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Releasing potential: Enterprise – a practical intervention for success PowerPoint Presentation
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Releasing potential: Enterprise – a practical intervention for success

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Releasing potential: Enterprise – a practical intervention for success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Releasing potential: Enterprise – a practical intervention for success. David Kilburn Associate Professor- Enterprise Head of Business Development Chartered Marketer Dixons Stores Group International Fellow in Marketing .

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releasing potential enterprise a practical intervention for success

Releasing potential:Enterprise – a practical intervention for success

David Kilburn

Associate Professor- Enterprise

Head of Business Development

Chartered Marketer

Dixons Stores Group International

Fellow in Marketing

Worked for several blue chip retail companies such as Tesco, DSG, WHSmith Do-It-All so have covered the food, DIY and consumer electronics sectors

Built up own retail business over 8 years – 8 consumer electronics stores in Manchester – learned a lot about buying and how to market a business

Studied CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing at Salford University

Enterprise experience

Joined BU in 1989 to set up the new retail course

From day one I was involved with commercial business e.g. set up a distance learning course for Somerfield which lasted for 5 years. Taught Gerry Marwood who later became Chief Executive of Spar U.K.

Have undertaken an applied research project for Gerry and Spar (power of networking)

Talking to them now about a CPD programme

Enterprise experience

I have written 11 successful KTP schemes and undertaken countless consultancy and applied research projects

Most of the leads came from emarketing campaigns

I will be showing you an example of a successful campaign later and you are all going to be involved in writing a campaign for your own School working in groups

Enterprise experience

enterprise experience
Enterprise experience
  • Although I was not originally officially in an enterprise role I have always engaged in business development activities every year at B.U since 1989
  • I also realised that networks needed to be built and have kept in touch with over 300 ex retail graduates, 8 of whom are Ceo’s/M.D’s and 38 are Directors
  • Benefits of this approach are many and varied
education enterprise interface
Education/Enterprise interface
  • Graduates with enterprise experience achieve better graduate jobs and rise the corporate ladder more quickly
  • I set up the Consultancy Project in 1991
  • Benefits of this approach-great experience for finalists, builds good relationships with client companies, increases graduate employment rates, leads to paid for interventions
  • Former graduates become clients
education enterprise interface1
Education/Enterprise interface
  • Best Buy (American consumer electronics company) last week interviewed 21 retail management finalists for 24 positions at their new Head Office in London. Starting salary - £24k
  • I set this up with the M.D. of Best Buy – a graduate from first retail management cohort
  • Former graduates become clients
  • This will lead to a Best Buy Fellowship and 20k income
  • Win– win situation
the power of networking
The power of networking


I have just received my alumni magazine and

saw your ‘Networking ‘ article and thought I would

drop you a line to say hello and let you know what

I am up to these days.

After having my placement with Mercury

Communications (Cable and Wireless owned) I

was able to stay in contact with a number of

excellent people who were poached to the newly formed

COLT Telecom. I then slipped into their Product

Marketing department in January 1997 and then spent the next 5

years moving upwards in various roles, eventually taking on

management responsibility and looking after staff and about

$100m of revenue! A lot of fun for a 26 year old!!!

the power of networking1
The power of networking

After about 5 years though (March 2002) things

were getting a little stagnant so our owner Fidelity

Investments transferred me to head a new

division in Japan at their new telecoms start up.

Since coming in as Commercial Manager, I have

now built a successful business looking after

about $20m of revenue a year. Thanks to this I

have now been made up to Marketing Director

and had my revenue targets upped to about 70%

of the business, $70m! Overall though my time here has

been excellent and whilst challenging, the rewards are

worth it.

the power of networking2
The power of networking

Coming back to your article though and the

reason I am writing is that I totally agree with your

strategy of the unadvertised job markets and

networking. Without these and my network of

contacts that all started from my placement year,

I would be in a very different place to where I am

now, and certainly not as senior. It is very easy to

get despondent as a graduate worrying that you

do not get a job off the bat with some of the big

blue chips. My contacts helped me get in places that

the power of networking3
The power of networking

recruiters and graduate training courses would

not allow. Also, as COLT did not offer me any

graduate training as such, I was able to carve a

niche for myself. Something large firms often do

not allow.

