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Prefabricated elements

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Prefabricated elements. Training presentation. Contents . Product description. Application in buildings. Certification. References. Product description. Back to contents page. Prefabricated elements – product description.

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prefabricated elements

Prefabricated elements

Training presentation


Product description

Application in buildings



product description

Product description

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prefabricated elements product description
Prefabricated elements – product description
  • The Prefabricated wall element is an external wall system, where galvanized (hot-dip zinc-coated) thermo purlins act as the wall’s frame structure. Perforation in the purlin’s web significantly decreases thermal conduction through the purlin
  • In demanding projects, a highly prefabricated element system based on advanced and standard solutions speeds up on-site construction
prefabricated elements product description5
Prefabricated elements – product description
  • The element system consists of thermo purlins, windshield plasterboards, thermal insulation, vapour barrier, fixings, seals and external cladding
  • Wall elements´ façade cladding can be made of steel, wood, brick, aluminium, copper, glass, plaster, stone or ceramic tiles
prefabricated elements product description6
Prefabricated elements – product description
  • When using thermo purlins, external walls can be built with Prefabricated wall elements that are assembled at the factory
    • The element system is based on the products of Ruukki’s automatic purlin manufacturing line, which enable increased element accuracy, straightness and levelness, thanks to the innovative narrowing and countersink joint technology applied to the purlins
    • The designing of elements is done with advanced NorTS software that simultaneously produces a transfer file for the automatic Termopurlin manufacturing line, as well as the material lists and element drawings needed for production purposes
prefabricated elements structure
Prefabricated elements – structure
  • External façade options:
    • Steel or other metals, wood, glass, natural stone, brick, ventilated thin rendering, insulated rendering, ceramic tiles
  • Windshield:
    • Gypsum sheathing board, 9 mm (TS 9), porous wood fibre sheathing board, e.g. 12 mm or 25 mm, plywood, e.g. 6,5 mm or 9 mm, bitulite, e.g. 12 mm, cement bonded particle board, 4 mm or 8 mm
  • Thermo purlin structure:
    • The steel grade, S350GD+Z275
    • The amount of zinc is 275 g/m²
    • Thermo purlin come in LPT-U, LPT-C and LPT-Z profiles. The most commonly used profiles are LPT-C and LPT-U in 175 and 200 mm widths
    • The thickness options are 1, 1.2, 1.5 and 2 mm
prefabricated elements structure8
Prefabricated elements – structure
  • Thermal insulation:
    • Incombustible, design thermal conductivity λ Design = 0,035/0,037 W/m²K (windshield board panel joints are sealed and both sides of the insulation are in contact with insulated surfaces)
  • Plasterboards:
    • Interior wall cladding is made of 13-mm tapered plasterboard or galvanized steel sheets. Wind protection is in many cases provided with 9 mm windshield plasterboard. Other materials may also be used as long as they conform with the manufacturer’s instructions
      • Hardened gypsum board, 13 mm (EK13), thin steel sheet 0,6–1,0 mm + hardened gypsum board 13 mm, wood-gypsum board, e.g. 10 mm or 12 mm, chipboard, e.g. 10 mm, 11 mm or 12 mm, plywood, e.g. 9 mm or 12 mm, semi-hard wood fibre board, e.g. 9 mm, thin steel sheet 1,5 mm
prefabricated elements structure9
Prefabricated elements – structure
  • Fixings:
    • Zinc-coated drill screws and pierce rivets. Plasterboards are fitted with drill screws suitable for the particular plasterboard types
  • Vapour barrier:
    • LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic 0.2 mm, compliant with the SFS 4225 standard, Class E, UV protected
    • Water vapour permeability value Wp = 0,002*10-9 kg/(m2sPa)
    • Water vapour diffusion resistance Zp = 500*109 m2sPa/kg
prefabricated elements structure10
Prefabricated elements – structure

