Medical mutual services mms flexsave flexible spending program
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Medical Mutual Services(MMS)/FlexSave Flexible Spending Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Mutual Services(MMS)/FlexSave Flexible Spending Program. Medical Mutual Services/ FlexSave. Wholly owned by Medical Mutual of Ohio Medical Mutual Services—TPA background FlexSave has been administering Flexible Spending Programs for over two decades

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Presentation Transcript
Medical mutual services mms flexsave flexible spending program

Medical Mutual Services(MMS)/FlexSave Flexible Spending Program

Medical mutual services flexsave
Medical Mutual Services/ FlexSave

  • Wholly owned by Medical Mutual of Ohio

  • Medical Mutual Services—TPA background

  • FlexSave has been administering Flexible Spending Programs for over two decades

  • Backed by full financial and operational resources of Medical Mutual

Slide 2

Overview highlights of flex program
OverviewHighlights of Flex Program

  • Dedicated Customer Service Staff

  • Employer and Employee Education System (“Take Care” plan)

  • Processing Commitments

    • Claims paid daily

    • Integrated debit card

    • Dedicated 800# & email address for enhanced support

    • IVR for account information available 24 / 7

  • Efficient Operations

  • Debit Card/Automatic Rollover

  • Effective Communication

  • Comprehensive Employer Website

  • Comprehensive Employee Website

Slide 3

Dedicated customer service
Dedicated Customer Service

  • All service and processing in Strongsville location

  • Checks are sent from MMO downtown Cleveland

  • 6 Customer Service Representatives to handle participant inquiries

  • Call volume monitored weekly

Slide 4

Product offerings account options
Product Offerings/Account Options

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

  • Dependent Care

  • Adoption

  • Transportation

  • Parking

Slide 5

Account claims funding options
Account/Claims Funding Options

  • Rapid Claims Service

    • Daily Disbursements

    • Contributions pulled electronically on payday

    • Placed into a claims funding account at MMO

    • Reimbursement sent out within 48 hours by check or direct deposit

  • Weekly Accounting Service (Not offered if Debit Card is chosen)

    • Client maintains account and contributions

    • Reimbursements made from that account weekly

    • Reconciliation of account

Slide 6

Disbursement options
Disbursement Options

  • Debit Card

  • Direct Deposit

  • Check

Slide 7

Employer web site eflexonline com
Employer Web

  • Benefits, claim linkage, co-pays, and compliance

  • Enrollment

  • Eligibility

  • Reports

  • Forms

Slide 8

Employee web site myflexonline com
Employee Web

  • View Account

  • Activate Card

  • Validate Card Swipes

  • Order additional cards

  • Repay Non-Qualified


  • Internet Claims Entry

Slide 16

Flexible spending debit card
Flexible Spending Debit Card

  • How to order

  • Where can it be used

  • Debit Card Substantiation

  • MyFlexOnline Card Management

  • Effective Communication

Slide 26

How to order debit card
How to Order Debit Card

  • Upon Enrollment—Employer Choice

    • FlexSave can order cards for all

    • Can allow employees to make decision

    • Employer Can order Cards

  • MyFlexOnline—Employee has ability to order initial card or additional card(s)

  • EflexOnline—Employer Can Order Card

Slide 27

Easy access to balances
Easy Access to Balances

  • Debit Card can be in your hands prior to plan year start

  • Debit Card is activated on first use

  • Debit Card will keep balances for HCA, DCA, and P/T

  • Debit Card will access funds from both plan years during the 2.5 month extension

Slide 28

New irs rules and iias where can card be used
New IRS Rules and IIAS Where Can Card Be Used?

  • Any Flex Eligible Location deemed by the IRS

  • Historically by Merchant Category Code (MCC)

  • IRS Rules and Information Inventory Approval System (IIAS):

    • Identifies product sku level at POS to determine eligibility

    • 1/1/08 all grocery and discount retailers must have IIAS in place to accept cards

    • 1/1/09 all pharmacy/drug retailers must have IIAS in place to accept cards (many are already there)

Slide 29

Minimizing debit card substantiation when is it required
Minimizing Debit Card SubstantiationWhen is it required?

  • Auto-substantiation (No Receipt Required):

    • Matches a co-pay or multiple of co-pays

    • Is a recurring transaction that has already been substantiated

    • Occurs at an IIAS location—“NO RECEIPT RETAILERS” (listing on myflexonline)

  • Our strategy is to be as liberal as the law allows and react and communicate quickly and effectively

Slide 30

Suggestions to reduce substantiation requests
Suggestions To Reduce Substantiation Requests

  • Make sure we have co-pays provided for every benefit type through any carrier

  • MyFlexOnline communicates the substantiation needs effectively

  • Active member of ECFC—promote product with treasury and IRS. Focus on substantiation and IIAS; 2.5 month ext previously

Slide 31

Debit card substantiation how is it communicated
Debit Card SubstantiationHow is it Communicated?

