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Growing Up Green Middle School

Growing Up Green Middle School. Information Assembly May 2014.

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Growing Up Green Middle School

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  1. Growing Up Green Middle School Information Assembly May 2014

  2. The Growing Up Green Middle School empowers students to be conscience, contributing members of their community through a rigorous curriculum and an engaging green culture. Graduates of GUGMS will be prepared to attend top performing high schools where their interdisciplinary academic foundation, knowledge of sustainability, and strong sense of self sets them apart as leaders of the future. Our Mission

  3. StudentLife

  4. Middle School students will have a different teacher for every subject and switch classrooms for each of the subjects. There will be a passing time between periods.

  5. Advisory is a time where students will meet with a consistent small group (11-12) of peers and a GUG staff member to build community, problem solve, work on service projects, and learn study skills. Advisory will help provide a seamless transition from elementary to middle school. What is Advisory?

  6. Advisory will proactively address issues developmentally appropriate for adolescents and will be a time to work on issues in a supportive environment specific to our student population. The format will be small group discussion around important topics related to middle school such as: -Service Learning -Conflict Resolution -Friendship/Peer Relationship skills -Social/Emotional Topics -Character Education -Sexuality Issues -Drug and Health Educational Topics -Study Skills/Organizational Skills What is Advisory?

  7. We will start the school year with Middle School 101 to help students adjust to having many teachers, switching classes, using technology in schoolwork, taking notes, and organizing assignments and time. Advisory will also talk about how to navigate middle school friendships. 6th grade Advisory

  8. WHAT ARE ELECTIVES? Electives are enrichment classes that will take place at the end of the day. Electives are a chance for students to explore topics in Greater Detail. During this time Additional academic Support will also be provided for students.

  9. WHAT ARE ELECTIVES? there will be opportunities for students to select an elective geared around particular talents such as: Advanced Spanish for native speakers, drawing, dance, theater, etc.

  10. Service Learning Projects Day Field Trips Annual Overnight Trips

  11. After-School Clubs Sports Teams Student Government

  12. Student Dances Lockers Uniforms

  13. Homework Technology

  14. Students will have: Academics

  15. Academic classes will have 21-22 students in a class. Specials classes will have 27-28 students in a class. Class Size

  16. English Language Arts • Content will be based on New York State adaption of the Common Core Curriculum • Workshop Model • Literature will guide units of study

  17. Math • Content will be based on New York State adaption of the Common Core Curriculum • Topics include: • The Number System • Expressions and Equations • Geometry • Functions • Statistics and Probability • STEM Projects

  18. Science • Physical Science • Physics: Motion, forces, matter, and energy • Chemistry: Matter composition and changes

  19. Social Studies

  20. Music

  21. Spanish

  22. Physical Education & Health

  23. Special Ed. Department

  24. Middle School buildingLocation

  25. Address: 36-49 11th Street Long Island City Sole Occupant

  26. Roof Top Gym Playground & Recess Yard Science Lab Library Student Lounge SMART Boards in every classroom Student Computers

  27. Questions?

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