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Snow removal PowerPoint Presentation
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Snow removal

Snow removal

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Snow removal

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  1. Snow removal CDOT Region 6 By: Robert Haines and Tammy Barajas

  2. CDOT Region 6 covers the Denver Metro Area with a Population of 1,610,000 people Region 6 has roads with an Average Daily Travel (ADT) as high as 258,000

  3. Region 6 averages 22 snow events a season. As well as an average of 58 inches of snow a year. R-6 plows 3900 lane miles of highway Last year Region 6 plowed over 800,000 lane miles.

  4. Region 6 has 213 full time snow removal staff We hire no seasonal help for snow There are 32 people in support staff. This includes mechanics, welders, office staff and general laborers. There are an additional 15 people on snow teams from traffic and engineering to assist with road closures and transporting staff.

  5. Region 6 maintains the following fleet: 119 plow trucks this includes tandems with wings and single axle trucks. 3 motor graders with front plows and wings. 18 front end loaders. 3 tractor trailers with liquid dispensing abilities.

  6. Region 6 utilizes the following products in it’s snow fighting arsenal: Magnesium Chloride (includes APEX) Cold Temperature modified Magnesium Chloride. Ice Slicer 30% sand salt mixture (used in 4 locations due to PM 10 requirements)

  7. Communications on a light snow event less than 2 inches of snow is handled by the Colorado State Patrol dispatchers directly to the area supervisors. On snow events that are greater than 2 inches R-6 operates a snow desk and all calls are directed through this center and are logged and then are directly sent out to the area supervisors or trucks.

  8. Service calls are received through the dispatch centers, CSP and R-6, phone calls, radio reports etc. These are then sent out to the area supervisors and trucks via radio (800 mega hertz). Once the calls are received in the field the crews establish their priority based severity of the event, and the current job they are performing (pulling walls, etc.)

  9. After hour service calls are handled by the Colorado State Patrol dispatch center in Golden, Colorado. These dispatchers have all the emergency contact numbers for Region 6 and call the appropriate supervisor to get assistance on an issue.

  10. Region 6 utilizes a standard snow removal plan that includes: Snow shift expectations and equipment check lists. Each of the area plans as well as the patrol plans. CDOT standard operating guide for snow removal. Safety guides, policies and procedures. Regional map showing the different patrols.

  11. All R-6 employees must attend a 40 hour snow training class. This class consists of an 8 hour class room training that covers all aspects of plowing. The employee then must ride with the TM-III or TM-II for 16 hours in a plow truck and learn the equipment, products and the roadway. The employee then operates the plow, with the lead worker or TM-III for 16 hours and must demonstrate what they have learned.