8-perforated rows

  • 1. External façade
  • 2. Ventilation channel 20 mm
    • (Purlins, e.g. Support stud CA1SS)
  • 3. Windshield board
  • 4. Thermal insulation + termo stud
  • 5. Vapour barrier
  • 6. Internal lining

Studs, C/C 600

prefabricated elements standard element types
Prefabricated elements – standard element types
  • Square elements are usually elements about one storey high, beginning from one level and extending to the next level. The element length is usually in accord with the frame module
  • The most typical applications of square elements are office buildings and multi-storey residential buildings with storey heights of up to 3,600 mm
  • Square element max. 3600 x 10500 mm
prefabricated elements standard element types12
Prefabricated elements – standard element types
  • Strip elements are elements situated between rows of band windows, normally extending from column to column
  • The most typical strip element applications are office buildings
  • Strip element max. 3600 x 10500 mm²
prefabricated elements standard element types13
Prefabricated elements – standard element types
  • Turn over elements are narrow, high elements which, due to their dimensions, are transported on their side. Turn over elements can be one or two storeys high
  • They are often used as the top storey's element in square element applications, in which case they include an extension for the eaves
  • Turn over elements are also typically used in constructing the walls of business premises with high ceilings
prefabricated elements standard element types14
Prefabricated elements – standard element types
  • Horizontal elements differ from other element types in that the element purlins are positioned horizontally. They are used in constructing industrial buildings
  • These elements are commonly called Industrial wall elements
  • Horizontal element max. 3600 x 10500 mm
prefabricated elements standard element types15
Prefabricated elements – standard element types
  • Normally, transportation constraints limit the maximum element height at 3,600 mm. The use of higher elements can be agreed on exceptional projects
  • The element length is normally around 8 m, but even 12 m long elements can be made in special cases
sound insulation
Sound insulation
  • Structures from inside outwards
  • *) Calculated value
  • Rw (dB) = Airborne sound insulation value
  • RA,tr (=Rw+Ctr) (dB) = Traffic noise sound insulation value
fire resistance
Fire resistance
  • Test standard: EN 1363-1

EN 1365-1

  • Classification standard: EN 135 01-2
  • In load bearing wall situations structures can also meet REI30 and REI60 in accordance

with separate instructions.

  • R = resistance, E = integrity, I = insulation
  • In fire structures, Rockwool should be used as thermal insulation, e.g. Paroc eXtra.
application and advantages

Application and advantages

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prefabricated elements advantages
Prefabricated elements – advantages
  • Excellent acoustic characteristics
    • Sound insulation
    • Possible to tailor unique acoustic solutions, case by case
  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics
  • Even very heavy objects can be installed to external wall surface (e.g. decoration)
  • Large variety of cladding materials
  • Variously shaped external wall quickly and cost-effectively
prefabricated elements advantages22
Prefabricated elements – advantages
  • Reduces on-site building time
  • Lower risk for bad quality (e.g. damaged vapour barrier or moisture problems), thanks to advanced factory production
  • Increased element accuracy, straightness and levelness, thanks to the innovative narrowing and countersink joint technology applied to the purlins
prefabricated elements applications
Prefabricated elements – applications
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Building extensions and renovation
  • Shopping centers
  • Sports buildings
  • Halls
  • Agricultural construction
ce marking


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prefabricated elements ce marking
Prefabricated elements: CE marking
  • CE marking was started 5th December 2005 as a first CE marking in Ruukki Construction
  • It is according to EN 13830 and for non-load bearing elements
  • Elements have gone through ITT (Initial Type Testing), where several properties of the element have been tested and checked to be according to standard, like
    • air permeability
    • water tightness
    • fire properties
prefabricated elements ce marking26
Prefabricated elements: CE marking
  • Elements have also FPC (Factory Production Control), where is specified what kind of measurements are taken in manufacturing phase and what are the accepted tolerances
  • The most visible documents to our clients about the CE marking are label on the product and Declaration of Conformity


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