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JAXA CCSDS Status. April 12 – 13, 2005 Kaneaki Narita Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department. JAXA Principal Delegation. Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department Mr. Akio Yamamoto/Director (CCSDS Principal Delegation) retired on 31 st of March

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Jaxa ccsds status


April 12 – 13, 2005

Kaneaki Narita

Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department

Jaxa principal delegation
JAXA Principal Delegation

  • Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department

    • Mr. Akio Yamamoto/Director (CCSDS Principal Delegation) retired on 31st of March

    • Mr. Junjiro Nakahara named Director of the department effective on 1st of April

    • CCSDS Principal Delegation will be succeeded (under transition)

Ccsds delegation
CCSDS Delegation

  • SE Area

    • System Architecture: Takahiro Yamada

  • MOIMS Area

    • Navigation WG: Mina Ogawa

    • S/C mon. + Control WG: Takahiro Yamada

  • CSS Area

    • Generic Service WG: Yasunori Iwana

Implementation status
Implementation Status

  • Satellite

    • JAXA satellites adopting the AOS and Telecommand standard



  • Ground System

    • JAXA ground network provides the Telecommand and AOS compatible capability

    • ISAS SLE gateway with NASA/JPL (Service Management standard demonstration will be implemented)

    • SLE gateway (Provider and User) between SSOC/ISAS and TACC/Tsukuba are under developing since 2003, and will demonstrate in 2005 (Provider GW), and 2006 (User GW)

Review status
Review Status

  • CSS

    • Cross Support Reference Model Part 1 – SLE Service [Pink Sheet], 31-Mar-05


    • XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) [Red Book] : Poll w/comments, 31-Mar-05

  • SLS

    • Encapsulation Service [Red Book]: under review

    • AOS Space Data Link Protocol [Pink Sheet]: under review

    • Space Link Identifiers [Red Book]: under review

Document status
Document Status

  • CCSDS Strategic Plan: Draft3/Version4 was distributed from CESG

  • SLS: RF & Modulation WG extension to Nov. 2005: Reviewed & Approved [16-Mar-05]

  • CCSDS 401.0-B Radio Frequency and Modification Systems Part 1 Earth Station and Spacecraft: Reviewed

  • Navigation WG Charter: Reviewed & Approved w/mod

Ccsds domestic activity
CCSDS Domestic Activity

  • CCSDS/DIS working group supports ISO SC13 and ISO National Committee of Japan

  • Interoperability and cross support working group (tentative) will be formed

Special topic tracking data transfer service
Special Topic: Tracking Data Transfer Service

  • JAXA has been working for the (Real-time) Tracking (Radio-metric) Data Transfer Service protocol since 2002

  • This was merged into the Generic Service WG with

    • Ground station monitoring data transfer

    • Bit stream data transfer, etc.

  • Generic Service recommendations intends to improve from “White” to “Red”

  • While the Telemetry and Telecommand standard has base-lined, tracking data transfer standardization among space agencies will contribute operations robustness to future missions

  • Current Status: Each agency has their own tracking data transfer protocol between their remote stations and center

Special topic navigation wg
Special Topic: Navigation WG

  • Status:

    • Orbit Data Message (ODM): Blue Book

    • Tracking Data Message (TDM): “White” to “Red”

    • Attitude Data Message (ADM): “White” but future mission target

    • Navigation Data Message (NDM): “White” but complicated XML schema

  • Orbit Data Message (ODM) adopted by SELENE mission to the moon

  • Tracking Data Message (TDM) will be prioritized

Special topic cross support service area
Special Topic: Cross Support Service Area

  • JAXA tried to found appropriate personnel who will contribute the CSS area activity ……..

  • JAXA will join SLE Service Management WG near future

Dis disposition status
DIS Disposition Status

  • The following DIS were polled (approved) on 14-Jan-05

    • 22664, 22641, 22646, 22642, 22645, 22667 and 22666

  • Under review:

    • 20652: Procedure – Archive Interface – Methodology Abstract Standard (PAIMAS)

    • 22670: SLE – Return Channel Frame (RCF) Service Specification