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By: The 5/6 Grade Discovery Team

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By: The 5/6 Grade Discovery Team
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By: The 5/6 Grade Discovery Team

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  1. Early Explorers Of Portugal and Spain By: The 5/6 Grade Discovery Team

  2. Ferdinand Magellan By Ben Breuninger • Ferdinand Magellan was born in Oporto, Portugal. In 1518, he asked King Charles of Spain for funding to go to the spice islands. He set sail in 1519 with 5 ships and 270 men.

  3. Magellan’s Route • Magellan decided to get to the spice islands by going west (around the continents) and coming back up the coast of Africa into Spain. His journey took three years (much longer than he’d expected).

  4. Magellan’s Death • Magellan died in 1522. He was killed by Lapulapu, a chieftain on the island of Mactan. He killed Magellan and 8 others on the beach.Del Cano (one of Magellan’s men)got the money.

  5. Ferdinand Magellen By: Chad Culbertson

  6. The Beginning • In 1480 Magellen was born • Magellen went to Spain to work for King Charles • In 1519 Magellen set out with 275 men

  7. Magellan’s Death • When Magellen was over seas the captains of the 3 other ships tried to kill him • Magellen died in 1521 by the natives of Guam • The journey has ended and only 3 people survived

  8. Francisco Vásquez de Coronado By Ali Smith

  9. Life line of Coronado • Coronado was born in 1510 in Salamanca, Spain. • Coronado grew up and became the governor of New Galicia, Mexico. • He became very fond of gold, silver, and jewels. • He heard of seven cities of treasure and was determined to find them. • He started his expedition in 1540.

  10. Life Line (continued) • He brought with him 340 Spanish, 300 Indian allies, and 1000 slaves, both native Americans and Africans. • He traveled up through Mexico, into Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. • Unfortunately, Coronado didn’t find the golden cities. Some people say that they found the grand canyon; some say they didn’t. • In 1544, Coronado was back in Mexico. He discovered that Marco Polo must have been mistaken about the seven golden cities. • Coronado died in 1554.

  11. The Corte-Real brothers By:Corey Beattie

  12. About the brothers • Miguel was born in Lisborn, Portugal in the year 1450. • Gaspar was born in Lisborn, Portugal in the year 1451. • Miguel died in year 1502. • Gaspar died in year 1501. • The brothers completed all of there explorations in a range of three years.

  13. Accomplishments of the brothers • Gaspar named the Conception Bay and the Portugal Cove. • Gaspar received a charter from king Manuel of Portugal to rule over the new world. • Miguel was in-charge of one of king Manual's ships in war against the Turks.

  14. Pictures of the brothers

  15. Vasco Nunez De Balboa By Craig Mellinger

  16. Balboa: Father of the Pacific • In 1475 Vasco Nunez De Balboa is born. • In 1510, Balboa arrives in present-day Panama • In 1511, Balboa establishes the first European colony in the New World.

  17. Balboa In Panama • In 1513, Balboa claims Panama for Spain • Later in 1513, Balboa climbs a peak and sees the Pacific Ocean in front of him • Later that day, he claimed the Pacific for Spain

  18. Balboa’s Death • Balboa was executed in 1518 by Governor Davila because he was falsely accused of treason.

  19. John Cabot(1450-1498) By, Danielle Diehle

  20. Findings & Discoveries • One thing that he found was a new land in what came to be Canada. The land was called Labrador or Newfoundland. • He also found a part of Canada. He found it while trying to find the Northwestern Passage across Asia. • The last thing that he found was what people think was a little bit of America according to the maps.But because he was never heard from their not sure.

  21. Tour Bus Route Map  Overview  The United States Capitol  The United States Capitol  The Congressional Office Buildings  The Congressional Office Buildings  Capitol Complex Map  The Capitol Grounds  Overview  The Capitol Grounds  Works of Art  Works of Art  Capitol Complex Map  Capitol Complex Map  Overview  Architectural Features & Historic Spaces  Overview  Architectural Features & Historic Spaces  Capitol Complex Map  Overview  Overview  Overview  Overview  Responsibilities of the Architect  Responsibilities of the Architect  The Architects since 1793  Overview  Employment Opportunities  Tour Bus Route Map  The Architects since 1793  Overview  Project Map  Project Map  Overview  Overview  Project Updates  Project Updates  Employment Opportunities  Francisco IardellaSandstone1828Rotunda, above Landing of Columbus Chemin des Erables1999/2003 - Tous droits de reproduction réservésConditions de lecture optimale navigateur MSIE 4 ou + Office of the Curator, April 2001 Comment on this Web site using our Feedback Form Accomplishments • One accomplishment that he made was becoming the first explorer to sail to Canada and to discover the mainland of North America. • Another accomplishment he made was he got an award for discovering the “land of spices” which was very good to the people. • The last accomplishment he got was to discover two different lands and had many statues all over the land made after him. U.S. Capitol > Works of Art >Rotunda John Cabot

  22. John Cabot’s Voyages • One of John Cabot’s voyages was to find a way to the Northwest passage to the Indies.But he actually had been exploring the coastline & islands of Canada, although he thought that he reached Northern Asia. • Another voyage he went on was on the boat “Matthew” hoping to sail to Canada which he did.He landed in Labrador along with his sons.He claimed the land for England. • In 1498 he hoped to have a second big voyage but to America.Once in this voyage he was never heard from again.

