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Marvel, Wonder...

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Marvel, Wonder... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marvel, Wonder...
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  1. Marvel, Wonder...

  2. “... One of the most powerful motivations that led Man towards art and science was the desire to escape the quotidian…” Albert Einstein

  3. Marvel at life and the world

  4. Let us take for example something as banal and known as the sun.

  5. The sun is a star, a million times bigger than the earth. Every second, the sun consumes six hundred million tons of hydrogen. It will continue to do so for another five billion years before being extinguished.

  6. This is a dying star, situated at three thousand light years from us. A lightyear is about ten thousand billion kilometers.

  7. This nebula is millions of times bigger tahn our solar system. It is here that stars like our sun are born. Nebulae are the delivery wards of our universe.

  8. The Orion nebula is situated at 1500 light years from us.

  9. This stellar system resembles ours very much. It has about three hundred billion stars like our sun.

  10. In the observable universe, there are at least a hundred billion stellar systems, each of which have an average of 150 billion stars.

  11. This picture represents the observable universe. It’s a huge ball, with a diameter of 28 billion light years, containing 15 trillion suns. A trillion is 1 followed by 21 zeroes (1000 000 000 000 000 000 000).

  12. Let us now pass on to the microcosm from the macrocosm.

  13. Our body contains a hundred thousand billion cells, which work together so that we can live for several decades. There are hundreds of sorts of cells – each sort having its own function, its own age and its own place in the body – and which are in constant communication with each other.

  14. Our brain is composed of 100 billion brain cells each of which is connected to thousands of other cells.So, in our head, there are a hundred thousand billion connections, that is to say, as many as there are stars in a thousand Milky Ways.

  15. Certain brain cells, like the Purkinje cell shown here, have contacts with 250 000 other cells. These Purkinje cells are important for learning automatic reflex actions, like driving a car.

  16. The brain accomplishes twenty million billion calculations per second, which represents a speed that is millions of times the speed of a computer.

  17. So, marvel at all this!

  18. …at the perfect symmetry of a snowflake to...

  19. …the beauty of a snowscape.

  20. Fill yourselves with wonder at the earth...

  21. … and other worlds.

  22. from the smallest …

  23. … to the biggest

  24. …marvel at man as an embryo

  25. … to man at the height of his achievement.

  26. Savour the pleasure of a sunset...

  27. … the pleasure of a photo showing a planet -rise.

  28. Look at the complexity of a leaf.

  29. … and the mathematical regularity of a piece of broccoli.

  30. Let us end with these words from the meister :

  31. “There are times when one feels liberated from one’s limits and human imperfections. At such moments, we see ourselves there, in a little corner of our little planet, our eyes fixed in wonder on the cold and yet deep beauty of that which is eternal, that which is elusive. Life and death are fused together and there is no evolution, nor destination, there is only BEING.” Albert Einstein

  32. The End Send this on to your loved ones.