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Vacation Ownership

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Vacation Ownership
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Vacation Ownership

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  1. Vacation Ownership, Timeshare, Vacation Clubs: Easy Answers to Questions

  2. Vacation Ownership? Do you find yourself with a lot of questions about vacation ownership? Such as, what exactly is vacation ownership How does it work and why would anyone pay ahead for future vacations? Relax. It is much easier to understand that you might believe.

  3. What does it provide? Vacation ownership provides buyers the opportunity to purchase fully furnished resort-style accommodations which are sold in a range of forms, including weekly intervals and point-based systems. With one initial purchase price, followed by yearly maintenance fees, buyers can purchase their very own vacation for a pre-determined number of years or, with no pre-set duration.

  4. Cont.. • Either by week or by a points-equivalent, each unit of a vacation is divided into intervals. • Each unit is sold separately. You’ll find that unit pricing will vary according to the size of the unit, the resort amenities, the season, as well as the location. The common grounds of the resort and the use of the unit itself are shared by owners. • The monthly maintenance fees go toward the maintenance of the unit and the property’s common grounds or amenities

  5. Benefit for Owners ... Timeshare and vacation club owners enjoy the benefits of exceptional flexibility through vacation exchange programs. The current trends in vacation ownership extend to hotels and resorts in major cities, vacation destinations and gaming resorts. Although an owner can spend each and every vacation at the vacation property he initially purchases, it is also commonplace for an owner to enjoy other popular exciting accommodations around the world by utilizing such exchange programs.

  6. Plan Your Future By locking in a purchase price today for a future vacation, owners are securing future vacations at today’s prices. Some savings for consumers are projected as high as seventy percent when calculating the potential for future vacation savings. Within approximately five years, most vacation ownership investments will pay for themselves.

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