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Growth of the Populist Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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Growth of the Populist Movement

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Growth of the Populist Movement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growth of the Populist Movement. Farmers Unite. In the late 1800’s a vicious economic cycle was especially harmful to farmers. Prices for their products was falling while the cost of seeds and tools was increasing Banks were foreclosing on farms when loans went unpaid

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farmers unite
Farmers Unite
  • In the late 1800’s a vicious economic cycle was especially harmful to farmers.
  • Prices for their products was falling while the cost of seeds and tools was increasing
  • Banks were foreclosing on farms when loans went unpaid
  • Railroads were charging excessive rates for transporting farm goods to markets

“United by the strong and faithful tie of Agriculture, we mutually resolve to labor for the good of our Order, our country, and mankind.”

—1874 Declaration of Purposes of the National Grange

“Choke monopolies, break up rings, vote for honest men, fear God and make money. So shalt thou prosper and sorrow and hard times shall flee away.”

—“The Ten Commandments of the Grange,”


The Grange Movement

  • First organized in the 1870s in the Midwest, the south, and Texas.
  • Set up cooperative associations.
  • Social and educational components.
  • Succeeded in lobbying for “Granger Laws.”
  • Rapidly declined by the late 1870s.

The Farmers Alliances

  • Begun in the late 1880s (Texas first  the Southern Alliance; then in the Midwest  the Northern Alliance).
  • Built upon the ashes of the Grange.
  • More political and less social than the Grange.
  • Ran candidates for office.
  • Controlled 8 state legislatures & had 47representatives in Congress during the 1890s.

What was the nature of the discrimination endured by African-Americans after Reconstruction?


A goal of the Granger and Populist movements was to

1. expand rights for African Americans

2. help western farmers fight unjust economic practices

3. provide support for the banking industry

4. enable big business to expand without government interference


A main goal of the Granger movement of the 1870’s and 1880’s was to

1. force the railroads to lower freight rates

2. reduce the rate of inflation

3. strengthen labor unions

4. improve living conditions in urban slums

african american leaders
W. E. B. DuBois

Said African Americans could regain civil rights & achieve full equality by demanding their rights!

Booker T. Washington

Said African Americans should concentrate on achieving economic goals rather than legal/political ones

Urged African Americans to postpone the fight for civil rights & instead concentrate on preparing themselves educationally & vocationally for full equality

African American Leaders




NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

W.E.B. Dubois was one of the founders

Battled discrimination and hatred towards blacks

  • Booker T. Washington one of the black leaders
  • Focused on agricultural and industrial training
progressivism 1890 1920
Progressivism 1890-1920
  • A collection of different ideas & activities designed to fix problems in American society
  • Believed industrialism & urbanization had created many social problems
  • Wanted govt. to take a more active role in solving society’s problems
muckrakers journalists who investigated social conditions political corruption
Muckrakers*journalists who investigated social conditions & political corruption
  • Upton Sinclair-The Jungle (meat packing industry problems)
  • Ida Tarbell- critical of the Standard Oil Co.
  • Jacob Riis-How the Other Half Lives (described the poverty, disease, and crime in NYC)
govt reforms
Govt. Reforms
  • Direct Primary- all party members could vote for a candidate to run in the general election
  • Initiative- allowed a group of citizens to introduce legislation & required the legislature to vote on it
  • Referendum- allowed proposed legislation to be submitted to the voters for approval
  • Recall- allowed voters to demand a special election to remove an elected official from office before his/her term had expired
  • Direct election of senators- by state voters (17th amendment)
social welfare reforms
Social Welfare Reforms
  • Child Labor
    • 1900- 1.7 mil. under 16 worked outside the home
    • Laws passed limited the age a child could start working
  • Health/Safety Codes
    • Building codes
    • Worker’s compensation
    • Zoning laws
  • Prohibition
    • Many progressives believed alcohol was responsible for many problems
    • Temperance Mvmt.- advocated the moderation or elimination of alcohol
this week s agenda
This week’s agenda…
  • Tonight’s HW:
    • Take notes on pgs. 524-527
    • Complete Ch 16 Sec 3 and 4 Worksheet
  • Iron Jawed Angels (Extra Credit Movie) is tonight!!!
  • Quiz tomorrow!! (Progressive Movement)
  • I will review Thematic
            • Essay after the quiz 
triangle shirtwaist fire nyc march 25 1911
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, NYC, March 25, 1911











146 NYC garment workers, mostly young women, died during fire at the Triangle

Shirtwaist Factory


NYC morgue was too small to hold all of the victims, so temporary morgue was

set up at a city pier. Family filed past victims to identify them.

suffrage movement suffrage right to vote
Suffrage Movement*suffrage- right to vote
  • 1848- began before the progressive mvmt.
  • Felt 14th & 15th amendments should be worded to include women
suffrage movement
Suffrage Movement
  • National Women Suffrage Association
    • Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
    • Focus on passing a constitutional amendment allowing woman suffrage
  • American Woman Suffrage Association
    • Lucy Stone & Julia Ward Howe
    • Strategy- convince state govt.’s to give women the right to vote before trying to amend the Constitution
  • National American Woman Suffrage Association (1890)
    • Helped by Alice Paul & Carrie Chapman Catt
    • 1912- WA, OR, CA, AZ, KS granted full voting rights
    • Nineteenth Amendment (1920)- gave women the right to vote