To sum up, my time at Bournemouth was totally

essential to my growth over the last few years.

The decision at 18 to go there based on flexible

placement opportunities and the live Consultancy

the power of networking4
The power of networking

Project was the correct one. Even though I

focused on a retail degree, it still gave me the

core skills of Marketing and Sales and that was

easily transferred outside of the traditional retail

market. Glad to see the University is going from

Strength to strength. I wish you a happy



James Bohan-Pitt, Marketing Director,

Fidelity Investments

the power of networking5
The power of networking
  • How big is your personal network?
  • It is never too late to start building networks – graduates, academics in other universities, business contacts, conferences, business events, etc.
  • Always carry business cards with you, you never know who you bump into!
  • Consider being part of online business networks, such as Linked in, Plaxo Pulse and Xing
the power of networking6
The power of networking
  • Retail Management degree – recent examples
  • Last week is a typical scenario
  • I had a call from a 1993 graduate who is a Store Manager in the latest IKEA store in Manchester – Fast Track Graduate scheme
  • I received another call from a 1990 graduate who works for BP who needed a senior merchandiser – I was able to put him in touch with another BARM graduate who was looking to move up a level
  • I received a call from Tesco saying that they wanted as many people from the final year as possible to take part in an assessment centre at the Royal Bath
  • I spoke to a 1997 graduate who wanted to get back in to retailing after taking a short break and was able to enhance her CV and give her valuable contacts.
the power of networking7
The power of networking
  • The retail network is very powerful and people ask for favours and also give them
  • It is an unwritten rule, once you are in the network anything is possible
  • Everyone in this room can create the same type of network
  • Benefits to the University
  • Links to Learning and Teaching, Enterprise and applied research
plan define a strategy
Plan, define a strategy

Plan, define a strategy

As ever, a little planning counts for a lot. Your time and resources are limited, so you need to focus your efforts on activities that return the greatest possible results.

If you have defined who you want to target, you need a strategy for the how. How exactly are you going to reach your targets?

Evaluate the methods at your disposal and define an action plan. It doesn’t have to be pages long, but it should be dynamic. Don’t be afraid to change things, ditching methods that fail and focusing extra resource on ones that succeed.

Such steps may seem obvious, but businesses often fail to think strategically about customer acquisition - a failing that only serves to slow down the search for new customers.

how to market b u
How to market B.U.
  • Find a niche offer in your School/Professional Service which is compelling and where there is local demand
  • SM – Centre of excellence in Food and Drink
how to market bu
How to market BU
  • Conduct in depth market research to elicit leads, using Library sources, internet and published lists, trade directories, etc.
  • Use Euromonitor, Mintel reports to build market intelligence prior to the first visit to the client
how to market bu1
How to market BU
  • Use emarketing methods and follow up professionally
  • Why emarketing?
  • Success rate?
  • Sell the benefits in the opening paragraph and in the final sentence to provoke a reaction
how to market bu2
How to market BU

Dear Mr.Henschel,

I have been reviewing how Bournemouth University can support prominent local food companies to optimise profitability by taking advantage of a Government-backed scheme. The scheme is called the Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) and your company could benefit from a grant to cover up to 60% of the costs of employing a graduate, plus free access to an experienced consultant for 26 days per year.

The Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) has been running successfully for 28 years and the University is currently running over 20 of these schemes in the South West region.

