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Characters. C. This is how I imagined Tally. I thought this was a good picture of tally because she has brown hair and her eyes are kind of squinted.

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This is how I imagined Tally. I thought this was a good picture of tally because she has brown hair and her eyes are kind of squinted.

This is Tally Youngblood. Tally Youngblood is a 16 year old girl who lives in the Dormitories of Uglytown. She has a too- high forehead, a wide nose, thin lips, and a mass of brown frizzy hair. She is one of the main characters . She is a protagonist and antagonist. She is a static character because she is on both sides. Protagonist because she means good, but a antagonist because she has to turn the Smokies in.


This is how I imagined Peris as a pretty, because they never showed him as a ugly.

This is how I imagine Peris. Peris is 16, and lives in Newpretty town. He is three months older than Tally, and had to leave his best friend behind in ugly town. Peris has a perfect voice, brown eyes, and a crinkled forehead when he was confused.


This is what I imagined Dr.Cable would look like. She is a special circumstances and is always serious and angry, like this picture.

This is Dr. Cable. Dr. Cable is a cruel pretty. Her nose was aquiline, her teeth sharp, her eyes a non reflective gray. Her voice had the same slow, neutral cadence as a bedtime book. But it hardly makes you sleepy. An edge was hidden in the voice, like a piece of metal slowly marking glass…. Her eyes were almost as big as a normal pretty’s, but they angled upward like a wolf’s. Dr. Cable is a antagonist because she is making Tally turn in the Smokies.


These are what I imagined the special circumstances to look like. I chose this because I watch the show, Criminal Minds, and how they interview people, how well they can keep a straight face, and play good-cop bad-cop all reminds me of special circumstances. (see picture) Special circumstances is an organization for keeping uglies and pretties in their correct city. They are supposed to be superhuman, and all of their strengths are enhanced so they can do their job right.


I chose this picture for shay because it seems like this is what she

Would look like as an ugly. Minus the hair in pigtails, this is how I imagined


Shay has long dark hair in pigtails, and her eyes were too far apart. Her lips were full enough, but she was even skinnier than a new pretty. When Shay joined the smoke, she didn’t take it seriously. Shay ran away because she didn’t want to turn pretty. When she’s pretty, she was tall and elegant, every feature perfection. Her eyes- deep and soulful, flecked with copper and gold- widened with a troubled look. Her generous lips parted wordlessly, and she raised one graceful hand.


This is David. David has a too-high, a small scar cut a white stroke through his eyebrow. And his smile was pretty crooked. David is the Son of the The Smoke leaders and is mostly in charge. He is falling in love with Tally. David was born in the smoke. He knows the land the best because he was born in the smoke.


Garbo Mansion

  • Garbo Mansion is fat, bright, and loud. It filled the space between a pair of party towers, a squat teapot between two slender glasses of champagne. Each of the towers rested on a single column no wider than an elevator. Higher up they swelled to five stories of circular balconies, crowded with new pretties. I chose this picture because I imagined Garbo mansion all lit up, with people spilling out. I’m pretty sure this is a church, but this church did the best job of reminding me of Garbo Mansion.
the dormitory

The dormitory is a building that is hovering over the ground instead of on the ground like our buildings. It is where the uglies live from age 12-16. At 16 they turn pretty. This picture reminds me of the dormitory because I imagined the dormitory had lots of windows. It has to be very tall so it can hold a lot of people.

The dormitory



The smoke was really smoky. Open fires dotted the valley, surrounded by small groups of people. The scents of wood and smoke and cooking drifted up to Tally, smells that made her think of camping and outdoor parties. In addition to the smoke there was a morning mist in the air, a white finger creeping down into the valley from a bank of clouds nestled against the mountain higher up. A few solar panels glimmered feebly, gathering what sun was reflected from the mist. Garden plots were planted in random spots between the buildings, twenty or so one-story structures made from long planks of wood. There was wood everywhere: in fences; as cooking spits; laid down in walkways over muddy patches; and in big stacks by the fires. The Smokies come from a Tribe called the smoke. The smoke is a place outside of all the cities where uglies runaway because they think it’s a better decision than turning pretty. They live in the woods and live like “The Rusties”. They use the resources around them and are antagonists to the Special Circumstances and are protagonists because they aren't harming anyone, just annoying Special Circumstance.


The Smoke

  • Rising action:
  • When Tally sneaks out her dorm to go talk to Peris
  • When Tally learns to hoverboard with Shay
  • When Tally and Shay play the prank on the new Uglies
  • When Shay runs away
  • When Tally leaves for the smoke
  • When Tally gets to the smoke and finds out about the brain lesions

The climax is the breaking point of the story. The OH! WOW! Part.

  • Climax:
  • The climax is when special circumstances comes to take away the smoke and everyone in it. I chose this picture because in my mind, it looked like they were having a war.

Falling action:

  • The falling action is when Tally and David are the only ones left from the smoke.
  • When Tally and David go back to David’s parents house, thinking they are dead.
  • When Tally and David are going back to the city to save the Smokies.
  • When tally and David save the Smokies.

The falling action is when everything is sort of winding down.

figurative language1
Figurative Language


  • Dr. Cable’s pendant seemed to grow heavier and heavier, wound around her neck as tightly as the vines, brush, and roots grasping the railroad tracks.
  • She thought of orchids spreading across the plains below, choking the life out of the other plants, out of the soil itself, selfish and unstoppable.
  • Finally the saw found purchase in the wood, letting out a high-pitched scream as it bit into the branch. Then it slipped through, free for a second before it thrust, spitting and screeching, into the dirt below.
figurative language cont d

She also couldn't believe her hands. They were red and raw, screaming with pain and covered with blisters.

Vines tore from the ground, and tally could feel their complaints through the soles of her shoes, like a distant earthquake rumbling.

Figurative language cont’d


figurative language2

Metaphor: She was fairly certain that life was a fashion show.

Simile: The puddle seemed as big as the ocean

Imagery: The music coursed through us, shaking our bodies as if it came from within us.

Alliteration: She sells sea shells down the sea shore

Onomatopoeia: Knock-Knock

Figurative language


In the novel Uglies, the resolution is that Tally and David make it to special circumstances and they get back the Smokies, then make a new smoke. David’s mother was a doctor, and she made pills that reverse the brain lesions in pretties. Shay would not take the pills so Tally decided to get the surgery to try out the pills. The moral to the story is that beauty does not fix everything.

The resolution is how the story ends, the finale.


The conflict is Man vs. Society because its Tally trying to fully join the smoke but the Special Circumstances are trying to find the smoke.


This is Man vs. Self because Tally feels bad that she’s betraying the smoke and she also just wants to go home and turn pretty. So she’s fighting with herself.


This is man vs. nature because Tally and David are in storms and blizzards because they are living in the wild.