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They Walked Before Us... ....They Walked With Us... PowerPoint Presentation
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They Walked Before Us... ....They Walked With Us...

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They Walked Before Us... ....They Walked With Us... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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They Walked Before Us... ....They Walked With Us. Joseph Ash Jr. 1808 to 1895 Ontario (Northumberland County) Born; Ontario Pioneering Evangelist; Visionary 19 th Century Canadian churches of Christ Historian;

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They Walked Before Us... ....They Walked With Us...

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They Walked Before Us...

....They Walked With Us...


Joseph Ash Jr.

1808 to 1895

Ontario (Northumberland County) Born;

Ontario Pioneering Evangelist;

Visionary 19th Century Canadian churches of Christ Historian;

“The bitter opposition we had to meet in days gone by is absent...I never expected to see it.”

- Joseph Ash

Preached in Ontario for 65 years;


Thomas “Tom” Ward “T.W.”Bailey

1875 to 1959

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist; Elder;

Attended Beamsville Bible School;

1913 – Pioneer Evangelist in Northern Ontario;

1913 to 1940 – Thessalon Region Evangelist;

Held evangelistic meetings on Manitoulin Island;

1940 - Planting evangelist in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario;

Contributing writer of articles & news to:




Father of (5) Canadian Evangelists;

Preached nearly 60 years.


John Carlos “J.C.” Bailey

1903 to 2001

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

Son of Thomas W. Bailey;

1917 – Started preaching at 14 (Thessalon, Ont.);

1920s to 1930s - Pioneer Evangelist in Saskatchewan,

Montana & North Dakota;

1940 to 1953 – Publisher/Editor “GOSPEL HERALD”;

1960s to 1980s - Missionary to India;

Preached for over 70 years.


“James” Black

1797 to 1886

Scotland Born Evangelist;

Ontario Pioneer Evangelist;

“Brother Campbell was on the same track as ourselves... I loved and admired him.”

– James Black.

Preached in Ontario for over 65 years.


“Albert” Brown

1869 to 1931

England Born Evangelist;


1910 to 1918 - First evangelist for Toronto’s Fern Ave.;

1910 to 1913 – Co-Editor “THE BIBLE STUDENT”

1914 TO 1915 – Editor – “THE GLEANER”;

Held Evangelistic Meetings in Ontario & Alberta;

1920’s – Returned to Canada to serve Fern Avenue (2);

Preached for 40 years.


William “W.D.”or “Willie” Campbell

1859 to 1928

Ontario (Middlesex County) Born Evangelist;

1900 to 1904 – Toronto’s Brunswick Hall/Bathurst St. grew from 100 members to 220 members during his service with the church;

Served as evangelist at Detroit’s influential Plum Street congregation for many years;

Held evangelistic meetings in Ontario, Manitoba, England, and U.S.;

Thousands became Christians through Willie’s lessons and influence;

Preached for over 50 years.


William John “W.J.”Cann

1859 to 1931

Ontario (Darlington) Born Evangelist;

Church Leader;

Served Georgian Bay & Northern Ontario Regions;

Daughters married (2) Baileys, (1) Whitfield & (1) Seabrook;

Preached for over 45 years.


Edwin “Gaston” Collins

1890 to 1970

American Born Evangelist;

Gospel Meeting Song Leader;

1909 to 1913 – Student Maritime Bible & Literary College;

1913 to 1915 – Teacher at Maritime Bible & Literary College;

1925 to 1929 – Evangelist - Meaford/Georgian Bay Region;

1926 to 1929 – Editor/Publisher :


1920’s to 1950s - Held evangelistic meetings in Canada and U.S.;

Preached for over 50 years.


Frederick “Fred” Cowin

1879 to 1952

England Born;

Evangelist; Missionary to South Africa;

1908 to 1918 – Evangelist - Toronto Bathurst St.;

Held evangelistic meetings across Canada;

1910 to 1913 – Co-Editor – “THE BIBLE STUDENT”;

1920s - Departed conservative churches of Christ

for the “Disciples” in the U.S.;

Preached until his death in 1952.


William Flynn “W.F.” Cox

1877 to 1963

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

1904 - Death of 4 year old son William,

led W.F. to become an evangelist;

1930’s - First Canadian churches of Christ Radio Broadcaster;

1946 – Planting Evangelist for Hamilton’s Ivon Ave. Church;

Writer of articles and news reports to:





Served Ontario, Manitoba, New York State;

Preached for over 50 years.


“Walter” Eatough

1870 to 1945

England Born;

Evangelist; Elder;

Visionary leader/encourager for work among Manitoba’s First Nation Reserves;

Wrote articles & news reports for:




Served Winnipeg & Manitoba for over 40 years.