We have many years' experience of designing and delivering cost-effective

solutions to businesses in the Food and Drink Sector and the KTP scheme will provide substantial benefits to your organisation at minimal cost.

how to market bu3
How to market BU

We have particular expertise in food marketing, ‘sous vide’, food safety, HACCP, gastronomy, nutrition, production processes and quality management, and currently carry out consultancy work for a number of leading food companies in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. We have 5 KTP schemes with food companies at present and all the companies involved are happy with the increase in profits that the scheme has helped to drive.

I would be extremely grateful if you would allow myself and a colleague to visit you to discuss the possibility of joining the KTP scheme. The KTP programme will provide funding for 2 to 3 years and there is no obligation on the part of the employer to retain the graduate at the end of the contract.

Yours sincerely,

David Kilburn

Head of Business Development

School of Services Management

Direct Tel: 01202 965154

Fax: 01202 515707


group work
Group work

In groups of 4 discuss and plan an emarketing

campaign for your School/Professional Service.

Select a key target group, state how you would

research the leads and then compose a

compelling message to send out to prospective


group feedback
Group feedback

Each group to present their campaign and will

receive feedback on its likely effectiveness.

market research tips
Market research tips
  • Industrial estate directories - identifying companies in the locality that would benefit from KTPs or other services, eg, Ferndown Ind. Est. or (Nb These directories are not always as up to date as one would hope but can provide good, free leads!)
  • Trade or membership organisations - eg, Taste of the West and other food related bodies/producer markets etc -
  • Companies that have been awarded a specific status/commendation - eg, one of the best 500 companies to work for
  • Google/other search engine searches - if specific companies/types of companies are to be targeted. This can be based on companies/industries in the news or case studies on other business related websites - eg, SW beacon companies
  • Using library resources, eg, AMADEUS or FAME to identify specific sectors within a targeted geographic area -
  • If budgets allow, purchasing of a named database - usually the best route as this data is likely to be recently updated and checked against the relevant data protection databases
  • Attendance at trade shows to meet with relevant businesses and to pick up the trade show directory for future campaigns.
market research tips1
Market research tips

In addition looking at wider opportunities, usually via

the tendering process including (but not limited to):

  • - public sector procurement opportunities
  • - 2012 opportunities
  • - training related opportunities worldwide
next steps
Next steps

Now you have a taste for Enterprise activities.

What are the next steps?

how to market bu4
How to market BU
  • Form a nucleus of right minded colleagues
  • Positive, proactive individuals with a ‘can do’ philosophy
  • They all share a common goal and are passionate about their area of expertise
managing clients
Managing clients
  • Clients are the life blood of any business
  • Treat them with respect and be professional at all times
  • Commercial clients have expectations which are a few gears up from the normal expectations within a university setting
  • Raise your game when dealing with external clients otherwise once respect is lost it is lost forever
managing clients1
Managing clients
  • Keep them regularly informed of progress – do not imagine they will accept lack of communication
  • Go the extra mile and delight the client
  • If there is an issue with the client, meet it head on, do not avoid it as it will come back to haunt you
  • Always be honest about what you can or can’t do and if anything, under promise and over deliver
closing the deal
Closing the deal
  • Closing the deal is the most important part of the sales process
  • You can do everything right up to this point but if you are unable to close the deal you have wasted your efforts and it is very frustrating
  • Do not be afraid to close the deal and negotiate on the price. After all we have something that the client wants and needs
  • The client will respect your commercial instincts and professionalism
closing the deal1
Closing the deal
  • When things do not work out as you first planned, always try to get something from the deal
  • e.g. Kimco example
  • The above example only worked well because of the mutual respect between the university and the client. He was absolutely convinced of our professionalism and deemed it to be better than the DTI !!
business tips
Business Tips
  • Anyone in this room can do it
  • You have to make your own choices
  • Have a mission
  • Don’t be happy with the status quo
  • Understand your business
  • Don’t spend money unnecessarily
business tips1
Business Tips
  • Surround yourself with people who share your ambition and business philosophy
  • Be proud of yourself
  • Network vigorously
  • Never give up