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Singapore Zoo . Index No:08 Name: Kymberly Ngu Kym Yee Class:1N1. Wild Africa. Fashioned after the grassy plains in Africa, this south-eastern flank of the Zoo has grass-grazing mammals living alongside their deadly predators .

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Singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo

Index No:08

Name: KymberlyNgu Kym Yee


Wild africa
Wild Africa

  • Fashioned after the grassy plains in Africa, this south-eastern flank of the Zoo has grass-grazing mammals living alongside their deadly predators.

  • There’s nothing like the thrill of traversing through Wild Africa on a safari tour especially when hooves, horns and claws aren’t all you can expect to see. For instance, there’s a little colony of animals you might want to check out

Gibbon island
Gibbon Island

  • The primates along Gibbon Island are vocalists extraordinaires! Come listen to their cacophony of cries, in response to pre-recorded calls during the token feeding session at 1.40pm daily. There are the black howler monkeys, with their deep throaty cries, gibbons with their territorial whoops and red-ruffed lemurs with their signature ‘barks’.

Australian outback
Australian Outback

  • Be transported to the vast and arid bushlands of Down Under the moment you pass the rustic entrance into the Australian Outback zone. Here, grey kangaroos and agile wallabies hop about freely as you enter the walk-through area. They are joined by the emu and vibrant cassowary preening themselves amongst the bushes.

Primate kingdom
Primate Kingdom

  • Singapore Zoo has a total of 39 species of primates, of which a large number of them call the Primate Kingdom home. Wonder why it’s called Primate Kingdom? Because each primate species has its own island, with a landscaping of trees that might as well be castles from where these tree-dwellers rule. Who said you needed to be the king of the jungle to have your own kingdom?

Great rift valley of ethiopia
Great Rift Valley Of Ethiopia

  • This award-winning zone depicts a day of life in the East African geological marvel that is the Great Rift Valley – a land that literally began ripping apart 40 million years ago as a result of the Earth’s tectonic forces.

Singapore zoo

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