old yeller a book by fred gipson n.
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Old Yeller A book by Fred Gipson

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Old Yeller A book by Fred Gipson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Old Yeller A book by Fred Gipson. PowerPoint by Kelsea Guffey. Author Autobiography.

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old yeller a book by fred gipson

Old YellerA book by Fred Gipson


by Kelsea Guffey

author autobiography
Author Autobiography
  • Fred Gipson is best known for his Disney novel, Old Yeller. Gipson was born on a farm near Mason in the Texas Hill Country. After working a variety of farming and ranching jobs, he enrolled in 1933 at the University of Texas at Austin. There he wrote for the Daily Texan and The Ranger, but he left school before graduating to become a newspaper journalist.
  • In 1956,his most famous novel, Old Yeller was published in Salt Licks, winning the Newbery honor. The novel achieved enduring popularity thanks to the 1957 Walt Disney Studios Film. Old Yeller has a sequel called Savage Sam, which also became a Walt Disney film in 1963.Old Yeller was a novel that Gipson considered his best work.
  • Old Yeller~ brave dog who loves his family.
  • Travis~growing man who at once had a dog that he loved and never thought he would find the same love for another dog.
  • Little Arliss~little "runt” who everyone still loves.
  • Mama~ very intelligent woman who loves her husband and children
  • Papa~brave man who cares about his family.

Bud Searcy~A very “lazy” man who loves to sit around and eat.

Burn Sanderson~A very “tricky” man.

authors purpose
Authors Purpose

The Author’s Purpose is to entertain you with an adventurous story of a boy who starts out hating a dog and then goes to loving him when he has to shoot him.


Chapter 1~Papa leaves to go to Abilene,Kansas.

Chapter 2~Travis finds Old Yeller.

Chapter 3~The Roan bull and Chongo the bull fight.

Chapter 4~Arliss empties out his pockets and has a baby copperhead.

Chapter 5~Arliss gets finned by the fish.

Chapter 6~The she bear tries to attack Little Arliss.


Chapter 7~Travis starts to like Old Yeller.

Chapter 8~Burn Sanderson comes and claims Old Yeller.

Chapter 9~Travis and Old Yeller mark the hogs.

Chapter 10~Travis falls out of the tree while marking and Old Yeller saves him.

Chapter 11~Travis comes back to Old Yeller with Mama and she sews him up and takes him home to heal.


Chapter 12~Lisbeth brings Travis one of Miss Priss’s pups and is left there to help with the chores.

Chapter 13~Lisbeth helps Mama burn the bull and cow.

Chapter 14~Old Yeller fights the wolf and gets rabies and Travis has to shoot him.

Chapter 15~Papa comes home and gives Travis advice about his sorrows.

Chapter 16~Travis starts to like the speckled pup.


Don’t spend your life worrying about the bad things because it will ruin the goods things.

Everyone has to make life choices.

book summary
Book Summary

Papa has left to go to Abilene,Kansas and Travis is in charge.He finds an ugly Yeller dog and his little brother,Arliss wants to keep him.Travis starts liking the dog after he saves Little Arliss from a she bear.When Old Yeller saves Mama and Lisbeth from a rabid wolf,he gets rabies and Travis has to shoot him.Then Papa comes home and gives advice to Travis about his sorrows. And then starts to like a little speckled pup that Lisbeth brings him.

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