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KOLPORTER GROUP. Kielce 2009. Kolporter. A bit of history.  2 nd May 1990 the beginning of business - sole trader  September 1990 decision to establish a nationwide company  1993 decision to diversify the trade  1994

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Kielce 2009


A bit of history

2nd May 1990

the beginning of business- sole trader

September 1990

decision to establish a nationwide company


decision to diversify the trade


Own retail sales network created – first outlets established in Warszawa and Gdansk

1995revenue exceeds PLN 1,000,000

The capital group is formed – Kolprod partnership (now Condite Ltd.)

2001 revenue exceeds PLN1,000,000,000

The Capital Group structure is optimised – the service centre is detached from the group and Kolporter Holding is established


Decision to foster development through takeovers is made – Jard Press SA, the biggest privately owned competitor is bought

2004revenue exceeds PLN 2 000,000,000

The Capital Group encompasses 10 companies

2007revenue exceeds PLN 3 000,000,000

The Capital Group encompasses 12 companies


enter the courier services market

Kielce 2009

Established in 1990

Kielce 2009

Kolporter PLC

Scope of activities

  • courier services

  • transport

  • - national transportation of full loads and separate consignmentsof goods- international transportation of full loads- shipping and forwarding

  • Logistic services:

  • warehousing

    - storage - plastic film wrapping - making up and rendering of promotional packages and extras - insertion - labelling - packaging - servicing of online shopping warehousing

  • mailing services

  • Distribution:

  • newspapers and magazines

  • books - paper and hardbacks

  • textbooks

  • specialist publications

  • subscriptions

  • sale of advertising space

  • on-line sales

  • Provision ofe-commerce solutions for outside entities

Kielce 2009

Kolporter PLC – distribution and logistic services

Scale of business:

  • nationwide coverage

  • 28 branch offices and depots

  • 46 % market share

  • 38,000 customers (13.000 of which are subscribers)

  • 950,000,000 newspapers distributed in 2008

  • 5,000 available newspaper and magazine titles (Polish and foreign)

  • 40,000sq m of warehouse space (in this 24,000 sq m at the Mościsk Logistic Centre)

  • 325,000 Euro pallets transported in 2008

  • 40 000 tons of waste paper sold

  • 850 vans and LGVs

  • full computerisation

  • ISO 9001:2000 system

  • revenues value in 2008 – 1,27 bilion PLN

Kielce 2009

Kolporter PLC

Our respected clients include :

Retail network structure

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Express – courier services

Scope of activity:

Kolporter Express – an offer of full haulage and courier services carried out by

Kolporter PLC

The chart of average number daily deliveries

Scale of business:

  • 3 000 customers (such as Polkomtel PLC, PKN Orlen, Patron Service Ltd.,Suder & Suder, NAVO Polish Distribution Group)

  • 28 branches

  • central sorting office with a floor area of 11 000 sq m

  • 700 lorries and delivery trucks

  • about 100 000 pallets transported within a year

    Chief assets:

  • range of services adapted to individual customer’s needs – dispatches from envelopes up to the whole trucks

  • flexible and convenient time of dispatch receipt and delivery – within 7 days

  • possibility to place an order through the website www.express.kolporter.com.pl

  • full on-line monitoring of the dispatch from the moment of its acceptance to delivery

  • assurance of dispatch delivery within 24 hours

Kielce 2009

Established in 1997

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Service Ltd.

Distribution of top-ups for non- subscriber mobile phones throughnetwork ofterminals

Scope of activities:

  • Distribution of FMCGs:

  • phonecards, tobacco products, public transport tickets, impulse food items, batteries etc...

  • Distribution of OTC drugs:

  • pharmaceutical wholesaler EDI

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Service Ltd.

Scale of business:

  • 100% nationwide coverage

  • 11 branch depots and offices

  • round the clock service

  • 20,000 contracting parties

  • 18,000 e-terminals for prepayment top-ups

  • one of the top five tobacco distributors in the country

  • 25% market share of phonecard distribution

  • 30 million prepaid cards sold in 2008

  • revenues value in 2008 – 1,86 bilion PLN

Kielce 2009

Established in 2001

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Sales Networks Ltd.

