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Pest Control Tips For Homeowners PowerPoint Presentation
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Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

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Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

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  1. Top 5 Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

  2. Unwelcomed Pests • If you are to move into a new house, the last thing you want to think about are the unwelcomed pests. • Whether it is a swarm of mosquitoes, a colony of ants, or pesky rodents, a pest control issue can be very annoying. • It is important for homeowners to keep these pests away from their home so that they can live comfortably and safe.

  3. Keep the unwanted pests out of your home fast and efficiently with these top five pest control tips for homeowners.

  4. Give Your Home a Deep Clean • To get rid of the unwanted pests, the first step to take is to give your house a deep cleaning from the top to bottom area. This is a common practice for most homeowners that just moved in since it can be difficult to know how the previous own cleaned it before moving out. • If the task is too difficult for you or you're too busy to take charge, why not hire a housekeeping service to help you with your deep clean operation. You can also consider this as your chance to see where the insects and other unwanted pests are hiding. It's better to think about your action plan to make them stop their tracks.

  5. Set Out Traps • When it comes to keeping the mice and ants out of your home, the quickest method you can use are the traps. • Like using an insecticide spray, make sure to look for a trap that is children or pet-friendly; if not, be sure to keep the traps out of your children's reach or at the sniff area of your pets. For rats, you can either use the traditional reusable snap traps or go for a single use sticky traps.

  6. Use the Right Spray • An insecticide spray is a wonderful tool you can use to keep insect and spiders away from your new home. Don't forget to read the label and check the list of species where it can be applied. • In case small children or pets are living with you, buy an insecticide that has a natural or organic content, this is for safety precautions.

  7. Use a Pest Control Service • If your do-it-yourself efforts are not enough, seek the help of the professionals. A rodent removal and pest control company is known to be the most effective way for pest control. • Professional pest control services are trained and have enough experience in terms of unwanted pets management. They can easily remove the pests from homes, condos, apartments, and everything in between. They can develop a proper plan of action for your home so you no longer have to worry about your pest problem alone.

  8. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Home • Once the unwanted pests have been removed from your home, try to keep it that way by maintaining the cleanliness of your home to avoid reinfestation. • Make sure to always keep your home especially the kitchen clean and the windows and doors sealed.

  9. Check these Out! • Those are things you can do to try to prevent pests from entering your home but sometimes you simply need the help of an expert. Whether you want to do it on your own or hire a professional pest control service, don't forget the these important tips to maintain a pest-free home. • Brought to you by Community Pest Solutions. For more info on pest control mariettaga, check out: