a study in self n.
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Over and Above
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  1. A Study in Self Over and Above

  2. Your Assignment This is your first art assignment of the school year, but, how do you get to this point?

  3. Artists that Draw Portraits: Rembrandt • Was a dutch painter, who was alive in the 1600s • Rembrandt painted over 100 self portraits in approximately 40 years. Why he did this is one of the great mysteries of art history. • Rembrandt's later years were marked by personal tragedy and financial hardships. • Most scholars thought that: "Over the years, Rembrandt's self-portraits increasingly became a means for gaining self-knowledge, and in the end took the form of an interior dialogue: a lonely old man communicating with himself while he painted."

  4. Drawing a Face: Proportion • Scale and proportionare both concerned with size. • Scale refers to the size of an object (a whole) in relationship to another object (another whole). In art, the size relationship between an object and the human body is significant. In experiencing the scale of an artwork we tend to compare its size to the size of our own bodies. • Proportion refers to the relative size of parts of a whole (elements within an object). We often think of proportions in terms of size relationships within the human face. • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppUR-HA4rno

  5. Scale and Proportion

  6. Drawing a Face • How are scale and proportion important in drawing a face? • We will practise along in our sketchbooks. • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbRMCgtcchw • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WROSZ6803cE

  7. What Do You Value? What is Important to You? • Think about what is important to you. Research and select a quote on that basis. Come prepared with the quote for next class. • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwKBxabn4QY

  8. Line and Pattern • Create a background design using a pattern created using lines.

  9. Putting It All Together • Keeping your page vertical, draw a line in the middle of your paper. • Put your quote in the bottom half of your paper. Make sure it relates to who you are. I have lettering books that will help you. Sketch this in pencil first, to ensure it fits. • Draw your face in the top half of your paper, using the line as the dividing line (you do not need to draw the bottom half of your face). • Colour your portrait accurately with pencil crayon and create a background.