Scope of activity:

Development and management of standardised retail sales networks

Paper Shops - convenience retail good outletsSales area: 6 – 50 sq m

Product range: newspapers, magazines and FMCGs with selected range of multimedia. products and toys etc

  • "META" Convenience Stores- local self-service grocery shops.

    Sales area: 50 – 100 sq m

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Sales Networks Ltd.

  • Scale of business:

  • nation wide coverage

  • 1000 mini paper shops

  • 7"Meta" convenience stores

  • 12,000 placed adverts

  • 130,000 products

  • 50,000,000 customers annually

  • fully computerised system of sales management, services, productsand deliveries

  • revenues value in 2008 – 424 million PLN

Kielce 2009

Established in 2004

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Promotion Ltd.

Scope of activity:

  • Supporting customers’ decisions concerning purchases at retail outlets

  • Advertising

  • 6 000 advertising boards and advertising space displayed in traditional and innovative way

  • non-standard internal and external promotional advertising displays at retail outlets

  • outdoor backlit City Light type advertising

  • Promotion and events

  • sampling events

  • consumer programmes

  • promotion campaigns with hostesses

  • all-inclusive merchandising

  • ambients

  • non-standard promotion of products

Kielce 2009

Established in 2001

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Info PLC

Products and services

Market position:

  • Insignum Softwareintegrated ERP system supporting business management

  • Solutions dedicated, created and carried out to satisfy individual customer needs.

  • Full IT servicesOutsourcing, Integration of Systems, Consulting and Servicing

  • Wide range of computer products and software of reputable Polish and international companies

  • Server systems

  • area of activity – nationwide, the largest IT company in Świętokrzyskie Region

  • 200 IT specialists

  • in 2009 the company was awarded by Forbs Magazine with “Diamond Prize”- the award received by the companies which increased their value in the most dynamic way

Kielce 2009

Established in 2006

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Expo Ltd.

Scale and scope of activity:


  • trade fairs and industrtial exhibitions

  • congresses and conferences

  • events

  • nationwide range of activity

  • organizing overseas events

  • Administrator of Expo Silesia - the main fair-exhibition centre in southern Poland

  • 8 million potential consumer market within 1 hour’s drive

  • excellent location:

  • -10 minutes’ drive from the centre of Silesian conurbation

  • -10 minutes’ drive from the A4 motorway

  • -20 minutes’ drive from Katowice- Pyrzowice International Airport

  • -40 minutes’ drive from Cracow-Balice International Airport

  • -55 minutes’ drive from the centre of Cracow

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Expo Ltd.

Expo Silesia: the main exhibition centre in southern Poland

  • -modern air-conditioned exhibition hall of 13.500 sq m

  • outdoor exhibition facilities of more than 20.000 sq m

  • car parks for 1000 cars

  • conference centre for 400 people

  • prospect of development – the area of more than 100 hectares

    Expo Silesia 2008

  • -100.000 visitors and guests of the fairs and events

  • -100.000 sq m of rented exhibition surface

  • -30 fairs and events

  • -3000 participating companies


  • Expo Silesia- after the second stage of investment:

  • - 43.500 sq m of exhibition halls

  • - 30.000 sq m of outdoor exhibition facilities

Kielce 2009

Established in 1995

Kielce 2009

Condite Ltd.

Scope of activity:

  • General construction of buildings

  • Manufacturing and installation of aluminium fittings and system facades

  • Design, production and fitting of office and shop furniture

  • Production of commercial kiosks and pavilions

Kielce 2009

Condite Ltd.

Scale of activity:

  • area of activity- nationwide

  • variety of building projects:

    - house building

    - public utilities

    - office blocks

    - medical and health centres

    - specialist building projects (fair – exhibition hall )

  • -main award of the competition “Modernisation 2007” for adaptation of the production building – TV Recording Studio in Łódź

  • -nomination in the competition “Modernisation 2007” for adaptation of Silma Plant in Sosnowiec into fair-exhibition centre named Expo Silesia

  • -“Gazela Biznesu 2008”award –

  • Condite classified first in the Puls Biznesu daily paper ranking among small and average businesses in the Świętokrzyskie Province and fourth in Poland

  • revenues value in 2008 – 95.4 million PLN

Kielce 2009

Condite Development Ltd.