Dr. Henry Matthew “H.M.” Evans

1862 to 1931

England born;

Ontario raised Evangelist; Educator; Publisher;

1890s to 1920s – Visionary Encourager for Canadian & Foreign missions;

1894 to 1896 – Founding Publisher: “GOSPEL MESSENGER;

1904 to 1910 – Founding Publisher: “THE BIBLE STUDENT”

1905 to 1910’s – President/Owner:

“Canada Correspondence Bible College” (not for profit);

1911 – Wife Ruth, permanently lost her ability to walk;

1914 – 18 year old son, Franklin, died of Tuberculosis;

1916 - Founding Publisher: “CHRISTIAN QUARTERLY”

(1917 - Donald McDougall took over management.)

Served churches in Ontario, Washington State, Nova Scotia;

Preached from the early 1880’s to 1928*

*1928 – Suffered a stroke.


Alfred “Alf” Ernest “A.E.” Firth

1878 to 1935

Ontario (Meaford) Born; “Little Person” (Below 4’11” tall);

Evangelist; Educator; Christian Businessman;

1900s to 1930s - Held evangelistic meetings in Ontario;

1910s to 1930s - Pioneering Sunday School Superintendent for Bathurst St., and later for Strathmore;

Wrote articles & news reports for:



1930’s – Became CMR Treasurer/Manager during a critical period when the paper faced huge financial losses due to the Depression;

1935 – Died at 57.


Otoshige “Oto” Fujimori

1872 to 1930s

Pioneering Evangelist in Japan;

Visited Canadian congregations in the 1890s & 1928. Warmly welcomed by our ancestors in the faith.;

Financially & Prayerfully encouraged by Canadian conservative churches of Christ for 40 years;

Wrote news reports to the:




“Lution” Erstas “L.E.” Huntsman

1857 to 1949

Ontario (Niagara) Born Evangelist;

Elder; Christian Businessman/General Contractor;

1890s – Construction site accident left physical disability;

1902 to 1907 – Teacher at Beamsville Bible School;

1906/07 – Editor/Publisher: “THE BIBLE SCHOOL TIMES”

1906 – Wife, Arminta (nee Romp) died at 35, left 6 children;

1909 – Controversial figure in Beamsville church’s division;

Contributing writer of news and articles for:





Preached for over 60 years.


David Henry “D.H.” Jackson 1879 to 1925

England Born;


Immigrated to Jordan, Ont. in his teens;

Attended Nashville Bible School, Tennessee;

1903/1904 - Pioneer Evangelist in Wisconsin;

1905 to 1925 - Served Ontario congregations:

1905 to 1917 - Jordan

1917 to 1924 - Toronto-Bathurst St.

1925 - Toronto - Strathmore;

1925 – November – Died at 46 of heart attack.


Sim Malious “S.M.”Jones

1870 to 1934

American Born Evangelist; Educator;

1890s to 1930s - Held evangelistic meetings in Ontario, Manitoba & U.S.;

1902- Established Beamsville Bible School (BBS);

(Students of BBS became church leaders across Canada);

1907 to 1914 – Editor/Publisher: “THE CANADIAN HELPER”;

1909 – Controversial figure in Beamsville church’s division.;

1921 – First wife Ida (nee Culp) died;

1932 – Lost hand to Diabetes;

Served Canada for over 40 years;


“Samuel” Keffer

1841 to 1901

Ontario (Vaughan) Born Pioneer Evangelist;

Planted churches in Ontario & Michigan;

Served Ontario, Michigan & Nova Scotia;

Died at 59;

Preached for 40 years.


“James” Kilgour

1812 to 1893

Scotland Born;

Ontario Pioneer Evangelist;

Lost a leg at a young age while living in Scotland;

Served as South Wellington County (Ontario) Schools Inspector for Many Years in addition to preaching;

Preached for over 55 years.


Charles “C.J.” Lister

1821 to 1912

England (London) Born;

Ontario Pioneer Evangelist;

Gave up a banking career to become an evangelist;

Spent much of his evangelistic time in the Georgian Bay area;

Joseph Ash wrote of Charles Lister that he has done:

”More missionary work in that country (Georgian Bay) than any other person.”

Preached for 60 years.


“Donald” McDougall

1851 to 1936

Nova Scotia (West Gore) Born Evangelist; Elder;

1917/18 – Editor/Publisher:


1918 to 1926 – Founding Editor/Publisher:


In his late 60’s, Donald worked several winters cutting lumber to pay off debts occurred publishing the CMR:

a.) Subscriptions did not necessarily cover the costs of production.

b.) Some subscribers received the paper monthly,

but didn’t pay!

