all computers by the end of April (even if retention is allowed by taxpayer)

2011 - 2012

accurate activity reporting
Accurate Activity Reporting

SIDN must be on every tax return

E-filing sites must use the correct EFIN assigned to AARP Foundation Tax-Aide and record it on all returns

Ensure all program activity is recorded on the Activity Reporting Log or other method as directed by your volunteer supervisor, including Q&A for taxpayers when questions are answered but a return is not prepared

Use TaxWise preparer use field 14 for reporting QR

2011 - 2012

irs revenue code 7216
IRS Revenue Code 7216

Internal Revenue Code Section 7216

  • The section provides penalties against tax return preparers who make unauthorized use or disclosure of tax return information
  • The IRS now requires a very specific authorization process for taxpayers to approve use and disclosure of their data to others
  • AARP Foundation Tax-Aide does not need to use those procedures as we do not share specific data with anyone including VITA, banks, mortgage companies, others in AARP, etc.

2011 - 2012

what s new
What’s New?
  • Taxpayer Information and Responsibilities
  • Standards of Professionalism
  • IRS Standards of Conduct test
  • Automated reimbursement system
  • No more 8879 and supporting documentation retention

2011 - 2012

where you can go for help
Where you can go for help

Your AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteer leader

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Client Service Provider Digest

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteer Extranet (for forms, guides, presentations, and other info)

IRS Volunteer Hotline: 1-800-829-8482

IRS website:

IRS refund help: 1-800-829-1954

IRS Taxpayer Advocate: 1-877-777-4778

2011 - 2012


Your contribution to taxpayers, the community, and to AARP Foundation deserves the highest praise. Thank you for all that you do.

Remember to have some fun and thanks for being here for the program and for your community in 2012!

2011 - 2012