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Candy land

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  1. One day, Jenny, Leah, Jacob and Bryce woke up on a sunny day. When they walked out the door, they saw an ice cream cart all alone. They strolled over to the cart. Then they looked in the cart and saw nothing but darkness. They decided to jump in the cart to get some ice cream. They actually fell into a tunnel that led them too….. Christmas Land Candy land

  2. Christmas Land. The boys, Bryce and Jacob, found themselves in Santa’s huge Christmas present bag. They searched for their presents, but they didn’t find any with their names on them. Instead, they found a porthole. The porthole sent them to . . . WALT DISNY WORLD ROCK LAND

  3. They were all in Candy Land. When they got there, they landed on a cupcake with five foot sprinkles. They saw a chocolate river and pulled out their bathing suits from their backpacks and jumped in the chocolate river. When they came out, they saw a chocolate waterfall. They climbed up the side of the waterfall and when they got to the top of the waterfall, they slid down it. When they landed, they noticed something strange. A Banana Split Boat A Chocolate Tornado

  4. The children were astonished to see a chocolate tornado! Quickly they ran and searched for a way out of Candy Land. They scrambled to the top of Vanilla Mountain. They thought to themselves, “Maybe if we jump in the tornado, we will end up back where we started at the ice cream cart.” “Let’s do it!” they all said. One after another, they each jumped into the chocolate tornado. The children kept spinning round and round like tiny tops. When they got to the bottom of the tornado, they were back at the ice cream cart. “Normal life again!” they all said. The End

  5. They noticed a banana split boat! It was flying up in the air, coming down slowly, landing in the chocolate river. The children were so excited, they grabbed some straws and drank some chocolate for a while. When they were full, they rowed their banana split boat toward the chocolate dock. They jumped out of the boat and headed to the chocolate door with the exit sign above it. When they opened the door , they magically returned to the ice cream cart. THE END

  6. a strange land filled with a rocky landscape. The boys landed by a pointy rock, luckily not on it! Suddenly, one of them spotted something shiny. They wanted to go to see what it was. It was a longer walk than they thought! Bryce and Jacob were so thirsty! Eventually, they found a water hole in the middle of the rocks. The boys drank the refreshing water! They decided to go for a swim in the hole so they jumped in. When they came up for air, they were back by the ice cream cart!

  7. All of a sudden, the boys ended up in Walt Disney World. They decided to ride a ride, but it was packed. They had to wait and wait and wait. Finally, when they reached the ride, it started to break off the tracks! Everyone was screaming in terror! They started to fly around. They went higher and higher until they landed. When they got out of the cart, they were mysteriously back in front of their ice cream cart. The End