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Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gregor Mendel
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  1. Gregor Mendel 1. Who is Mendel and what are his three laws? Mendel, father of genetics. Law of Dominance, Segregation, Independent Assortment. 2. Pea plants can be observed to be tall, medium, or short in height? True or False 3. Mendel obtained his F1 generation by the result of: cross-pollination among parents and the next generation cross-pollination between individuals of the parental p generation bees pollinating the parental generation crosses between the offspring of a parental cross

  2. Monohybrid Crosses 1. If two heterozygous tall pea plants are crossed, what percentage of the F1 generation would be expected to have a short pea plant phenotype? 25% 2. Red coat colour in cats is produced by the homozygous genotype HRHR, blue coat color by the genotype HBHB, and purple by the genotype HRHB. What kind of interaction is this known as, and what would be the phenotypic ratio of a mating between two purple cats? 1 Blue:1 Red: 2 Purple 3. Two parents are crossed to produce an offspring with type O blood. The genotypes of the parents could be: A) AA × AB B) Ai × AB C) BB × ii D) AB × ii E) Bi × Bi

  3. Dihybrid Crosses 1. In a certain plant, the alleles A, B, and C are dominant to the alleles a, b, and c. A plant with the genotype AABbcc will have the same phenotype as the plant with the genotype _____. A) aabbccB) AaBBccC) AAbbcc D) AABBCc 2. In humans, dark hair is dominant over blonde hair and curly hair is dominant over straight hair. A woman with dark, curly hair marries a man with blonde, curly hair. The woman is heterozygous for both traits and the man’s father has straight hair. What is the probability as a percent that they will have a child with blonde, straight hair? Show the Punnett square 1/8, 12.5%

  4. Sex-Linked Inheritance 1. A sex-linked recessive gene n produces colour-blindness in humans. The normal gene is represented by the letter N. Give the genotype for a a. man who is normal. b. female carrier. c. man who is colour-blind. XNY XNXnXnY 2. If a woman was not colour blind and her father was colour blind, what would be her genotype?XNXn 3. Can a colour blind woman and a normal male have colour-blind daughters? Colour blind Sons? Explain or show a Punnett Square Daughters: No (Get the normal chromosome from father) Sons: Yes

  5. Pedigrees 1. In the third generation, which of the offspring are affected? 2,3,5 2. What is the genotype of the second person in generation II? Aa 3. How many carriers are there in the generation II? 5