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Close Combat Training ??? Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss PowerPoint Presentation
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Close Combat Training ??? Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss

Close Combat Training ??? Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss

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Close Combat Training ??? Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss

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  1. CLOSE COMBAT TRAINING Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss

  2. Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss If you are one of those people who has to force yourself to get in the car and drive to the gym every day, maybe your whole approach to exercise is wrong. Maybe you need to consider walking down a new path towards your fitness goals.

  3. Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss Martial arts training is a great way to get healthy and learn more about yourself, in addition to being an incredible way to burn fat and build muscle. Martial arts have been around for thousands of years, and were one highly spiritual as well as physical. Martial arts techniques weren’t just for fighting, but also held spiritual power and helped people to focus their powerful energy.

  4. Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss Martial arts training is more about the physical aspects of the arts, leaving the spiritual aspects on the back burner. Regardless of the actual style learned, most of the martial arts techniques taught are based on sport fighting or self defense. Some styles are highly complex and others are a bit easier to learn. But what it really comes down to is your own personal preference and learning style.

  5. Martial Arts Training for Fat Loss Your goals also need to be accounted for when choosing a martial arts training program. Do you want a training program to pull double duty and teach you how to kick some serious booty if you were to be confronted by a bad guy? Are you more interested in slower, more peaceful styles of martial arts training?

  6. Tai Chi Tai Chi is an ancient martial art form from China. The main purpose of this martial arts style is to be a meditative form of exercise. The benefits are said to be both physical and spiritual. Even though you wouldn’t be breaking boards and throwing punches in Tai Chi, the poses can be challenging to the muscles and you will burn calories.

  7. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu The style originates from a combination of judo and the traditional Japanese jujitsu styles. This martial arts style uses some standup techniques, but is most well-known for the highly effective ground fighting techniques. The purpose of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is to allow a smaller person to take down a larger opponent simply through the martial arts moves of the style.

  8. Kenpo Kenpo is a Japanese Martial Arts form that has its roots in China. Kenpo has been called the "ultimate in self defense“. This is because the Kenpo training emphasizes a scientific approach to combat. Using quick, effective martial arts moves, Kenpo safely disables an attacker. This martial arts style has a counter for every kind of grab, punch, strike, charge or push. The counters used include simple escapes, joint locks, brakes, blocks, strikes and joint and nerve strikes.

  9. Krav Maga KravMaga - the Israeli self defense and fighting system, is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. Developed by Imrich, “Imi”, KravMaga simply means contact fight or battle, or the touch of the fighter. This martial arts style is a simple yet effective self defense system. Because it emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios, anyone trained in KravMaga should be able to handle themselves should they find danger staring them down.

  10. How to Accelerate Fat Loss Weight loss is 90 percent diet and only 10 percent exercise. So to lose weight, you’ve got to start really watching what you eat and how you eat. Some people follow the mindset that you must eat several meals a day in order to keep the metabolism burner firing effectively for fat loss. About every four hours seems to work for just about everyone. This way you are fueling your body right around the time it has burned off the last meal. This eliminates extra meals in the day, because every four hours works out to four meals a day. If you’re trying to fit work-outs into a busy schedule, you will love eating every four hours.

  11. How to Accelerate Fat Loss The last piece of the fat loss puzzle is getting out and moving your body. Exercise is a tough one for many because it can be downright boring to plod along on a treadmill for an hour a day. To accelerate fat loss, you want to find an exercise that you love to engage in and that challenges you physically. Martial arts training is gaining popularity because of the immense benefits that come from learning various martial arts techniques. Think about it: martial arts training is a way to learn to focus energy, steady your mind, and burn a ton of calories all at the same time.

  12. How to Accelerate Fat Loss Many people don’t work out because they just aren’t motivated to do so. Here’s a tip; martial arts training is the bomb. Martial arts techniquesutilize muscle groups both large and small, and give you something to focus on besides actual exercise. Martial arts training fills the need for exercise and also teaches you some self defense at the same time, so you get a lot of bang for your buck when you learn martial arts techniques. It doesn’t really matter what form of martial arts trainingyou choose when the goal is fitness. You just need to find something that you will stay with because it is fun for you.

  13. How to Accelerate Fat Loss To obtain true and lasting health, you’ve got to engage your mind and soul in the whole process as well. Well-being is all inclusive, involving all aspects of your being. Stress not only makes your body pack on the pounds, it irritates your organs and bodily functions. Stress steals your sleep and impacts your work and your relationships. So the last part of getting fit and healthy is to de-stress. This is another reason for martial arts classes. Learning martial arts techniques forces your mind to focus. It gives you something to feel proud of, and it gives you a release of the stresses of daily life. Train your mind; train your body, and live long and healthy.

  14. How to Accelerate Fat Loss Martial arts offer you a way to gain confidence and balance as well as fitness. While you will definitely see a difference in the way you look on the outside; you will also feel more energetic and, if you really commit to the art, you will feel more peace and well-being mentally as well. You can learn any form by taking a class in your local area, or now you can also learn through a martial arts DVD.

  15. How to Accelerate Fat Loss Learning from a martial arts DVD could possibly be tricky in some instances. For Tai Chi, this type of learning would be just fine. But for combat self defense using a form of mixed martial art, a self defense DVD can teach actual techniques and moves; but you want to be sure to find a partner that will allow you to practice on them too. For forms that are more contact related, you want to have another person to roll with for full effect.

  16. How to Accelerate Fat Loss Even more than the fitness you can achieve with martial arts, you also gain awareness of your body and spirit. This leads into other areas of well-being, such as stress-relief and a focus of your energy. People who study martial arts have reported gaining confidence that spills over into all other areas of their life; bringing them success at work and in relationships.

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