Scope of activity:

Condite Development – Condite subsidiary.

The company specializes in residential properties and multi storey commercial buildings in development system

Projects carried out:

-block of apartments “On the Hill”

“House under Poplars”

“Panorama” housing estate – first stage and second stage

In 2007-2008 Condite Development handed over 203 apartments in Kielce

Plan for 2009 and 2010:

-“Panorama” housing estate in Kielce- continuation of third stage- 108 apartments

-the beginning of fourth stage of “Panorama” housing estate in Kielce – about 60 apartments

preparation of documents and commencing the construction of housing estate in the region of “Wietrznia” reserve “Telegraf” hill in Kielce

The value of sales planned within the next 12 months – 32 million PLN

Kielce 2009

Established in 2008

Kielce 2009


Scope of activity:

Comodus – Condite subsidiary.

The company manufactures aluminium , steel and PCV profiles for the construction industry used in insulating systems and dry building systems.

Estimated value of turnover in 2009 – 18-20 million PLN

50 % of revenues is generated by export to the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and the Balkans


- growth of manufactured products range

- expansion of machine park

- export to Western Europe

Scale of activity:

Kielce 2009

Established in 2004

Kielce 2009

Pretorius Ltd.

Scope of activity:

-receivables recovery

-debt turnover

-industrial interview

-detective services (specialization-BTB market)

-insurance of debts

-legal counseling

-vindication prevention

-training courses for vindication targeted at businesses

Chief assets:

-nationwide range of activity

-network of local debt collectors

- a guardian for every customer

- repayment of receivables directly into the Customer’s account

- following ethical rules ( Good Vindication Practices Code )

- confidentiality and full discretion

-value of handled debts – 221 million PLN

Kielce 2009

Established in 2005

Kielce 2009


Scope of activity:

Ferment is a publishing company specializing in original and unique music and multimedia projects. Ferment is also the title of an unconventional and novel magazine dedicated to music. The integral part of every issue is a premiered CD record and every issue is dedicated to the music presented on the CD.

Market position

250.000 CD records published.

Prestigious “Fryderyk” award for Osjan’s double album “The Book of Leaves”& “The Osjan Tree”.

“Fryderyk” nomination for Carrantuchill’s double album.

Kielce 2009

Established in2009

Kielce 2009

Karolkowa Investment

Scope of activity:

Kolporter PLC subsidiary established in order to build and lease a modern business park on Karolkowa Street in Warsaw.

-3 office buildings with a total floor area of about 34.000 sq m

- functional parameters and the standard of completion adapted to the future tenant needs in 100 %

- the project of the complex is carried out by the prestigious professor Stefan Kuryłowicz design studio in Warsaw

Kielce 2009

Established in 2001

Kielce 2009

Kolporter Holding Ltd.

Scope of activity:

  • Effects of scale, synergy and experience have allowed savings of PLN 1.5 million

  • Remaining companies focus on their core business

  • Common, organisational culture as well as buying and finance policy

  • Building of a corporate brand name

  • Management of own Training and Integration Centre



Finance and Accountancy


Research and Analyses


Staff Management


Projects & Quality

Legal Service

Kielce 2009

The Kolporter Group revenues

Revenue in bn PLN

Kielce 2009

Our achievments are recognised by others

  • 47nd place in the Polityka weekly newspaper rankings of 500 biggest companies

  • 66th place in the Rzeczpospolita newspaper rankings of the top 500 companies

  • BCC Polish business leader

  • European medal award for Kolporter SA

  • Kolporter SA – distribution sector leader

  • Kolporter Sales Networks – sector leader

  • Kolporter Logistics – Logistic Operator of the Year

  • Kolporter Info – regional leader in the new technology category

  • Forbes’ ranking – "Firms and people who had the greatest impact on the economy in 2005" – 4 place

  • Building of the Year Award for Condite – 2006

  • Superbrands title for Kolporter Holding – 2007

  • IT Leader 2007

  • The biggest company in Swietokrzyski Region – 2008