P akistan e ducation r esearch n etwork
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P AKISTAN E DUCATION & R ESEARCH N ETWORK. PERN2 – Looking into the Future. An Introduction. An integral part of providing IT infrastructure to the overall education system Launched in 2002 as part of IT Action Plan of Government of Pakistan. Collaborative effort of GoP, NTC and PTCL

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P akistan e ducation r esearch n etwork


PERN2 – Looking into the Future

An introduction
An Introduction

  • An integral part of providing IT infrastructure to the overall education system

  • Launched in 2002 as part of IT Action Plan of Government of Pakistan.

  • Collaborative effort of GoP, NTC and PTCL

  • Designed, Operated and Maintained by National Telecom

  • Managed by Higher Education Commission

  • Based on communication medium variants, viz. OF (light), DRS(radio), DXX(copper), VSAT(satellite)

Initial launch
Initial Launch

  • Comprised of three Point of Presence PoP(s)/nodal points i.e. Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi.

  • Interconnectivity of 2x2 Mbps through existing National Fiber System.

  • 56 universities/institutions were aimed to initially connected to their respective PoP(s) at 128Kbps Intranet/Internet.

  • 8Mbps Internet bandwidth with distribution as 2Mbps at Islamabad & Lahore PoPs and 4Mbps Internet bandwidth on Karachi PoP.

First upgrade sep 2004
First Upgrade – Sep. 2004

  • Interfaces upgrade on the Core routers

  • Core bandwidth enhancement from 2x2 Mbps to 50x50 Mbps

  • Internet bandwidth enhanced from 8 Mbps to 155 Mbps

  • A minimum of 2 Mbps connectivity to each university depending upon the communication medium

  • International bandwidth distribution on the three PoPs as follow,

    • 65 Mbps on Islamabad PoP

    • 57 Mbps on Lahore PoP

    • 33 Mbps on Karachi PoP


  • Fifty nine (59) public and private sector universities/institutes now connected.

  • Access to International bandwidth and interconnectivity of universities/institutes.

  • Public IP addressing to each institute.

  • Infrastructure for resource and knowledge sharing for various applications

    • Video Conferencing amongst connected institutes

    • Mirroring of MITOCW web site

Second upgrade now

Second Upgrade – Now

Upgradation of Core and Last-Mile Connectivity

While Redesigning PERN


  • A high speed dedicated Educational Network for universities and higher learning institutions of Pakistan.

  • Provide state of the art True Infranet for education and research work to academic and research institutions of the country.

  • Rolling out new emerging technologies for today’s and future bandwidth hungry applications and research.

    • IPv6 enabled network

    • MPLS based routing/switching

    • Data transmission over DWDM

  • Achieving following for each segment of the network

    • Gigabit transmission speed

    • High level of data/information security

    • Resource sharing both in centralized as well as distributed manner

Objectives contd
Objectives (contd.)

  • Availability of higher bandwidth at universities’ last mile to enable

    • Collaborative research

    • Knowledge sharing

    • Resource sharing

    • Distance Interactive learning

    • Video Conferencing

  • Addition of further 59 Public/ Private sector chartered universities/ degree awarding institutes for both Intranet and Internet services.

  • The reduction in recurring cost by increasing the number of PoPs.

Proposed action plans
Proposed Action Plans

  • Seven (07) Point of Presences (PoPs) for the Core

    • Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Quetta and Peshawar.

  • Three (03) additional PoPs are under consideration

    • Faisalabad, Sialkot, Muzaffarabad

  • PoPs will be created at public sector universities or HEC’s regional centers.

  • Provisioning a pair of dark fiber for the interconnectivity of the PoPs, initially at STM-64.

  • A total of 125 universities/ institutions will be provided connectivity to PERN.

  • Last mile connectivity of the universities in major cities through gigabit metro networks and metro network connectivity to the PERN2 PoPs.

Scale of infrastructure upgrade
Scale of Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Ten (10) Regional Access Giga PoPs across the country.

  • Gigabit Metro Ethernet rings over leased dark fiber in three (03) major cities of Pakistan.

  • Leased dark fiber long haul connectivity of more that 4500 Km.

  • More than 250 Km of Metro ring in each major city.

  • 10 GigE metro ring and STM-16/STM-64 for long haul connectivity.

  • Coverage to 90% of higher learning institutions.

  • Approx. 300,000 students, faculty members and researchers will be facilitated with the PERN2 services.

  • Three (03) data centers and a NOC will be established.

Pern2 phasing
PERN2 Phasing

  • Phase-I

    • Metro Network and Giga PoP in ISB/RWP Sep. 2007

  • Phase-II

    • Metro Network and Giga PoP in Seven (07) Cities Mar. 2008

  • Phase-III

    • Long Haul connectivity between PoPs Mar. 2008

  • Phase-IV

    • Data Centers and a NOC for PERN2 Jun. 2008

  • Phase-V

    • International R&E Connectivity with NRENs Mar. 2008

P akistan e ducation r esearch n etwork

PERN2 Long Haul Fiber

Layout Map

Distant Universities Link

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P akistan e ducation r esearch n etwork

Distant Universities/Institutes to be

terminated on Islamabad POP


P akistan e ducation r esearch n etwork

Distant Universities/Institutes to be To PERN2

terminated on Lahore POP