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OLIVE STEPHENS Bully Busters Program

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OLIVE STEPHENS Bully Busters Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OLIVE STEPHENS Bully Busters Program. Definition of Bullying. Physical Bullies hurt people/property . Verbal Bullies-humiliation/insulting comments. Relational Bullies-use isolation/exclusion/rejection. Often Girls Written or implied threats. Characteristics of Bullying.

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definition of bullying
Definition of Bullying
  • Physical Bullies hurt people/property.
  • Verbal Bullies-humiliation/insulting comments.
  • Relational Bullies-use


Often Girls

  • Written or implied threats.
characteristics of bullying
Characteristics of Bullying
  • It is deliberate, hurtful behavior.
  • It is repeated over a period of time.
  • It is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves.
cyber bullying
Cyber bullying
  • Be on the watch

for bullying on-line

in chat rooms, email, or posting/discussionboards.

who can stop bullying




Janitorial staff

Support Staff



It takes EVERYONE!!!!

Who can stop Bullying?
how are students to report
How are Students to Report?
  • Detailed information
  • Where
  • When
  • Who
to whom do they report
To Whom do they report?

Any staff member

Every staff member at Olive Stephens will have a YELLOWBully Buster Folder to track Bullying behavior.

where are they to report
Where are they to report?

“Bully Busters Boxes”

are located outside of

the Counselor’s office

first offense classroom
First Offense- Classroom
  • Discussion with victim
  • Discussion with child about behavior
  • Warning of consequences for 2nd/3rdoffense and Contact Parent
  • Bully makes amends
  • Document incident in Yellow Folder
second offense counselor
Second Offense- Counselor
  • Same as first offense with teacher
  • Contact Parent
  • Referral to conference with Counselor
  • Document in the Yellow Folder and give a copy to Mr. Harting
third offense committee
Third Offense- Committee
  • Same as with the first offense with teacher
  • Conference with parent, teacher, child, and counselor.
  • Document in the Yellow Folderand give a copy to Mr. Harting.
fourth offense office
Fourth Offense- Office
  • Same as with first offense with the teacher
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) notified by administration.
  • Possible enrollment in “bully busters” or “victims” guidance group.
  • Two days of in-school

suspension or equivalent.

fifth offense office
Fifth Offense- Office
  • Same as with the first offense with teacher
  • Office referral
  • Parents notified
  • Perhaps referral to outside agency
  • In/out School suspension or equivalent.
anger management
Anger Management
  • Stop, Think, Decide
  • Put your hands in your pockets
  • Walk away
  • Deep breathing
  • Count to 10
  • Take a vacation
i messages
“I” Messages
  • Always start with

“I” and not “You”

  • Say

1.How you feel

2. What you Don’t Like

3. What you want

4. What will happen

if you can’t work it out.

8 steps to conflict resolution
Cool Down

Describe the conflict

Describe what caused conflict

Describe the feeling

5. Listen carefully to other

6. Brainstorm solutions

7. Try your solution

8. Keep trying to solve the problem.

8 Steps to Conflict Resolution
steps for mediation
Steps for Mediation
  • Introduce yourself as a mediator
  • Listen, paraphrase, reflect
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Find a solution both can agree on