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Residential Painting Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Residential Painting Services

Residential Painting Services

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Residential Painting Services

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  1.   Call Us Today! | (858) 688-2248    Residential Painting Residential/ House Painting San Diego Colossus Painting is a family owned and operated business located in San Diego, California. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with 15 years’ experience in residential painting. We provide painting services to any government building regardless of size or structure type. A new coat of paint can make your building look new again. It adds that extra sparkle that workers appreciate. Paint can also help hide holes, scratches, and marks on walls and ceilings. Colossus can work with you to ?nd out exactly what you need while staying on budget. Painters that work on government jobs have a variety of clients including, but not limited to, this very abbreviated list: Painters that work on government jobs have a variety of clients including, but not limited to, this very abbreviated list: repair drywall remove wallpaper and/or textured ceiling pressure wash prepare exterior surfaces for painting repair woodwork

  2. We are one of the leading Residential Painting Companies in San Diego. Our team of highly experienced residential painters in San Diego is second to none. We use advanced painting techniques and tools for residential painting. The mark of any professional is to make the job look easy and that’s what we do here at Colossus. While it may look like we’re not doing anything that you can’t do, our experience provides us with know-how and techniques that deliver a high-quality paint job throughout your home. Get More for Your Money by Hiring Colossus Painting Services in San Diego Surface Preparation
 — To ensure the paint adheres properly and lasts, surfaces are carefully prepared by cleaning, sanding, repairing holes, and more. Value Added — At Colossus Painting we really care about the quality of the work we do – and it shows. We go above and beyond what is expected to impress our clients and give them outstanding results. Clean Up
 — We do all clean up, too. You don’t need to wash out paintbrushes and rollers, clean up spills, or roll up drop cloths. Just leave it to us. Let Colossus Painting, San Diego, save you time and money on your house painting needs. We provide e?cient service, personalized attention, and a ?awless paint job that will keep your house looking beautiful for years to come. Ask for an estimate today!

  3. Find out how Colossus Painting can bring new life to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.  CONTACT US TODAY Don’t just paint your house any painter’s way. Paint your house the Colossus way! Exterior Services Pressure Cleaning Exterior Painting Waterproo?ng Coatings Elastomeric Coatings Texture Finishes Staining Varnishing Stucco Repair Concrete Restoration Epoxy Floor Coatings Ironwork Metal and Aluminum Coating Industrial Painting Waterproof Caulkin Interior Services

  4. Ceiling Coatings Wall Coatings Texture Finishes Faux Finishes Interior Staining Interior Painting Varnish Coatings Primer Applications Acrylic Coatings Oil Coatings Stain Concrete Floors Venetian Plaster Types of Homes We Service Single Family Homes Custom Homes Townhomes Multi-Family Dwellings Condominiums

  5. Colossus Painting, San Diego is 100% dedicated to providing quality that stands the test of time. What can Colossus do for you today? TELL US ABOUT YOUR PAINTING NEEDS Please take a quick moment to complete this form and a business representative will get back to you soon.