  23. The Amazing Adventures of Magellan By Emily Lamb

  24. Picture of Magellan

  25. Who Supported Magellan? • It would seem Portugal would support the voyage but when Magellan asked King Manuel of Portugal he rejected it thinking there was no reason for the voyage. Now Magellan turned to Spain King Charles I he asked and King Charles accepted. If the voyage had succeeded and land was found it would be in the possession of Spain • Portugal or Spain ->

  26. What Route Did He Use? • Magellan sailed south from Spain and made it to the tip of South America (Today it is called the Straits of Magellan it is a dangerous place to pass through) and went North-West from there. He made it all the way around the world and It is the first complete voyage around the world.

  27. What Hardships Occurred? • Magellan received 5 tiny ships for his voyage and had to get a crew with over 250 people into them. • Scurvy became an issue because they weren’t getting enough vitamin C • Native people attacked when they settled to restock their food supply

  28. What Did The Natives Do When The Europeans Came? • The Natives started attacking and killing the Europeans they were trying to show your not welcome anymore they natives did kill Magellan in 1522 in the Philippines.

  29. Amerigo Vespucci By, Emily Ahdieh

  30. TheBeginning • Amerigo Vespucci was born on March 9, 1454. • 1478 Amerigo’s father married Maria Cerezo. • 1499 Vespucci sailed on his first expedition ever. • Amerigo’s father died of old age.

  31. The Discovery • Amerigo Vespucci looked at the facts and concluded that if the new land was apart of Asia, Asia would have to cover half of the world and that is impossible. • Martin Waldseemuller named America after Amerigo and clamed that he was the one that discovered it. • On February 22,1512 Amerigo Vespucci died of Malaria in Spain.

  32. Christopher Columbus 1451-1506 By Franklin Rohrer

  33. Columbus life • 1451 Columbus was born • Columbus did many things during the sail • 1506 he had died

  34. COLUMBUS GOALS • He wanted to find the gold • Columbus wanted to find the new land • he would give some of the gold to the crew

  35. Accomplish • he went to the new land • he had to find new things • he had to copper Mize with the crew

  36. Vasco da Gama By Erin Klingensmith 1460-1524

  37. Important info • Vasco was born in Sines, Portugal. • He was born in 1460. • He died in India in 1524. • Vasco at a young age was a great sailor.

  38. His Goals • He was asked to find a sea route to India. • He needed to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. • He needed to bring back goods.

  39. His Accomplishments • He was the first European to find a Sea Route to Asia. • He was the first person to sail around the Cape of Good Hope.

  40. Juan Ponce de Leon By, Harry Burkhart

  41. The Fountain of Youth • One of the major things known about Ponce de Leon is the Fountain of Youth. • He sadly never discovered it but he wouldn’t have found the gulf stream if he wasn’t looking for the fountain of youth.

  42. The Gulf Stream • Like I said, He found the Gulf stream because he was looking for the fountain of youth. • While he was searching in Florida he found and traveled down the Gulf Stream

  43. Other Discoveries • In 1506 he found an island near Hisponiola named Borinquen renaming it Puerto Rico. Later finding large deposits of GOLD! • Ponce de Leon Lands on a number of new islands and masses of water like the Cape Canaveral (Cape of Currents) or Dry Tortugas (Dry Turtles).

  44. Conflicts • When he renamed Borinquen Puerto Rico he became governor of this new island. He ruled for two years but the king replaced him with Columbus’s son. • He searched for many years for the fountain of youth but never found it. • When Ponce de Leon heard about the fountain of youth and he was starting to plan his exploration he had had a number of frequent illnesses, he wanted to cure them.

  45. Sebastian Vizcaino By, Katherine Celona

  46. Who was Sebastian Vizcaino? • Sebastian Vizcaino was a wealthy Spanish nobleman and merchant. • He also was always trying to create trade between countries.

  47. Diseases and other problems • Scurvy is a disease that is caused by not having enough vitamin C. Most people got it because they often they ran out of food. • People often went crazy if they stayed on a boat to long. • When people ran out of food they had to eat objects and rats that ran around boats.

  48. What did he do? • Sebastian Vizcaino went to the coast of California and rename most of the places that Juan had already named. • He also took missionaries to the Philippines with him.

  49. Amerigo Vespucci By Kevin Hutter

  50. Amerigo’s life • 1454- He was born • 1493-People told Amerigo about Bartholomew Diaz's explorations and that set a spark in him • 1497- First voyage • 1499-He sailed with the astronomer Alonso de Hojeda • 1500- All ships sailed back to Spain • 1501-found the fabled strait of Catagara • 1501- Went from Brazil to Argentina