(This was an ongoing problem each of the Canadian churches of Christ publishers faced.)


“Henry” McKerlie

1876 to 1958

Scotland Born Evangelist;


1886 – His father died when he was 10;

April 9, 1924 - Arrived in Canada to serve as evangelist for

Toronto’s Maplewood congregation;

1929 to 1930’s – Editor “CHRISTIAN MONTHLY REVIEW”;

1930s to 1950’s – Energetic Supporter of Omagh Bible School;

Served England, Scotland, Ontario, Quebec,

Western Canada & U.S.;

Preached for over 60 years.


Charles Gordon “C.G” McPhee

1892 to 1979

Nova Scotia (West Gore) Born Evangelist;

Attended: Maritime Bible & Literary College, Nova Scotia,

Nashville Bible School (David Lipscomb College);

1929/30 – Co-Editor – “CHRISTIAN MONTHLY REVIEW”;

1936 - Church Peacemaker – Led reunification of Beamsville

church of Christ following a 27 year division begun in 1909;

1930’s - Pioneer Radio Broadcaster;

1952 - 1st President of G.L.C.C.;

Served across Canada & U.S.;

Preached nearly 70 years.


“James” Menzies

1808 to 1894

Scotland Born; Ontario Pioneer Evangelist;


Elder: Brunswick Hall/Bathurst Avenue (Toronto);

Preached for over 50 years.


William “W.F.” Neal

1856 to 1917

American Born Evangelist;

1901 to 1911 – Served Meaford/Georgian Bay Area;

1903 to 1910 - Held yearly Manitoulin Island Mission Trips;

(Over 70 were baptized, and 3 congregations established.)

1911 to 1916 – Served Carman, Manitoba;

1901 to 1916 - Held evangelistic meetings across Canada;

1917 - Died at 61 in Kentucky.


“David” Oliphant Jr.

1821 to 1885

Ontario Evangelist;

Studied at Bethany Bible College in West Virginia. Alexander Campbell - Teacher;

Preached throughout Ontario;

Author: “Witness of Truth,

“Letters of a Living Laborer”;

David’s writings greatly contributed to retaining

19th Century Canadian churches of Christ history.


Jonas Andrew “J.A.” Perry

1858 to 1931

American Born Evangelist;

Served Nova Scotia; Ontario; Western Canada & U.S.;

Contributing writer of articles & news to:



Preached for over 55 years.


“Charles” Wesley Petch

1878 to 1938

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

Pioneer Evangelist & Church Planter in

Manitoba, Saskatchewan & “New Ontario”;

Contributing writer of articles & news to:




Held numerous evangelistic meetings in Canada;

April 1938 - Tragically killed at the age of 59 in a farming accident;

Preached for nearly 40 years;


Dr. “Philip” Louis “P.L.” Pratley

1884 to 1958

England Born Evangelist;

Christian Businessman - World Renowned Bridge Engineer;

1906 to 1958 – QUEBEC – Served in Montreal for 52 years;

Contributing Writer of Articles & News:




1950s- Some concerns were raised about Philip’s loyalty

to New Testament Christianity.


“Howard” Lipscomb “H.L.”Richardson

1887 to 1961

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

1911 to 1913 – Teacher at “Beamsville Bible School”;

1918 - Established “Manitoulin Commercial College”

in Little Current, Ontario:

a.) Daily Bible classes were an optional course, and were taught at no charge to students.

b.) Students who took Bible classes received a tuition discount on secular class tuition fees.

1921 to 1925 - Principal – “Carman Bible School”;

1926/27 - Departed conservative churches of Christ for

the “Disciples”;

Preached until his death in 1961.


Hugh “H.A.” Rogers

1874 to 1951

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

Visionary Saskatchewan pioneer evangelist & church planter;

Nearly lost his farm while self-financing his ministry, and chose to leave the mission field for his family;

Resumed preaching later in life, and served

Western Canada & Ontario.

Regular contributor of articles and news to the:



Preached for over 45 years.


“Dugald” Sinclair

1777 to 1870

Scotland Born;

Ontario Pioneer Evangelist;

Educator; Writer;

“ eloquent speaker endowed with clear perception of ideas and principles;”

-Joseph Ash.

Preached for 70 years.


