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2nd Grade Informational Night PowerPoint Presentation
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2nd Grade Informational Night

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2nd Grade Informational Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2nd Grade Informational Night
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  1. 2nd Grade Informational Night Thanks for coming! Mrs. Caruso, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Willis, and Mrs. Wyatt-Frizzell

  2. Reading We are excited to watch your child grow as a reader this year. 2nd graders are transitioning from learning how to read to becoming independent readers. We want to focus on increasing reading comprehension and building fluency.

  3. 2nd Grade Reading Standards Lexile Level- Mid-year benchmark is 450 Benchmark for end of the year is 620 *A lexile measure indicates the reading level of a child or a book. Fluency- Oral Reading Rate 100 words per minute at end of 2nd grade

  4. How to Find the Right Books for Your Child *Destiny Quest is a great way to find books that match your child’s reading level and interests. *The books found at Destiny Quest are available in our media center at Oak Grove.

  5. On-Line Books *Follett Shelf- On-line check out for ebooks Students log-in with their Reading Counts ID and password. *TumbleBooks *BookFlix

  6. Favorite Book Series Check out the selection of books that your child might be interested in. Reading several books in a series helps 2nd graders develop their reading skills, as they get to know the characters, setting, and plots that recur from book to book in a series.

  7. Reading Practice at Home *Check out “Building a Reader at Home” *Set a timer to practice testing fluency...How many words can your child read in a minute? *Check out “Ways to Practice at Home Vocabulary”

  8. 3rd Nine Weeks Math Applying Base Ten Understanding

  9. Think of it this way……. You are traveling home from a long day at work. There is an accident on the freeway and traffic is backed up for miles. Who would you rather be…..

  10. the person who knows nothing about the area and has to sit in the traffic until it clears no telling how much later? • the person who zips off at the next exit and takes back roads to get back on the interstate a few exits down past the accident?

  11. Our Goals Your children are much like these drivers. If they are only equipped with one way of thinking about things, when they get stuck they have no where else to go and have to wait for someone else to clear things for them. We want to equip your children with number sense and an understanding of how numbers relate so they can take many different paths to a solution.

  12. Standards • I can add and subtract 10 and 100 to numbers in my head. • I can relate addition and subtraction. • I can add up to 4 two digit numbers. • I can add and subtract within 1000 using strategies I can explain.

  13. A problem Sally’s mom was baking cupcakes for her school to celebrate the 100th day of school. First grade had 32 students, second grade had 27 students, third grade had 61 students and fourth grade had 44 students. How many cupcakes did Sally need her mom to make? How would you solve this problem?

  14. Strategies

  15. 82 - 45 =

  16. 329 + 285 =

  17. Parent Resources Parent Roadmap (English and Spanish version) Unit 5 Parent Letter Think Central - Go Math Online tutorials

  18. Technology In The Classroom 2nd Grade

  19. Why Technology In The Classroom? *Technology reaches students of all learning styles. *Technology makes learning and teaching more efficient. *Technology allows a great understanding of a concept because it can be more interactive. *Technology allows for more learning and not as much teaching. *Technology allows collaboration on projects.

  20. Classroom Technology Rules *All students must charge their devices at home before arriving at school. *Students devices will be kept in a safe and secure location in the classroom. *Students are only allowed to use their own device *Students will be monitored while their technology is in use. *Students are taught how to be good digital citizens.

  21. 2nd Grade Level Website 2nd Grade Website

  22. Apps. To Download • Google Chrome • QR Code Reader….QR Droid, RedLaser, Qrafter • Flash Player...Adobe, flash fox, photon • Free Learning Games • Online Books (follett shelf)

  23. Remember……. This is a journey not a competition!