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Healthy Diet Guidelines while Taking Supplements PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Diet Guidelines while Taking Supplements

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Healthy Diet Guidelines while Taking Supplements
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Healthy Diet Guidelines while Taking Supplements

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  1. Healthy Diet Guidelines while Taking Supplements

  2. Recognize What Supplements are Not The first thing you should recognize is that supplements are just that. They supplement your other healthy activities. Every diet should be part of a larger, overall health plan. You should never take supplements in lieu of life-saving medications prescribed by your physician.

  3. Consider Your Lifestyle The next thing you need to consider is why you are dieting and taking your supplements. People often don’t think of this. If your lifestyle is unhealthy, then no amount of dieting and supplements will ultimately be able to help. Consider your long-term health.

  4. Know What You are Taking People often have medicine cabinets full of multiple bottles of pills and supplements that they don’t understand. While not necessarily dangerous, getting into a habit of taking pills you don’t know, can lead to problems. Understand what you are taking and why you are taking it. This will maximize your overall health benefits.

  5. Clearly Label Your Bottles When you are health conscious and taking many supplements, it can be easy to began to mix up your pills. Nobody wants to accidently take a green-tea pill at 10pm when they were expecting melatonin. By clearly labeling your pills, you can avoid problems that may arise from mistakenly taking the wrong one.

  6. Garbage in, Garbage Out People often think that because they are taking supplements, that they don’t need to eat healthy any longer. Not only is this untrue, it can cause health issues down the road. If you are going on a quick weight loss diet, be sure to not just stop eating. By giving your body healthy food, rather than no food, you are giving your supplements something to work with.

  7. Be Sure to Exercise Any doctor will tell you that exercise is vital for anyone serious about losing weight. It is possible to lose weight fast with supplements, but you want to make sure to replace what you’ve lost with muscle tone. Exercise need not be strenuous. Taking a 30 minute walk or doing light stretches is typically enough for the human body.

  8. Plan What You are Going to Take It’s often tempting to start using vitamins for weight loss without much forethought. However, you will find that planning goes a long ways to avoid pitfalls. Every good diet should be thought out. By planning your daily supplement intake, you can be sure to be getting what you need, when you need it.

  9. Know Who You are Buying From It’s important to know that you are dealing with a reputable supplier when buying supplements. The FDA does not regulate supplements other than those which have been proven to be actively causing harm. This means that unless you are buying from a reputable business, there is no guarantee that your pills are what they say they are.

  10. Go Forth and Be Healthy! Now that you are empowered with knowledge, go and be as healthy as you want to be! Talk to your doctor about what supplements will work the best for your dietary goals. You can start a new life today.