“Jacob” Snure

1800 to 1877

Ontario (Niagara) Born;

Pioneer Evangelist; Elder;

Pioneering Christian Businessman

& Property Developer in Jordan, Ontario;

Opened a business in the Norval area & worshipped with church for a short period of time;

1855 – When Alexander Campbell visited Canada,

Jacob brought him from St. Catharines to Jordan to speak to the church;

Preached for nearly 40 years.


Alexander “Alex” Murray Stewart

1876 to 1941

Ontario Born Evangelist;


Son of Elder James Stewart of Toronto;

Visionary Leader/Director for the establishment of Omagh Bible School;

Served Ontario, Western Canada & the U.S.


“Duncan” Stirling

1842 to 1912

Quebec Born;

Ontario Raised Evangelist;

Served in the Meaford-Georgian Bay Region;

Planting evangelist for Cape Rich & Euphrasia churches of Christ;

Mental Health Problems (Nerves) forced his retirement from preaching;

Moved to Toronto where Mrs. Stirling planted Toronto’s “Main Street” congregation in their home (church became Strathmore);

Toronto’s Bathurst Street honoured Duncan

with the title “Elder.”


Dr. Ora Hubert “O.H.” Tallman

1876 to 1955

Ontario (Niagara) Born Evangelist;

Attended: Beamsville Bible School,

Carman Bible School,

Potter Bible College, Kentucky;

1900s – Planted Winnipeg Manitoba church;

1909 to 1912 – President & Professor of Maritime Bible & Literary College in Nova Scotia;

1913 – Alberta Pioneer Evangelist.

(Only evangelist in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. in 1913.)

1900 to 1950s - Held numerous evangelistic meetings across Canada & U.S.;

Preached for 50 fifty years.


Ozro Ellis “O.E.” Tallman

1883 to 1930

Ontario (Niagara) Born Evangelist;

Attended; Carman Bible School,

Potter Bible College, Kentucky;

1909 to 1915 - Professor & Administrator at Maritime Bible and Literary College Nova Scotia;

1916 to 1930 – Served Jordan & St. Catharines Raymond St.,

(dual ministry)

1900 to 1930 - Held numerous evangelistic meetings in

Canada & U.S.;

1930 – Died at 47 of operation complications.


Henry Charles,

“H.C.” Trindle.

1864 to 1938

Manitoba First Nation born;

Pioneer Manitoba First Nation Evangelist;

1928 - Toured Ontario congregations to raise

awareness of his work;

Financially & Prayerfully encouraged by

conservative Canadian churches of Christ for 30 years.


“William” Trout

1801 to 1877

Ontario Born (Fort Erie);

Pioneer Evangelist; Elder;

Christian Businessman;

1848 - Planting Evangelist for Meaford;

1848 to 1877 - Foundational church leader

in Meaford & Georgian Bay Region.


“Maitland” Watterworth

1878 to 1965

Ontario (Middlesex County) Born Evangelist;

1903 to 1905 – Served at Goderich, Ontario;

1905 to 1911 – Served Carman, Manitoba;

(Maitland was the only conservative churches of Christ

preacher in Manitoba & Saskatchewan;)

1912 to 1918 – Voice problems forced him to stop preaching;

1919 – Resumed preaching and returned to Ontario;

1904 to 1923 - Writer of articles & news to:



1923 - Departed conservative churches of Christ for the “disciples”;

Preached until his death in 1965.


Samuel “Sam” Henry Whitfield

1870 to 1925

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

Attended: Nashville Bible School, Tennessee.

1904 to 1925 – Served (9) Southwestern Ontario congregations

as a Circuit Evangelist;

1909 –Wife Rose, died of Typhoid Fever.

(Sam was left with 5 sons below the age of 10.

John S. the youngest was 1 month old);

Wrote articles and news reports for:




1925 – August - Planting evangelist for Sarnia church of Christ;

1925 – September - Died at 54 of kidney disease.


Alexander “Linn” Whitelaw

1884 to 1960

Ontario (Meaford) Born Evangelist;

Christian Businessman;

1910s to 1940s – Pioneering visionary “Youth Minister*”

(*a title not used at that time);

1940s – Influenced the lives of Joe Cannon, Murray Hammond,

& Keith Thompson for the Lord;

1950’s - A leading advocate for, & effective

“Business Manager” of G.L.C.C.


John “Madison” Wright

1866 to 1945

American Born Evangelist;

1895 to 1939 - Served in Canada from

Nova Scotia to British Columbia;

1890s - Planting Evangelist for:

a.) St. Catharines Raymond St.

b.) Niagara Falls (South), Ont.;

1905 to 1911 – British Columbia Pioneer Evangelist;

1910 - Hymnbook Publisher & Songwriter;

Preached for over 50 years in Canada & U.S.;