better faster cheaper ach an mda approach n.
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Better, Faster, Cheaper ACH: An MDA Approach PowerPoint Presentation
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Better, Faster, Cheaper ACH: An MDA Approach

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Better, Faster, Cheaper ACH: An MDA Approach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Better, Faster, Cheaper ACH: An MDA Approach. Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO Object Management Group, Inc. That’s the Great Thing about Standards. The financial payments world is a mess. “Old” protocols: SWIFT FIN, FEDwire, Visa, Mastercard, dozens of ACH protocols

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better faster cheaper ach an mda approach

Better, Faster, Cheaper ACH:An MDA Approach

Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D.

Chairman and CEO

Object Management Group, Inc.

that s the great thing about standards
That’s the Great Thing about Standards
  • The financial payments world is a mess.
  • “Old” protocols: SWIFT FIN, FEDwire, Visa, Mastercard, dozens of ACH protocols
  • “New” protocols: SWIFTnet and the rest of the XML family: TWIST, IFX, FIX, etc.
  • Are we replacing a mess of proprietary protocols with a mess of proprietary standards?
  • Aren’t all of these payments and ACH standards special cases of a general concept: secure, reliable financial information transfer
xml changes everything


XML Changes Everything!
  • Throw out those pesky objects!
  • Everything old is boring!
  • All problems are now solved!
  • All your software pain gone forever!
everything old is new again
Everything Old is New Again
  • Unfortunately I’m old enough to remember
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Object Technology
    • Distributed Computing
    • XML
    • Web Services
    • Enterprise Service Bus
    • Service Oriented Architecture
  • This technology does everything! It makes miracles, changes water to wine…
ok calm down
OK, Calm Down
  • Got that out of your system?
  • Have we seen this before?
omg s vision
OMG’s Vision

The Global Information Appliance

omg s mission since 1989
OMG’s Mission Since 1989
  • Develop an architecture, using object technology, for distributed application integration, guaranteeing:
    • reusability of components
    • interoperability & portability
    • basis in commercially available software
  • Specifications freely available
  • Implementations exist
  • Member-controlled not-for-profit
who are omg
Who Are OMG?


Bank of America

BEA Systems










Hewlett Packard





io Software


Kennedy Carter

John Deere

Lockheed Martin




National Archives







Sandia Labs


SAS Institute

Sun Microsystems





what is the priority

Maintenance & Integration: 90%

What is the Priority?

Analysis, Design, Development,

Test & Deployment: 10%

Lesson: Software lifecycle costs are in the back end.

what is the point
What is the Point?
  • Reuse
  • Interoperability
  • Portability
  • Maintainability
  • Productivity
  • Business Alignment
because otherwise we re all just
Because Otherwise We’re All Just…

…roadkill on the information highway!!

we must be able to
We Must Be Able To…
  • Capture enduring design
  • Separate capture of process from engineering of implementation
  • Automate the latter as much as possible
  • Design-in agility
  • The key ideas: enduring, automated and more importantly agility
the model driven architecture
The Model Driven Architecture
  • OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDATM) initiative is aimed precisely at this problem
  • You have an opportunity to increase your bottom line by integrating your assets
  • Industry standards support that goal by future-proofing your application design
  • The MDA will help you integrate the mix you have today, and give you an architecture to support the unexpected
  • Focus on integrating legacy applications
  • Ensure smooth integration of COTS applications
  • Models are testable and simulatable
  • The aim: a 20-year software architecture
model driven architecture
Model Driven Architecture

model driven architecture1
Model Driven Architecture
  • An initiative of the Object Management Group (OMG)
  • A brand for tools based on OMG’s UML and MOF open standards
  • A set of specifications defined by OMG’s open, worldwide process.
mda adoption in verticals
MDA Adoption in Verticals
  • Vertical market groups are thriving on MDA approach, both within OMG and other groups:
    • Financial Services
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Healthcare
    • Life Sciences Research
    • Manufacturing
    • Space & Ground Systems
    • Telecommunications
    • Legacy Integration
    • ISO 20022, UN/CEFACT
mda is proven in software development
MDA is Proven in Software Development
  • Many excellent proofs-of-concept:
    • Banks, railroads, trading, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.
    • Adopted by UN/CEFACT, SWIFT, ACORD, HL7 and other key standards players
  • Careful studies prove the point
    • The Middleware Company (TMC)
    • Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
mda more than software
MDA: More than Software
  • In the last year, MDA has been used to apply UML to a growing number of new digital infrastructures:
    • Systems engineering
    • Business process modeling
    • Business rules modeling
    • Data/information modeling
    • Process definitions in patents
  • Software was just the first application
uml modeling is widespread
UML Modeling is Widespread
  • Even outside OMG’s own 18 vertical-market standardization groups, MDA is being used to leverage UML process description in many other settings:
    • ACORD: insurance industry standards
    • HL7: healthcare standards
    • SWIFT: financial payments interoperability
swift major financial player
SWIFT: Major Financial Player
  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication established in 1973 by 239 banks in 15 countries
  • Now serving 7,650 institutions in 200 countries, peaking at almost 10 million transactions a day and totaling 2 trillion transactions a year, with 99.99% uptime; upgrading in 2004 to worldwide IP-based SWIFTNet
  • Through automation, reduces members costs for Payments, Securities, Foreign Exchange, Treasury and Trade
  • Owned by financial industry members
  • Based on open standards
  • Global financial community’s foremost messaging infrastructure
swift leverage of uml
SWIFT Leverage of UML
  • SWIFT now uses a three-layered approach to defining standards, with processes defined in UML and (currently) delivered as XML Schemas
    • Business-oriented approach to definition
    • Formal involvement of all transaction parties
    • Involvment of industry experts
    • Implementation-neutral
    • Defined in UML and automatically translated
    • Allows rapid changes to infrastructure and agile response to changing business requirements
swift standards process

Understand the business

Business Analysis

What is the communication problem

Requirements Analysis

Define the solution

Logical Analysis

Refine the solution

Logical Design

Technical Design

Physical implementation


Technical Implementation

SWIFT Standards Process
effect on ach
Effect on ACH
  • How is all this relevant to ACH?
    • SWIFT’s SWIFTnet protocols are an example of a protocol generated from business models
    • A general definition of financial transfer can be used as a “Rosetta Stone” for all of the “old” and “new” protocols
    • In the face of constant infrastructure change, it’s the only hope
    • We can’t keep rebuilding all of our systems every time some technology has a good idea!
omg compliance consortium
OMG Compliance Consortium
  • The fastest-growing problem in IT
    • Regulatory compliance grows more complicated by the day
    • Example: Sarbanes-Oxley in the US
  • Standard models to ensure compliance
  • Standardized best practices
  • Newsletter, workshops, webinars, seminars, research, support,…
uml mda are transforming
UML/MDA are Transforming
  • Not only are UML and MDA about transformation, but they are transforming business processes in the digital infrastructure
  • For more information:
    • MDA:
    • OMG:
    • Soley: