root canal v s dental implants n.
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Root Canal V/S Dental Implant PowerPoint Presentation
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Root Canal V/S Dental Implant

Root Canal V/S Dental Implant

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Root Canal V/S Dental Implant

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  1. Root CanalV/SDental Implants “ Publix Shopping Center 2801 Wade Hampton Blvd. Taylors, SC 29687 ”

  2. ROOT CANAL • Root canalis the most known treatment for the teeth whose roots are damaged, whether by decay or Trauma. Dentists first numb the tooth then create an opening through the crown of the tooth so that they can access the pulp chamber. Then, they will clean the infection and then remove all the unhealthy pulp to prepare the tooth for the filling. Permanent fillers are made out of a material which is known as gutta-percha, are placed inside the canals to stop future contamination or infection.

  3. DENTAL IMPLANTS • Sometimes tooth is so damaged that dentists have to go for Dental implants.Rather than trying to restore the tooth, your dentist would simply replace the damaged tooth with an artificial tooth via an implant. During this procedure, the root is replaced with a titanium implant. The implant is inserted surgically into your jawbone where it will become the part of your jaw. After that a crown is placed into the same implant. In traditional method there are main two steps – • First appointment will have the implants placed in the jaw, and then will take few months to heal • Second appointment will be for crown placement (tooth like part).

  4. WHICH OPTION IS BEST? • Root Canalpreserves your natural tooth, which can be taken as an advantage. It's also less expensive than the Dental Implant Surgery.Unfortunately, there's always a chance that the procedure will not be successful as compared to Dental Implants. • Dental Implants have been said as one of the best modern and advance technique in dentistry, because it has only 1% chance of infection after the Dental Implant, and even they are more robust. The only two drawbacks of this procedure are, it requires a surgery and it is also slightly expensive than the Root canal. Though it's worth your money. • Ultimately, the decision is to be taken you as per your needs and preferences that either to go for Root CanalorDental implant.

  5. “ Publix Shopping Center 2801 Wade Hampton Blvd. Taylors, SC 29687 ”