  • Email

  • Hard Copy Letters sent to Participants at the beginning of each month

  • lists amount due and allows you to not only see the debit card swipes that require substantiation, but also walks the participant through the process of repayment.

Slide 32

Myflexonline participant card management
MyFlexOnline Participant Card Management

  • Debit Card Tab

    • Order Initial Card(s)

    • Order Additional Card(s)

    • Review Payments

    • View Amount Owed

    • Dispute Card Swipe

    • View “NO RECEIPT RETAILERS”--listing of retailers already active and the projected dates for many other retailers

Slide 33

Education system take care
Education System“Take Care”

  • Everything about Flex is participation

  • More Participants = More savings for the employer and more employees realizing savings from using a benefit

  • FlexSave has an education system called “Take Care” that educates the employees in how they can save

Slide 38

Educational website mytakecareplan com
Educational Website

  • Educational Video Link

  • How you save

    • Which expenses qualify

  • How it works

    • Take home pay comparison with and without the plan

  • Why you can’t lose

    • Dispelling Myths

    • More FAQs

  • Worksheet

    • Interactive Calculator

Slide 39

Employer employee education system
Employer & Employee Education System

Once an employer selects the Take Care plan, employee communication tools are provided

Slide 41

Employee communication
Employee Communication

Employees are presented with a five-minute video CD explaining the Take Care plan

This presentation is also accessible on the educational website

Slide 42

Employee communication1
Employee Communication

Posters feature a variety of savings and direct employees to the Web site

Slide 43

Employee communication2
Employee Communication

Payroll stuffers target a variety of benefits and direct employees to the Web site

Slide 44

Employee communication3
Employee Communication

At open enrollment, employees are given a brochure outlining Take Care

Slide 45

Employee enrollment
Employee Enrollment

The last page of the brochure is the enrollment form.

Slide 51

Employee welcome kit
Employee Welcome Kit

Employees are sent a kit based on the benefits offered

Welcome Kit includes:

  • Welcome Letter

  • Direct Deposit Form

  • Claim Form

  • No Receipt Retailers Listing (if debit card is offered)

  • Automatic EOB Rollover Waiver Form (if auto rollover is offered)

Slide 52

Employer customer service
Employer Customer Service

  • Dedicated Toll Free Line 800-525-9252

  • Dedicated email:

  • Direct Phone/Email

    • Account Manager, FlexSave Manager

  • Service standard commitments to include:

    • Processing claims

    • Abandonment rates with calls

    • Resolving issues

    • And more

  • Employer Website - EflexOnline

Slide 53

Employee participant customer service
Employee/Participant Customer Service

  • Dedicated Toll Free Customer Service Number 800-525-9252

  • IVR available 24 hours 7 days a week

    • Annual election total

    • Contribution/Disbursement/Pending Claim Totals

    • Last claim processed amount

    • Last claim date

    • Last disbursement amount

  • Customer Service Representatives

    • 8:00-5:00 EST

  • Employee Website - MyFlexOnline

Slide 54

How do my employees file a claim
How Do My Employees File a Claim?

  • Claim Forms are mailed to each participant and can be found on EFlexOnline and MyFlexOnline

  • Complete Claim Form

  • Attach receipts

  • Fax in the claim form

  • Mail in the claim form

Slide 55

How do i know if my claim was processed
How do I know if my claim was processed?

  • The claim will be visible on MyFlexOnline the morning after processing (3 days)

  • If any claim is rejected or requires additional information, a letter will be mailed to the participant indicating such

Slide 56

What communication do my employees receive throughout the year
What Communication Do My Employees Receive Throughout the Year?

  • Welcome Kit

  • When a claim is filed and a check is sent or direct deposit is processed, account balance information will be on the check stub

  • Debit card receipt requests are sent via postal mail and email (when possible)

  • 60 Days prior to the end of the plan year a notice is sent to the employee identifying dollars remaining in their account

  • Employee Statements are available 24/7 on myflexonline or by calling Customer Service

Slide 57

Pricing ag 7
Pricing Year?(Ag 7)

  • $750 Setup Fee

  • $50 Monthly Compliance Fee

  • $5.00 Per Participant Per Month Admin Fee

    • Based in initial enrollment

    • Monthly fees deducted from Employer account on a monthly basis

    • No additional charge for Debit Cards; May order multiple cards

    • Includes multiple accounts

Slide 58

Why flexsave
Why FlexSave? Year?

Because we have…

  • Relationship with MMO

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Experienced Staff

  • Effective Communications

  • Proven Education System

  • State of the Art Administrative System

  • All features and benefits that exist in the industry and more

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